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Learn to spot dragons in a variety of locations with this 200 page handbook, plus watercolor paintings, journals, and more!
Learn to spot dragons in a variety of locations with this 200 page handbook, plus watercolor paintings, journals, and more!
209 backers pledged $12,103 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wanda (my wallet hates KS)
      on June 27

      I got my package and they look wonderful. Great work!!

    2. Unicornmaiden
      on June 27

      Another great book and set of goodies! Love it all!

    3. Tom van der Spek
      on June 20

      Momentary my journal, hardcover book, bookmarks and postcards arrived at my doorstep here in the Netherlands. It is all wonderful! The metal bookmarks are outstanding, and what a thick book, full of useful information!
      Thanks a lot, looking forward to the dessert dragons!

    4. Charlotte
      on June 19

      I just got the bookmarks in the mail, they're beautiful!!

    5. Reinik
      on June 17

      I just got the book and I love it! Looking forward to your next project!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jenna Deng on June 13

      Got the bookmarks <3

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Ley on May 27

      Just thought about it this morning and here the postman brings really get better and better at this, perfectly packaged. And what a thick book it is, they all look quite impressive in the bookcase...with all the other Dragon books ;) Thank you so much! :D

    8. Mystic on April 19

      Congrats on 605% funding! :D

    9. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 19

      @inuchan - There are pledge levels and add-on options for Dragon Scale. If you mean you want JUST dragon scale and not the new handbook... you can go to or to get it :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Engel on April 19

      @inuchan: you can get Dragon Scale as an add-on here

    11. inuchan on April 19

      Wish there was a pledge where you could get this book and your other book Dragon Scale as well. I missed that one.

    12. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 15

      @David - Thanks for supporting the project!! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      David Boucher on April 15

      Damn it... I gotta STOP backing these things but as soon as I saw "Dragon Watcher's Handbook" I was like "YEP, I'MMA DROPPIN' MONEY ON THIS SO HARD!!!" Love dragons and anything to do with them!

    14. Tom van der Spek
      on April 15

      Ten thousand dollar! A nice result!
      Happy Easter everybody!

    15. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 13

      @Brenna - We use BackerKit for our project surveys. It will show any extra pledged and let you choose what it is for on your survey :) Hope that answers your question.

    16. Brenna Farrell on April 13

      How will you determine which add-ons a person wants? I noticed that for the same price, there are a few different combinations.

    17. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 12

      @Charlotte - Thanks for asking! Currently PDFs of Dragon Scale are not possible due to format and file size from when I originally did the book layout (I've changed how I do it since then to allow for smaller files backers can download). At some point in the future I hope to go back and re-layout Dragon Scale and a few other books to allow for this too, but right now it is not possible.

    18. Charlotte
      on April 12

      I was wondering if the Dragon Scale book would also be available as a digital PDF for international backers to avoid the high shipping costs. I would love to get the two books physically this time, but I may have overestimated my budget, but I'd still love to get a copy of the Dragon Scale book too!!

    19. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 7

      @Cathy - as I previously mentioned responding to your comments we are doing sets so we can offer metal bookmarks and higher quality prints. In order to offer backers a selection for each bookmark I would have to charge more so it would cost close to the same as adding the extra sets, but you would get less.

    20. Cathy Doorten on April 7


      14 Dragon books

      ! Faeries book

    21. Cathy Doorten on April 7

      I have 15 Dragon books, 2 coloring books, 2 pocket field guides

    22. Cathy Doorten on April 7

      Sorry for asking if i am wrong.

      I am a backer since Fire Dragons. And i bought the books before that one. I plegded to all your projects with books in it. Also coloring books ect. And i thought we coud choose more times between witch bookmarks and prints we want after it has been funded.

      I wish we coud. Sometimes it is hard to choose if you like or even love some in one set and the other.

    23. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 4

      @Cathy - I'm not sure what you mean by always? We have only offered the custom bookmark and print sets with a book on one project. It caused a lot of logistical issues with packing the rewards.

      On most of my projects there are specific bookmarks and prints included with the book. Normally you get no choice, but this time I decided to allow set choice since we unlocked bonus sets and two different sets isn't as much to deal with logistically.

      The reason they are in sets is to optimize budget and logistics so we can offer them to backers very cheaply. I do this because I want the backers to be able to get a number of bookmarks/prints to offset expensive overseas shipping costs and so forth. I don't want to ask folks for things like $4 per metal bookmark, so I've tried to provide the best options possible for cost and choice. :)

    24. Cathy Doorten on April 4

      I wish we coud choose any 3 bookmarks we want. Not between two set only. Like we always can.

      I wish we coud choose any 4 prints we want. Not between two set only. Like we always can.

    25. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 2

      @Tracy Hoffman - Each pledge level is for a specific watercolor painting (it is in the title of the pledge level). I'll also send you a message to be sure you get this information :)

    26. Tracy Hoffman on April 2

      How do we know what watercolor we might get

    27. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on April 2

      @Steven - I'll send you a message about getting books from past projects :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven on April 2

      Hi Jessica

      Thank you for your awesome art and coool products! I was looking to add on the additional books (this is only my second pledge on KS) but I do not see prices for them to add on, can you assist? Thank you so much!

    29. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on March 31

      @Tom & Tiff: I am planning to add shirts and bags with a lot of the Dragon Watcher's Artwork to my redbubble store soon. :) There isn't a ton of demand from backers for shirts and I cannot bulk print the ones everyone likes (the all over printing ones that redbubble does) but I will be adding them for the folks who want 'em :)

    30. Tiff
      on March 31

      I currently use the boom wyrm one as a night shirt. more cool shirts are never a problem :)

    31. Tom van der Spek
      on March 31

      @ Jessica - Did you realized that the cover picture of the standard handbook will do great on one of your (famous) T-shirts too? I would like to add another one to my collection (hint, hint hint!)

    32. Tiff
      on March 30

      not sure where I'd put them (as I have a lot of them), but I love your playmats and decks. :)

    33. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on March 30

      @Will - If enough folks want a deck and playmats (I've had a few requests so I'm keeping track) I will plan a future project for these (there isn't budget or time for a deck on this project). I've also been considering a dragon watching card or board game sometime in the future. :)

    34. Will Roya
      on March 30

      Have you thought about adding a deck of playing cards with the artwork?

    35. Tom van der Spek
      on March 29

      Can we resist this? No we can't! Another lovely book Jessica!

    36. Cathy Doorten on March 29

      All Dragon images look wow again. As always.

      3 hours away and almost 2 times founded already.

    37. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on March 29

      @Tiff - Sending you a message so we can be sure we get you exactly what you want on your pledge :)

    38. Tiff
      on March 29

      so if I want a normal HC, then I have to add on $25? (though the special cover came with a normal version, so just double checking)

    39. Jessica Feinberg 28-time creator on March 29

      @Rayhne - No, per the description it is one hardcover that has a custom cover. For some reason the kickstarter rewards list came up with the hardcover and then the listing for the custom one which is weird. It won't let me edit it, but I will be extra sure that backers know that when I do the update and before the project wraps up. It DID look right before, so I am not sure why it is listing it twice. Sorry about that!

    40. Rayhne Sinclair
      on March 29

      Does the custom level include two books?