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Take two little girls, stick them in an inflatable Zodiac and aim them at 10,000 penguins. We're headed to the end of the earth...
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Have I told you lately that I love you?

Posted by Through My Eyes (Creator)

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NEW REWARD: Clam trip!

Posted by Through My Eyes (Creator)

Our friends are really coming through for us. Last night, we offered a ticket to Geek Girl Boot Camp and it got snatched up in less than half an hour. Now it is a chance to go take your family on a real Cape Cod experience this summer.  Offered last year by Hit and Run History for their own Kickstarter, here's how Cape Cod Today covered it:

For a small fee you too can be a clam digger

Andy Buckley has a wet reward for any family of three pledging $250.
Or for a $40 pledge a DVD of the completed film

Anyone who been reading this newssite for the last month or so knows that our intrepid blogger, Andy Buckley, is also a filmmaker immortalizing that peripatetic son of Cape Cod, Captain John Kendrick and the never before told tale of his Columbia Expedition..

But it costs a lot of money to make an independent film even with all the help Andy's getting from WGBH-TV, so he just came up with a never-before-heard-of-gimmick, a Clam Trip for sponsors. Here's what Andy proposes.

Here's Andy and your dreener full of succulent, Chatham clams.

We've been trying our best to think of new rewards that would excite people. So here it is, the dead of winter, and we were looking at that picture of that big old bushel of steamers we posted earlier -- and we thought -- hey -- CLAM TRIP!

People visiting Cape Cod in the summer are always fascinated to learn about digging clams and quahogs. Oftentimes, they will stop while commercial diggers are working and ask questions. Moms, dads and kids. Everyone wants to know more. But without their having a permit or the equipment, there's little they can do other than watch.

So why not see about taking a few of you out with us for the day?

For a $250 pledge, commercial shellfisherman, master mariner (and HRH's host) Andrew Buckley will take you and up to 3 of your family out shellfishing on the waters of Cape Cod.

For commercial fishermen in Chatham, our commute is a boat ride and our office is the shore. Our hours are determined by the ever-changing time of the tide each day. We can be digging softshell steamer clams when we can find them, or hardshell quahog clams which are in abundance.

To make a Pledge and go clamming, visit their KickStarter here.

This offer includes one non-resident family permit good for the WHOLE YEAR. That means you once you have it and learn the basics, you can head out yourself and bring yourself back some plenty of tasty bivalves every week.

Of course, this offer is subject to weather and tide conditions, availability, our discretion and local rules (see FAQ You have to get yourself to Chatham, Mass. yourself, too.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great value -- not just another day at the beach. Grab this offer before someone else snaps it up!

NEW REWARD: Geek Girl Camp Ticket!

Posted by Through My Eyes (Creator)

We've been offered a special reward by our friends at Geek Girl! 

For a pledge of $200, you can attend Geek Girl Boot Camp on March 17, 2012 @ Cape Cod Community College. This includes: admission to all Workshops, Coffee, Lunch, T-shirt, Swag Bag, Resource Handbook, and Reception to Follow!

PLUS you will also get our own Through My Eyes T-shirt when available.

What a great value! There is only ONE of these available, so grab it while you can! If you have already pledged, it is easy to upgrade your pledge to this -- and still get our t-shirt, too.