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$1 square inches of land in Detroit. LOVELAND's first 10,000 square inch colony (Plymouth), is past 1/2 full. Be a pioneer & inchvest today.

LOVELAND ( is working on concepts for micro land development in Detroit. My vision is to make land ownership simple, cheap, fun, and highly creative through innovative contracts, pricing, and online tools. Detroit provides particularly interesting opportunities for this. We're starting with something fun, radical, and easy: for every dollar you give here you'll get a square inch of land in Detroit that you can develop.

Earlier this year I laid out a 10,000 square inch grid on the floor of my studio in Detroit and named it Plymouth (which you can see in the picture above). Then I purchased a first small property in the city:

Check out the inchvestor map of people who have purchased space in Plymouth so far, where you can see it's past halfway (peak inches!). When you claim inches you'll show up on the map.

When Plymouth reaches 10,000 inches it will move outdoors where you'll be free to develop your micro property (or ask me or someone else to develop it for you if you're not in Detroit) and the next phase of the project will begin. The people who move into Plymouth are the real pioneers of LOVELAND and will be given special access and benefits moving forward to bigger(?) and better things. LOVELAND takes care of its inchvestors. :)

I'm conceiving of the design and levels similarly to a video game, where progress will unlock new rewards, fun characters, events, etc. It's a wild idea and we have to have fun with it.

I hope to see you on the grid!

Jerry Paffendorf


PS The fundraising goal of this project is set to $144 because there are 144 square inches in a square foot, so it's mainly thematic. It's possible to go over that number so don't hold back. This is my 7th time using Kickstarter for this project in a series of rounds and I've been doing a lot of experimenting with how to set things up. Too big and it's scary, too small and it's confusing, so 144 it is!


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    One square inch of land in Detroit for each dollar you pledge!

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    The ability to say "I've got 12 inches in Detroit" with a straight face! Do not underestimate the value of this.

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    50 square inches and an "I've got inches in Detroit" t-shirt!

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    The inches, the shirt, and membership in the elite Square Foot Club!

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    Everything plus you will be the biggest inchvestor in LOVELAND so far. ♫Doh-on't stop. Belieeevin.♫

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