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Press Release Now Available


Greetings all!

It's day three of the project, and we're so pleased to already be 42 percent funded. We are also very grateful to the Kickstarter staff who have named us one of their picks in the publishing category!

Secondly, we wanted to let you know that a press release about the Found Poetry Project on Kickstarter is now available. If you know any bloggers or journalists who might be interested in what we're trying to accomplish, please share with them the details below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            
Contact: Jenni B. Baker


Project aims to crowdsource funds to distribute found poetry kits across the United States.

Bethesda, MD – February 6, 2012: The Found Poetry Review, the Internet’s first quarterly journal dedicated to publishing found poetry, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds for a new National Poetry Month initiative called the Found Poetry Project.

Found poetry is the art of excerpting words and phrases from any written source and combining them in new ways to form a poem. Sources can range from traditional texts like books, newspapers and magazines to more unexpected origins like product packaging, Twitter updates and court testimony.

The Found Poetry Project aims to distribute 250 kits in public places in communities across the United States. Each kit will contain everything that someone needs to participate in the project – directions on how to write a found poem, a source text, a pen, writing pad and information on where to upload their poem on the web.

Beginning in April, a website for the project (set to launch later this month) will curate all poems written as part of the project. Site visitors will also be able to sign up to distribute found poetry kits and extend the reach of the project by assembling and making their own kits.

“While poets have been incorporating and building on one another’s work for centuries, the art of found poetry is still an under-practiced and, in some cases under-appreciated, art form,” said Jenni Baker, founder and editor-in-chief at The Found Poetry Review.

“The Found Poetry Project seeks to get more people involved in experimenting with found poetry and to showcase the contributions that are being made in the genre.”

Kickstarter, founded in 2009, is a crowdsourcing platform that helps creative projects come to life. The platform is powered by an all-or-nothing funding method; projects must hit their predetermined funding goal before any money changes hands.

To thank users for their contributions, The Found Poetry Review has devised several tiers of rewards, ranging from found poetry kits, to custom found poems, to being a guest editor on an upcoming edition of the journal.

Individuals can read about the project, view the pitch video and support the project through March 4 at

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    We'll send you a custom Found Poetry Project postcard with a note expressing our sincere thanks, plus everything above.

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    We'll write an original found poem for you, printed on quality 8x10 paper that is ready for framing. Plus, you also get everything above!

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    Get lost! Provide us with five copies of something you created (a poem, chapbook, artwork, CD, etc) and we'll distribute it around our local communities. You also get all of the above.

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    Give the gift of found poetry! For this pledge amount, we'll create an original found poem on 8x10 quality paper from a source text of your choosing (including personal correspondence, yearbook messages, Twitter feeds, etc!) that you can gift to a family member or friend. Plus, you also get everything listed above.

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    Be a guest reader on an upcoming issue of the Found Poetry Review. As part of your role, we'll feature an interview with you in the issue. You also get all of the rewards listed above.

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