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$15,635 pledged of $46,000 goal
By Jessica Sladek
$15,635 pledged of $46,000 goal

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    1. Jessica Sladek Creator on

      Michael - I am actually with you on the fact that no amount of regulation will make this process OK. I added a little update at the end of the project description (you'll see if you scroll all the way down to the bottom) that clarifies my stance a bit. I think the practice as a whole is unsustainable, and a step in the wrong direction for energy. I completely agree we need to stop using fossil fuels. I focused on regulations though because at this point, I feel like MOST people could agree that a totally unregulated industry (especially one with such serious implications for the planet and health) is just plain wrong. I thought that would be the most uniting idea and potentially help us reach more people.
      Also, I don't feel optimistic we can stop this over night. Even Obama is still touting the "100 years of natural gas" fallacy.
      I really appreciate your support and comment. I, like you, don't have much money, so I know how much your pledge means.

      All the best -

    2. Michael Dineen on

      Jessica: I pledged $65 toward (even though i'm not rich) because of the subject's importance and the beauty of your images. I curious to see what you do with the project. One thing, though. You state in your video that you're opposed to "unregulated" fracking and "a push for sound regulations is essential". I hope you'll grow to understand that there are no regulations strong enough to prevent serious damage to the environment, water, communities, etc. We should not, as a society, be putting resources into building more infrastructure for fossil fuels. If we're going to build infrastructure, it should be for renewables, like wind, solar, geothermal, etc.

      There's no regulation that will stop them from mining those beautiful cliffs. Regulations tell them HOW to do something. It should not be done at all.

      Thank you.

    3. Jay H Marshall on

      What an important topic. Read some of the research. please support this work. We have a world to take care of and to pass on to future generations.