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Get your dollar inches in Detroit and see the next exciting installment of [...drum roll...] THE GHOST INCHES! xo <3 - LOVELAND Micro Real Estate

This video and round is a continuation of the Ghost Inches saga as LOVELAND prepares to open its doors for season 2. Go here to check out the first video. The character at the end is from Project Lemon Battery, LOVELAND's in-progress solar powered web camera:

The way this works is simple. For every dollar you inchvest in this project by clicking the green Back This Project button on the upper right-hand side, you'll get a square inch of land in Detroit, Michigan. For example, give $24 and get 24 inches. So far 700 people have inchvested in nearly 13,000 inches. That's a lot of neighbors in such a small place in such a big city!

We're hard at work on LOVELAND season 2 which will see the installation of a grid on the first 10,000 square inch property, a new 50,000 square inch property (where the inches from this round will go), new online interactivity, grants for other projects in Detroit, and an accompanying story about the construction of Bridge To Everywhere. Join the Facebook group for updates:

Things you should know: Your inches are not legally binding with the city of Detroit so you won't have to worry about things like paying taxes or other legal implications. The way this works is LOVELAND legally owns the property and is extending social ownership to its inchvestors. We take this very seriously at the same time as we have a lot of fun with it. You will be able to visit the property, create on your space, and follow and interact with it and your new neighbors via the website. You can also gift or sell inches to other people.

For all other questions please contact Jerry Paffendorf at 908-343-1981 or jerryp[at]gmail[dot]com or Mary Carter at 734-552-2438 or marylorenecarter[at]gmail[dot]com.

Some recent project press:

NPR All Things Considered audio and transcript: Inchvesting In Detroit: A Virtual Realty
Detroit Free Press: Inching Towards A Virtual New Detroit At $1 A Square
Boing Boing: Buy An Inch of Land In Detroit

Check out some LOVELAND inchvestor blogs here:


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    One square inch of land in Detroit for each dollar you inchvest! Starting as a ghost inch and materializing on land in the spring.

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    12 square inches of land in Detroit plus a one square inch ghost deed (different than the season 1 golden deeds) with a magnifying glass will be mailed to you, *PLUS* you'll have the ability to say "I've got 12 inches in Detroit" with a straight face! Do not underestimate the value of this.

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    The inches, the deed, and a Detroit Ice Potato starter kit. Seriously, a potato with googly eyes will be mailed to you. It would be awesome if you dressed it up, froze it in your freezer, and took pictures. We'll put them on and into a DIP story.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    The inches, the deed, the Detroit Ice Potato, and your choice of either the "I'VE GOT INCHES IN DETROIT!" t-shirt or the Detroit Ice Potato t-shirt:

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    Join the hall of Square Feet.

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    Become the largest inchvestor in LOVELAND so far.

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