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Discover game-inspired music and fund Tokyo's FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, featuring live chip music performances and interviews.
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Nubuwo's Tokyo Gaming Showcase album bundle launched


The Nubuwo website for videogame music news has launched a new album bundle project on Kickstarter.  This time we are funding an event series and multimedia coverage from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.

Tokyo Gaming Showcase

Over a dozen indie game designers and chiptune artists are collaborating on the TOKYO GAMING SHOWCASE, a ten-album bundle and event series.  Our events are marking the first ever performances of arrangements from the upcoming Street Fighter X Mega Man Remix Album composed by A_Rival.

Fully funded through Kickstarter, the indie score pack features the full soundtracks to THE SWAPPER, ANTICHAMBER, HIVERSAIRES, YEAR WALK and ROKKO CHAN.

The game-inspired pack showcases game-inspired music by MEGA RAN, DJ CUTMAN, MUTHERPLUCKIN' B, KOOPA SOUNDWORKS and A_RIVAL. All proceeds benefit the musicians and fund a series of events following the Tokyo Game Show.

The first show funded through the crowdfunding project was the TOKYO INDIE UNDERGROUND talk event taking place at 8bit Cafe in Shinjuku, including talks by the designers of They Bleed Pixels, Pavilion, C-Wars and Prismatic Solid.

Following TGS, we organized the TOKYO INDIE DANCE PARTY, with performances by the composers of OH DEER!, HIVERSAIRES, YEAR WALK, KIRA KIRA STAR NIGHT and STREET FIGHTER X MEGA MAN.

CHIP RIVALS OSAKA concluded the tour, bringing together international chiptune musicians A_Rival (USA), BOKKADENcI (Japan), HarleyLikesMusic (UK) and bryface (Canada) for the first time ever in the history of chip.

Recordings of the events can be viewed on Ustream and YouTube. Footage from these independently funded events will be presented more formally upon the successful completion of the Kickstarter project.


• Bundle on Bandcamp:
• Announcement on Nubuwo (English):
• Remix Album Announcement on Nubuwo (Japanese):
• Kickstarter Project Page:

- Jeriaska (@jeriaska)

Hiroyuki Iwatsuki at Comic Market 83


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DVD Preview - Menu Screen

Japanese language FAMI-MODE DVD discs (sans subtitles) have arrived.

These preliminary untranslated editions of the movie will be aiding the METEOR team with feedback prior to the finalized English-language release.

Projected to ship in February, the FAMI-MODE DVD will be updated with subtitles and content from this weekend's event.  The all-night festival taking place on Saturday at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijouji is scheduled to include live performances by Bokkadenci and Cartier Santos Sweet Lady x JulieHally, in addition to Kplecraft, Sexy-Synthesizer and Omodaka.

Below is the DVD menu screen movie, featuring a non-vocal arrangement of Omodaka's "Oshogatsu."  The video is available to view in 1080p high definition by clicking on the cog icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube viewer.

DVD Preview - Intro Credits


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Winter Bundle fully funded!


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