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$1 a square inch in Detroit + super fun excitement. Inchvest today.
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Hi! I'm Jerry, the person working on this with a network of friends, and I want you to move to Detroit with me for $1 a square inch of property I own in the city and then we'll do cool stuff with it. If you want to talk more about the project call me up at 908-343-1981 any time. This is for real and I think we're on to something awesome. Check out the site at and the blog at . Here's a recent email exchange about the project which is sort of funner than regular typed text though there's more of that below.

OK! Back to ye olde regular typed texte:

The driving premise is this: for every dollar you inchvest you get a square inch of your own in Detroit that you'll be able to create and do things on from wherever you are. Sure sure, traditionally that's not a lot of space, but it's crazy cheap and you're joining a network of people from around the world with a lot of creative power in an incredibly interesting city in transition (plus you can buy as many inches as you'd like or team up with other inchvestors!). We don't even know what's going to happen. Your inches are tickets to an amazing adventure. Expect twists and permutations and spin-offs galore.

Over the last few months I've been working through the first phase of the project and developing a game and story alongside it. So far more than 5,000 have been claimed by about 250 people, mostly though Kickstarter, though I'm working on an online store that'll be open soon, too:

LOVELAND Kickstarter Round 1:♥☑♥☑♥☑♥☑♥-1-million-inches-in-det

LOVELAND Kickstarter Round 2:

LOVELAND Kickstarter Round 3:

LOVELAND Kickstarter Round 4:

LOVELAND Kickstarter Round 5:

The project is happening in stages and levels. The first 10,000 inches are part of colony called Plymouth that currently exists on the floor of my studio at the Russell Industrial Center (which you can see in the video here). There's not much to do with your space...yet. But there will be. I just purchased the first project property in Detroit so your inches will have an outdoor home and real world impact shortly: but we first we need to fill up Plymouth. The pioneers who move into Plymouth gain special status as Founding Forefathers and Foremothers of the overall LOVELAND grid as it expands throughout the city.

The project is being developed like a game or a story with new twists and elements being added regularly. Who the heck knows where we'll all end up. But expect ownership action fun in the wilds of Detroit from wherever you are!




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