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Update #3

New Video and Round: The Continuation of The Ghost Inches Saga!


The Detroit Ice Potato smashes into the Zug Monster and then...more things happen! :D Check it out:

And see some backstory on Project Lemon Battery that makes an appearance in the video:

Mary just got back from the printer with the special Ghost Inches LOVELAND deeds printed on clear paper (oooh! ghosty! :)) so those will be going out very shortly.

Thank you and welcome to LOVELAND, everybody. In the coming weeks you'll be able to log into your property online, meet your neighbors, and have more fun with your land.

LOVELAND runs on inchvestment (there are now 700 inchvestors!), and we're working hard to give you an incredible new experience, releasing cool new things inch by inch. Inchvite your friend and rock on micro style in Detroit from anywhere!


Jerry Paffendorf and Team LOVELAND

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    One square inch of land in Detroit for each dollar you inchvest! Starting as a ghost inch and materializing on land in the spring.

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    12 square inches of land in Detroit plus a one square inch ghost deed (different than the season 1 golden deeds) with a magnifying glass will be mailed to you, *PLUS* you'll have the ability to say "I've got 12 inches in Detroit" with a straight face! Do not underestimate the value of this.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    The inches, the deed, and a Detroit Ice Potato starter kit. Seriously, a potato with googly eyes will be mailed to you. It would be awesome if you dressed it up, froze it in your freezer, and took pictures. We'll put them on and into a DIP story.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    The inches, the deed, the Detroit Ice Potato, and your choice of either the "I'VE GOT INCHES IN DETROIT!" t-shirt or the Detroit Ice Potato t-shirt:

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