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Warning! There have been reports of strange phenomenon in the Greater Detroit Metro Complex. Ghost inch threat level: rainbow. Catch these $1 inches!
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*Full Text* LOVELAND Meetup Events In Detroit & San Francisco This Week! / Facebook Connect / Badges

Oop. Funny story on a typo in the last update a moment ago. I put 2 heart symbols in the last message, one near the top and one near the bottom, which Kicktarter read as HTML, removing all the text between them. Oh hearts, always causing trouble. :) Here's the full message. Sorry for the double send!


Howdy inchvestors!

First, this is one of the last Kickstarter updates you'll likely get from us. But hold those tears in, it's because we're moving to a better updating system, and we're also adding a new payment system and on-ramp to LOVELAND that will make the experience of inchvesting much more fun and immediate.

Until then, there are mere hours left on what may be the second to last Kickstarter round for LOVELAND, and it still needs a little loving to hit its goal. So if you want to expand to the new property and support the project: . Massive hugs and kisses in advance for those who do, and a firm, approving head nod from Mary Carter Motor City Bad Ass: .


If you're regionally available, come meet us and other cool peops at 2 events this week! And if you can't make it (lord knows you're from all over the place :)), there's a couple new thing to check out with the site as we continue inching forward towards ever higher levels of inchfinite awesomeness, plus we'll record and post at least one of the talks.

If you're in Detroit this Wednesday, May 12th, at 7 PM you're invited to a LOVELAND micro meetup micro party at our studio in the Russell Industrial Center. Details at:

If you're in San Francisco this Saturday, May 15th, at 7 PM you're invited to a LOVELAND micro meetup and party at the Noisebridge hacker house. Details at:

And if you're anywhere(!) you can now log into your land and microhood via Facebook. Visit , login using your password, go to your profile, click edit, and then click the Facebook button to connect your Facebook profile with LOVELAND. Don't worry, it won't spam your wall or anything! Your Facebook profile picture will become your profile picture on LOVELAND, and whenever you return to the site you can click the Facebook button to log right in. How about them apples?

You'll also notice there are now Badge listings on your profile. If you're familiar with then you know how badges work. Basically, you can earn badges for doing things on the website like saying hi to your neighbors, connecting to Facebook, inchvesting in multiple properties, and other surprises, and also for doing things in the big bad real world like living in Detroit, visiting the property, building something on your property, and other things. The badge images are coming soon, but for right now enjoy the beautiful standard font! ;)

Check out our group blog for some more updates and I'll leave it there, though I recommend checking out the latest on in particular, our solar-powered time-lapse camera for the property. As always I'm at 908-343-1981 and

Pre P.S. the last order of shirts is on its way in, so if any 50 inchers are waiting, they'll be mailed before long. If anyone is missing anything that should have been mailed let us know.

We'll be here working on awesome things for you. Thank you for all your support! The inchventure continues.


Jerry and Team LOVELAND

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