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Made with Coffee is a hardcover full-color cookbook inspired by Philz Coffee, made for Coffee Lovers, Caffeine Addicts + Foodies alike.
Made with Coffee is a hardcover full-color cookbook inspired by Philz Coffee, made for Coffee Lovers, Caffeine Addicts + Foodies alike.
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The 11th Hour...


Hi Everyone, 

First off, sorry for the slowness of the updates. Things have been nuts. But we are entering the 11th hour and so ready to share this amazing book with you. We have 60+ recipes, and everything a coffee lover would want in a cookbook. 

We really think you are going to love it! 

We also have some pretty great news. We are printing in the ol' U.S. of A! Very excited about that. 

Books will be shipped in time for the holidays and available for purchase online and at select locations by early December. Thank you for your support on this! Here are a few photos to wet your appetite. 





We're almost's a sneak peak of the cover!

Posted by K.C. Pomering
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Hey everyone - 

We're in the design and editing stage of Made With Coffee, and wanted to share an update with you! You'll definitely have your books by the holidays, so you'll be able to wow your friends with caffeinated culinary treats. Made With Coffee has a guide to making every coffee drink under the sun, tips for brewing + comparing roasts, and 65+ recipes. SURPRISE BONUS: we even made a few recipes with tea! You're welcome. 

Once we get this baby off to the printer, we'll be scheduling the events we promised you lovely backers, along with a handful of book tour stops. I'm sure you'll want to come see us, since we bring Philz Coffee and goodies wherever we go.

the cover isn't final-final, but we're pretty close, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peak:

Made With Coffee cover1
Made With Coffee cover1

 To quote my personal heroes, Bartles and Jaymes: and thank you for your support!


Wanted to share a few pics...



Everybody's Hustling...


Hey hey hey!

Sorry for the silence. We been banging away and we are almost done, albeit behind schedule. The book should be off to the printer this month (fingers crossed) and in hand by September.

Our apologies on the delay but we are pretty damn happy with the result. More info soon!


Made With Coffee Update - Cookin' All Night Long!

Posted by K.C. Pomering

Hi Everyone - 

We wanted to give you a little update on Made With Coffee, and just say hello to y'all!

Our contributors have submitted all kinds of deliciousness, so we're madly testing (and testing, and testing...) recipes, getting the final versions and gluten-free conversions ready for print. Once I get rolling, it's hard for me to stop - I recently sent Jerry a midnight text that said "ALL THE FOOD IN MY HOUSE IS CAFFEINATED." And that was true. It also explains why I was still cooking at midnight. My kitchen is currently a coffee-rubbed flank steak and espresso-waffle wonderland.

We're also taking test photos of most of the recipes - the story of the one below is pretty funny. My husband Brian is an extremely reserved person (proof that opposites attract) and the highest compliment he gives is "pretty good." I decided this pork chop recipe was ready, and served him one. He pushed his seat back and exclaimed: "that's a pretty f*cking good pork chop!" and ate two. A star is born.

Presenting the PFG Pork Chop:

We still expect to deliver the books to you this summer, and we'll follow up with event and shipping details when we've got the books in hand. For now, I've gotta make another batch of Coconut Mocha Bombs so we can wrap the testing up!

If you'd like to see what Jerry & I are up to, catch him on YouTube here: and get recipes and sneak peaks from me on Instagram:

Love & coffee - 

KC (and Jerry too!)