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Discover game-inspired music and fund Tokyo's FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, featuring live chip music performances and interviews.
Discover game-inspired music and fund Tokyo's FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, featuring live chip music performances and interviews.
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    1. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Thanks. It's very kind of you.

    2. Billy White on

      I received my Blu-ray! I enjoyed it greatly! Everyone did a great job ^____^

    3. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Yes, the Blu-ray disc is shipping soon. I've done several screenings in Japan and am double checking to make sure the English and Japanese language subtitles are as accurate as possible.

    4. UeshuGuro on

      Do you have any news about the Bluray disc ? Will it be ship soon?

    5. Marcos A. Gaspar on

      Gotcha. Thanks for the update and hope things go well on your end.

    6. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      We're looking to ship a Blu-ray disc together with the DVD and currently talking with the studio in Los Angeles on how to make that step cost effective.

    7. Marcos A. Gaspar on

      Out of curiosity, has the DVD been shipped to the united states audience, or is it still in production?

    8. Manuel Sagra on

      Thanks! Downloaded without problems now...

    9. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      There is a message in your inbox that will help with that.

    10. Manuel Sagra on


      I've had a problem downloading the Indie Pack, and the code doesn't work anymore... Please, help.

      Kind regards,

    11. Missing avatar

      Jan Wouter Arendsen on

      Great tracks, thanks guys!

    12. Spencer Penaloza on

      Woo so glad to see this funded :)

    13. Jeriaska ジェリアスカ 5-time creator on

      Fully funded! Many thanks to everyone who made it possible, and with just an hour left to spare.

    14. ArchmageTay on

      11 hours to go! If everybody (currently backing) ups the ante by just 4 bucks, we can make it.

    15. Mike Kasprzak on

      Great stuff. I actually got a promo copy of the bundle, but I backed it anyway. I really enjoyed the Rokko Chan bundle from last time. I'm kicking myself for missing the original Nubuwo bundle. Keep up the good. Best of luck with the DVD.

    16. Missing avatar

      Henry Yip on

      I just got an email update about this from one of you past projects. I was so happy when I opened up the parcel containing the Rokko Chan CD Album and all other wonderful music collections a few months ago :)
      I always appreciate the different styles of videogame inspired music! All the best for this project!

    17. Marcos A. Gaspar on

      I hope that your goal is met, as the DVD would be a valuable asset for the academic study of the video game music. You have my support, Jeriaska. I missed out foolishly on the "Video Games in Context" DVD, but hopefully this project will see the light of day.

    18. Sarah Milton on

      Good luck.. I'm very interested in getting my hands on this music. I'll post about this everywhere I can and hopefully you can hit your target!

    19. Threevenge on

      Got a long ways to go to make this happen and surprised to see I'm the first backer, but I'm happy to support anything chip-tune.