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$1 square inches of land in Detroit. LOVELAND's first 10,000 square inch colony (Plymouth), is past 1/2 full. Be a pioneer & inchvest today.
11 backers pledged $338 to help bring this project to life.

Fire Up Your Inchgines. Property lines being laid. Camera coming. Start your own micro business. ++

Dear Inchvestors,

As happens, we've been working hard and are approaching a new era of LOVELAND interaction. There's a Kickstarter round ending today that needs more loving. Please consider an inchvestment in the new property for yourself or a friend so we can keep working and paying the bills and reach our grant goals: .

To see what we've been working on for you, this blog pulls together project posts from Mary, Alan, and I in one place: , and Larry has been absolutely rocking updates to the site and mapping tools.

Some notable notes:

*The physical construction of Plymouth is very nearly complete. This week we're cutting the frame and will have your property lines on the ground shortly. This means that if you have a physical creation in mind for your land you should get it ready now. If you're outside Detroit you can mail it to us.

*We're just a battery shy of having the solar powered web cam up and running that will stream live pictures of the property. Read more on the remarkable Lemon Battery system here: and on .

*We're continuing to awesome-ify and refine and the online property map features. You can read about the Neighborhoods, Inch Services, and Property Sponsorships we're working on here: .

To that end, if you're an artist or maker and want to offer a service for free or for pay to other inchvestors, let us know. For example, if you're a sculptor or painter or crafter you might offer to create custom works that will fit on people's land for x$. We can feature your offerings right on the map so when people are wondering what to do with their land they can contact you directly and set that up. Bam! You're in micro business. :)

If you have any questions please get in touch at jerry[at]makeloveland[dot]com or call me directly at 908-343-1981. We aim to please and love hearing from you, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Many thanks and rock on!


Jerry Paffendorf & Team LOVELAND


Buy land, have fun.