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Made with Coffee is a hardcover full-color cookbook inspired by Philz Coffee, made for Coffee Lovers, Caffeine Addicts + Foodies alike.
211 backers pledged $15,110 to help bring this project to life.

Gifting + PDFs + Deliciousness: what more can we offer?!?

Posted by K.C. Pomering

Hello Everyone!

We're at the halfway point for our campaign, and we're SO excited about the dishes we've developed to share with you. We've also added two reward options to fulfill your requests: one for gifting, and one that saves trees!

Check out the limited "Black Friday Deal"`to send 3 hilarious holiday cards to your recipients now, with the books delivered when they're ready. Of course, one of those can go straight to you, so you can gift two & keep one for yo'self (you can upgrade your pledge to get the deal!) We also added a PDF of the book for the digitally-minded. :)

We hope you'll share our project with any coffee-loving, caffeine-addicted, cookbook-collecting friends & co-workers, because getting the word out helps us a bunch. We'd LOVE to get funded soon, so we can start talkin' about stretch goals & extra bonuses for our early backers. Here's a link to share the project with your friends:

THANK YOU millions, in caffeine we trust - 


Made With Coffee by KC Cornwell + Jerry James Stone
Made With Coffee by KC Cornwell + Jerry James Stone


Hella Caffeinated From Making These Beans

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We do hope you had a great holiday. We are still stuffed from all the food - all that Thanksgiving food plus the Made with Coffee recipe testing. Could we be more stuffed? No. The answer is no.

Check out these delicious Bourbon & Coffee Baked Beans. OMFG these are good. The bourbon and coffee give them this delicious and amazing earthy and smoky flavor. You'd think they were made over a campfire.

These beans will be at your next BBQ, trust me!

No one would never know that they are vegan. I promise you, so everybody can enjoy them... even if you are eating them with non-vegan items.

Get the Gas-X ready. #justsaying

Limited Black Friday Reward - 3 Gift Books for $99!


Look, shopping is hard. If you are like us and avoiding the mall this holiday weekend, we have the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family.

You will get 3 gift-copies of Made with Coffee for your friends. They will be signed and all that. AND you don't have to go to the mall! You can stay home and do this from the comfort of your very own Snuggie.

We will even send them a custom holiday card with a handwritten note, so they know that their copy of the cookbook is coming. Seriously, how cool is that? And how easy is that!

With a single click, you'll get three gifts for three friends!

So that's it! For just $99 you get three gift-copies of the book and they will get a holiday card letting them know about your purchase, and that their cookbook is coming.

Contributor Introduction: Ryan Ochsner

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Made with Coffee will feature recipes from a mix of talented published authors, home cooks, up and coming food bloggers, and Cupcake Wars winners. Meet Ryan Ochsner, a food content and recipe creator based in San Francisco, CA.

Professional musician turned food expert, Ryan fell in love with food and decided to make a career change from the music industry into the culinary scene. He relocated from Nashville to San Francisco in 2013 and continues to push his creative limits every day. 

Ryan's oversees social media and content creation for Whole Foods Market in Northern California. Additionally, he co-created a successful pop-up restaurant in San Francisco 2014 and regularly writes recipes and works on freelance food photography projects in his spare time.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Sweet Corn Ice Cream


His love for coffee was discovered after moving to San Francisco. His favorite coffee drink is an Americano with a splash of half-and-half.

We had an issue - help us fix it! More rewards for you.

Posted by K.C. Pomering

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