Funded! This project was successfully funded on December 25, 2009.

Update #7

New site is up at! Try logging into your land!


Check out the brand new LOVELAND site at ! Larry rocked it.

You can now log into your land, share what you plan to do with your space (for real like "plant a seed" etc, for fun like "build my robot army" etc, or whatever you imagine), see who your neighbors are and leave them messages, and fill out a profile and link to your website or contact info. Whatever you want, if you want. Just be sure to have fun and keep it PG. :)

It's a new system so if you have problems logging in you can email me at my fancy new address and I'll get you in. Your feedback and ideas would be wonderful. In usual LOVELAND style, we're very flexible, figuring out what to do next as we go along and as cool ideas pop up.

We're also starting to roll into Season 2: Building The Bridge To Everywhere. Check out the little video on the homepage. We've set a new 50,000 square inch goal for a new property called Hello World and will be splitting 1/2 of the inchvestment from this season with 7 different projects in Detroit. Buy land, help make rad things happen. It's the entertainment fundraising way!

OK, back to bridge building,


Jerry Paffendorf and Team LOVELAND

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    One square inch of land in Detroit for each dollar you pledge!

  • Pledge $12 or more
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    12 square inches, plus a one square inch golden deed with a magnifying glass will be mailed to you, *PLUS* you'll have the ability to say "I've got 12 inches in Detroit" with a straight face! Do not underestimate the value of this.

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    50 square inches, the mailed deed package, and an "I've got inches in Detroit" t-shirt!

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    The inches, the deed, the shirt, and membership in the elite Square Foot Club (details to come on that...)!

  • Pledge $1,101 or more
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    Everything plus you will be the biggest inchvestor in LOVELAND so far, AKA The Mayor. ♫Doh-on't stop. Belieeevin.♫ (The current biggest inchvestor, by the way, is Rita J King from -- she's the awesome.)

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