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$1 square inches of land in Detroit. Real land made super simple, fun, cheap, social and creative. Constantly evolving.
66 backers pledged $1,231 to help bring this project to life.

Exciting News: The End of Season 1 & The Start of Season 2

People of the realm, let me keep this snappy:

First, there are still inchvestors in this round who's mailing addresses I don't have yet. If you haven't sent me that so I can mail your deed package, please message me through Kickstarter or at jerryp[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

As of this moment there are only 390 inches remaining in Plymouth, the first 10,000 square inch property. The final Kickstarter round is here: .

Now, what to expect. When we hit 10K, that will conclude LOVELAND season 1: the earliest stage of figuring this all out, exploring directions, welcoming LOVELAND's earliest pioneers (that would be you! :)) and testing the inchvestment model.

Season 2 will begin in the spring and I couldn't be more excited about it. What's new? Well, your inches will be physically installed and visitable. Hoorah! There will be a fresh new website with new map features to see and interact with your space online, a new side story-line, AND! We'll be coming out with 5 LOVELAND grants to support projects in Detroit, so season 2 will be about sharing new inchvestment money with people doing cool and important things in the city.

LOVELAND itself has been Kickstarted by all of you, and now it's time for it to start Kickstarting other things.

I could go on and on, and often do, so I'll leave it there. Thank you again and, as always, check out the blog and the Facebook group and let's keep the energy going.

LOVELAND loves you,

Jerry Paffendorf