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Indie game-focused 10-album music bundle, streaming concerts, and coverage of Square Sounds and the Tokyo Game Show.
Indie game-focused 10-album music bundle, streaming concerts, and coverage of Square Sounds and the Tokyo Game Show.
250 backers pledged $5,904 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      All backer rewards shipped some time ago. Please send word if you are currently waiting on any items.

    2. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      I am aligning all the deadlines so that the Blu-ray discs and digital remix album ship September at the latest, prior the Tokyo Game Show. Let me know if I can answer further questions by email.

    3. James Easterly on

      Just out of curiosity, but where are things at for the blu-ray?

    4. Andreas Varotsis on

      I'm absolutely loving OMF by A_RIVAL. Such a great song, great beats, and makes me incredibly nostalgic for giant fighting robots.

    5. Jacob on

      "Antichamber Suite I" - I honestly wished I could say the entire album, since it's easily one of the most ambitious scores for an equally ambitious game that I've heard in quite some time but since I have to narrow it down to a single track, I chose this.

      Why I chose this track above the rest of the album is because it reminded me the most of a track one might easily hear in a film these days, encompassing the right amount of complex textured sounds with that subtle ambient grace that could accompany a wide array of visuals - be it a shower of comets rolling through a vast expanse of space or even elaborately constructed cinematography shots of a city just about to emerge from a collective slumber.

    6. TJ Cummings on

      lightning man stage - Rokko Chan is my current favorite. I have the whole bundle on shuffle, and this song in particular gave me a pretty significant boost of inspiration / motivation!

    7. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      The SF X MM remix album is being submitted for mastering next week. The Showcase Overview video will be edited after I've filmed interviews with the Square Sounds organizers in Tokyo. There are no plans at the moment for a general release of the video.

    8. Missing avatar


      My favorite track is 'Young Girl w/Sammus" by Mega Ran and Sammus from the Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata (which was part of the Game-Inspired Pack).

      I'm usually not a huge fan of rap but this track, and the whole of Nocturnal Cantata is fantastic. Symphony of the Night already had a wide variety of musical styles and most of the adaptations on Nocturnal Cantata are pretty amazing but this one in particular stands out to me.

      I find the dueling vocals of "Maria" and "Alucard" and how it tells more of the story between these two characters that is only hinted at in the game really fascinating. It also gives Maria more characterization than the game ever does; portraying her as a strong and independent adventure on equal footing to Alucard.

      By the way, the reward tier for the SF X MM Remix mentions that the album will be available later but it's not clear to me if the "Showcase Overview" video mentioned is also planned as later as well. No rush, was just curious.

    9. TanC on

      Thanks for the quick sending of codes! Am enjoying my albums (slowly, tons of music!!). :)

    10. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      There might be another album bundle promotion in the future, but nothing has been decided yet. Please send a message if you have not yet received your download codes through the email associated with your Kickstarter account.

      We're currently running a promotion with Analogue: A Hate Story composer Isaac Schankler. Leave the name of your favorite track from the bundle and why you like it here in the comments section, with Cheapbeats albums also being eligible, for a chance to receive one of ten download codes for his instrumental single "It's Not Ero."

    11. Missing avatar


      Got my album rewards overnight. Really enjoying all the music.

      Even though I had a few of the albums already I just wanted to say thanks again for doing these bundles every couple months; they've helped me discover some great artists I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise. Your site does a great job of this too.

      Please post an update to this project if you decide to run another Kickstarter in the future.

    12. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Several of the backer reward tiers have already received the bundle and the rest are on their way today via Constant Contact.

    13. almozayaf on

      so when we will get the albums

    14. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      We've got a few tracks left to be turned in for the Game-Inspired pack and then the digital albums will ship via the Constant Contact mailing service.

    15. Missing avatar

      Varos Tyraln on

      Extremely glad it got funded, I found out about this last minute and had to give my two cents [figuratively speaking of course].

    16. Giovanni Medina on

      Thank goodness it got funded.

    17. Antonio Garcia

      Funded! I look forward to getting my Flash Drive, and I can't wait for the next KS in December :)

    18. Samson Lancaster on

      Major Grats and you're still going!

    19. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Many thanks to everyone who contributed their efforts toward the funding of this project! Time to get the album bundle prepared for distribution.

    20. TanC on

      Congratulations on getting funded! Now we're all set. Let the music begin! :)

    21. Osman Keskin on

      Raised also. We can do this!!

    22. Sergio on

      Quadrupled my pledge.

    23. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Currently 24 hours to raise $700.

    24. Shikigami3k on

      28 hours to raise over $800? I think it could happen.

    25. Giovanni Medina on

      oh, I hope it reaches its goal.

    26. Shikigami3k on

      They just posted an update in their previous kickstarter...that's how I found about this new kickstarter. I think they'd be much closer to their goal if most of us knew that a new kickstarter was up. I couldn't pledge much though...other videogame kickstarters have drained my wallet...

    27. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Hi Kairu. Thank you for the advice and I will follow your suggestion to post blog updates this weekend.

    28. Missing avatar


      Woah, I wouldn't have even realized this Kickstarter launched if I didn't periodically check out

      Have you considered posting updates to your previous Kickstarter project pages to let the backers of those projects know there is a new one running? I'm sure some of them would be happy to back this project.