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The Syntheshredder is an interactive skate bowl utilizing motion and performance to generate unique sounds and musical compositions.

First off, thanks for checking out the project! Meet eLan who's collaborating with this project below:

What is The Syntheshredder?

The Syntheshredder is an interactive installation utilizing live sound and performance. It's a 20ft diameter skate bowl that will house sensors embedded under the surface. These will then be routed to a series of hardware instruments as well as custom software that will effectively turn the ramp into a versatile musical instrument. By transforming the skater into the musician, the Syntheshredder will have the potential to generate sounds and layered compositions that I believe will be quite powerful and compelling. Along with several musicians and artists, we will produce several tracks which will be pressed onto a limited edition run of 12" vinyl records.

My Plan for Completing the Project

The physical ramp is already built. I started the project last December and have been going back to it as I get the money to buy more materials. The documentation of the build process is thorough and will continue to be so moving forward. Afterall, as many of you already know, the "making of" can be as important as the final product!

The next step is to lay out all the electronics. I'm already in the process of prototyping what sensors work best and with the help of additional funding can start buying them in bulk. Then its just a matter of wiring, testing, troubleshooting, repeat. Luckily, there's already a team of talented individuals who will help see this thing through. 

Project Website:

What's the Money For?

I have already poured about all the money I can afford into buying the necessary lumber and hardware for the bowl. With your help, the project can move forward into the next phase of production by purchasing the equipment and electronics required to turn it into a functional instrument. In addition to building the interactive bowl, a large portion of the funding will also go into the production of the music itself. The Syntheshredder wouldn't be complete unless it was used to create some compositions. The money will go towards mastering those compositions and producing a high quality vinyl as an artifact of the piece itself. All records will come in a well designed cover and is sure to be a great collectable. But all the pressing and printing will cost money, so if you too think this is a great idea, pre-order your copy and let's make some beautiful music together! 

This is without a doubt a labor of love. I've dedicated countless hours constructing this piece and will gladly dedicate more. Friends and colleagues have also been recruited to help with construction, wiring, programming, and production- all for free. Everyone involved just wants to create something fresh and exciting so your money will really go a long way in helping us reach that goal.


This is a growing list of people who will participate in the project, check back often!

Kickstarter video by Jimmy Chorng


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