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$1 square inches of land in Detroit. Real land made super simple, fun, cheap, social and creative. Constantly evolving.
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Update & What Did The Snail Say When He Rode On The Turtle's Back?

Question: What did the snail say when he rode on the turtle's back? Read to the bottom for the answer...


Greetings inchvestors! Hello from the interzone between LOVELAND seasons 1 and 2, and also from New Jersey, an interzone of its own, where I'm sitting on the couch of my parents' house after visiting for my mom's birthday.

If you haven't seen The Legend of The Ghost Inches video in the pre-season 2 Kickstarter, check it out here: . Did you know Detroit has an unspoken past? A tiny, tiny, haunted, tiny past of haunted micro real estate? Well it does. The ghost inches are baaa-aaack, and they want to be caught so a new bridge can be built! : )

You want the truthiness? Well, can you *handle* the truthiness?? The video also introduces a new character in a parallel LOVELAND storyverse, the Detroit Ice Potato: .

In addition to the birthday, I'm on the road for meetings and working with friends in different cities. I'll be in New York until the 4th, then I'm in San Francisco until the 10th, then I'm back in Detroit. Holler if you're wherever I am, I love meeting inchvestors. I'm never sure how everyone likes to follow along with progress, so I encourage you to join the Facebook group if you want more frequent, light updates: and there's also the blog at .

I'm working my butt off to get your property in the ground. You can see some current planning at and . And to get more deeds in the mail. Forgive me, we need to improve speed on that, I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed. Also, I've got a bundle of shirts on their way to me for shipping. Some new recruits will be helpful here (we just welcomed our first intern!): .

Aaand I'm working my butt off to prepare for season 2 which will start in the spring. As I liken it, I've been working like a printer, moving back and forth quickly leaving lines of dots that are adding up to a picture, and we're aggressively knocking out a series of checkpoints over the next few weeks that will put more into focus: .

On the business side, I'm wrestling with whether or not to make LOVELAND an L3C, which is an experimental corporate structure that's part for-profit and part non-profit: . So far LOVELAND has been entirely funded by inchvestor love and dollars. We are starting to talk to larger investors and looking at grants so we can stop scraping by from month to month, start hiring people, and move more chess pieces around the board at a faster rate.

Personally, I continue having the time of my life working on this for you. I'm excited, scared, inspired, and exhausted by turn, which is at should be. All this, and we're doing it David style, not Goliath style, with naught but a slingshot full of inches. I enjoy picturing the not-too-distant future where the system is really up and running and we look back at this stage fondly. The quaint times! All of your support and inchvestment is more valuable than you can know. <3

Boldly we venture into the unknown,

Jerry Paffendorf


Answer: Weeeeeeeeeeee! : )