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The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!
The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!
The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!
570 backers pledged $75,080 to help bring this project to life.

(FINAL) STRETCH #6: $75,000 - Choosatron Wizard

(Pssst! Check the reward levels, there is a wood case choosatron kit!)

Last one folks. Close enough to be possible, far enough where we gotta fight for it! So please, spread the word and see if we can get one last boost to get us there!

Choosatron supports inklewriter stories! 

inklewriter is a free web-app that lets anybody create and share interactive stories, without the need for any technical stuff. It's designed to let you just get on and write, with the app keeping track of any loose ends and unresolved options that you still need to complete. inklewriter is the tech behind inkle's recent Sorcery! inkle app.

inkle will work with the Choosatron team to allow inkle stories to be playable on the Choosatron, which means you’ll be able to use inklewriter as another way to write your own Choosatron stories!

Choosatron Arcade Mod Kit

We will be able to spend the resources needed to design Choosatron Arcade Mod Kits that can be manufactured at much lower costs than custom units, and provide the full arcade experience!

  • MDF (medium-density fibreboard) for the material, just like real arcade cabinets
  • Awesome sticker/decals with retro Choosatron designs to cover the cabinet
  • 4 actual arcade buttons for a satisfying click
  • A coin acceptor so you can write deadly tales that eat up your friends’ allowance!
  • Don’t forget the Choosatron has a piezo speaker for adding arcadey bleeps and bloops!

Help us turn this highly detailed technical drawing (below) into a reality! I swear, it won’t be grayscale.

ANOTHER free gamebook adventure!

Tin Man Games is evidently playing Santa and promised a third FREE gamebook adventure download (PC/Mac) for all reward levels if we can make the final stretch goal! Slaves of Rema. Seriously, support these guys. They have an amazing library and really cool licenses!

Well that's it folks! It has been a heckuva run...but it has been a pleasure. The number of you that have reached out to me to show your support and offer your help has been wonderful. I'll keep everyone here updated on progress, but don't be offended if I take a few days after it ends to step away from my computer! Thanks again and stick around. Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have some interesting opportunities or collaborations you'd like to discuss!



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    1. Jerry Belich Creator on August 27, 2013

      @Jonathan Campbell: The stretch means we will have enough money to invest in a polished design for the mod kit. You will all be updated on its design process, and it will be available for purchase to Kickstarter backers before anyone else. So to answer directly, it is both!

    2. Jerry Belich Creator on August 27, 2013

      @Joseph Sweeney: The $139 acrylic color is a slight blue, a sample image of the color can be seen in this update:

    3. Jerry Belich Creator on August 27, 2013

      @Craig Narvatil: Thanks! I am extremely excited as well. :)

    4. Jonathan Campbell
      on August 27, 2013

      Will the arcade mod kit be a stretch goal, or a kit that can be purchased as an extra?

    5. Joseph Sweeney on August 27, 2013

      What does the $139 pledge level acrylic case look like?

    6. Missing avatar

      Craig Navratil on August 27, 2013

      I can not wait for the Choosatron to be available. I am a avid interactive fiction player and enjoy making my own adventures in Inklewriter and Inform7. Congrats to you.