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$1 square inches of land in Detroit. Real land made super simple, fun, cheap, social and creative. Constantly evolving.
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Home Stretch: The Last 1,000 Inches of Plymouth & The End of Season 1

People of the realm,

Exciting news: There are only 1,000 inches left in LOVELAND's first Plymouth colony (see the pic, bursting at the seams) and we're getting ready to move outdoors with newfunsuperexcitment in the spring.

I just posted what I think will be the last Kickstarter round here: . Double down if you'd like to and share it with friends however floats your inch boats. We can really use the energy and support to finish this off right!

Here's what's happening next: When we hit this next thousand inches is going into mini-hibernation before reopening by spring with a new look, new features, a fully realized Plymouth for you, and a next property. General level up-ness. Think of it as the end of season 1 and the start of season 2. History made, experience gained, fresh starts, bigger bangs.

We'll also be scaling up the team to work through some of the logistical bottlenecks like mailing out the remaining deeds and shirts and following up on leeds, as well as focusing on LOVELAND special ops like Project Lemon Battery (property camera) and Project Pico Mover (property robot) and project partnerships.

As per usual there's a bunch of fun new stuff on the blog: , and Detroit News wrote a nice piece on us a little bit back:$1-per-square-inch

Keep it real and thanks 12 tons for your support and inchvestment. We're gonna do this big for you!


Jerry Paffendorf

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