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LAST ROUND OF LOVELAND SEASON 1! $1 square inches of land in Detroit. Real land made super simple, fun, cheap, social & creative. Constantly evolving.

That's it! No more inches left in Plymouth, the first 10,000 square inch LOVELAND property. You can still back the project here (everything will go towards working on the project), but you won't get space in the first property.

There will be plenty more to come in the near future, and you still might be able to get into the Plymouth property later by purchasing someone else's inches.

To follow the adventure, join the Facebook group at , follow the Twitter at , and read the blog at .

Many thanks!



Wow. So this is it. After 10 rounds (making this round 12...ish ;)) and [EDIT] 10,000 inches we're down to zero inches left in the first stage of LOVELAND, and the end of season 1. Check it out: .

When we hit that goal we're shutting down the site for a bit, doing a redesign with a fresh look, new additions and new surprises, installing the grid on the first property, and opening up for season 2. Be a pioneer, get into the Plymouth colony while you can and bring your friends. We do not aim to disappoint.

The rules here are simple: For each dollar you inchvest in this project you'll get an honest to gosh real square inch of land in Detroit, MI as part of Plymouth, the first LOVELAND colony of 10,000 square inches: Claim at least 12 inches and receive a letter with a one square inch golden deed and magnifying glass in the mail. So far we're at 9,000 inches from more than 500 inchvestors.

*See the first property in Detroit at

*See the blog at

*Read about it in the Detroit News:$1-per-square-inch

The overriding goal of the project is to find ways to make land ownership and use incredibly simple, cheap, social and highly creative. And you don't need to be in Detroit (though we'd love you here), we're working on ways for you to interact with your land from afar and hope one day you'll come visit your land. I'm on it nonstop working, learning, and figuring things out. Who knows where this will all go, but isn't that always so.

Inchvest today and call me, Jerry, at 908-343-1981 if you have any questions. You can most definitely purchase inches as gifts for your friends. Just get the inches yourself through Kickstarter (right here!) and let me know their names. Easy peasy.

Jerry Paffendorf


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    One square inch of land in Detroit for each dollar you inchvest!

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    12 square inches of land in Detroit plus a one square inch golden deed with a magnifying glass will be mailed to you, *PLUS* you'll have the ability to say "I've got 12 inches in Detroit" with a straight face! Do not underestimate the value of this.

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    The inches, the deed, and a sweet "I'VE GOT INCHES IN DETROIT!" t-shirt in the color and size of your choosing:

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