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Who is Jenn Blosil?'s video poster

Help Jenn Record! (Finally!) Read more

Provo, UT Music
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This project was successfully funded on October 6, 2012.

Help Jenn Record! (Finally!)

Provo, UT Music
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P.S. Every dollar over our goal STILL HELPS!!!! WAHOO!!!!





If you would like to hear more, (a full song!) feel free to watch the video below!!


If you still are not quite sure and would like to listen to a few more songs (I've received some requests!) Well, here's some good news! If you're in the area, I'd love to have you there! (I will also be playing with a full band !! )

Why hello there.

Thank you for clicking on this project! Thanks for watching my video! And thank you for reading what I'm writing.


So, to give you a little bit more background, this shot was taken today.

Is that a microphone headset used for sold-out shows?!


That, my new friends, is a headset used for Customer Service. 

That's right. 

Everyday I get to connect with people around the world. 


Not in the way I really, truly want.

Here's Where You Come In--

Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING. Your cards will be charged at the end of the duration only if I reach my goal. (Wow-ee. I'm already sweating bullets just writing this out!!)

So- say we are able to raise $14,999-- because it's not the goal, I wouldn't get a single cent.

Now, this kickstarter is more than just raising funds to me. It's about reaching you. It's about connecting with you. That, to me, is the beauty of art. 

"What are you going to do with my money? Swindle it?". 

Great question.

Here's the plan. 

First: With your backing, I will finally be able to record five fully-produced incredible tracks. This includes top-of-the-line-hair-curling musicians, the producer, mixing, mastering and studio time.

Second: We'll shoot music videos to accompany the songs. Your backing will go towards finding the RIGHT videographer/director, location costs, editing, any costs associated with production, set design, etc. etc. 

Third: Your backing will fund marketing and advertising for the material. This includes bloggers, magazines, radio, and other various outlets.

To sum it up, your backing will create the platform for me to launch my material. To create my art my way, my voice. The voice we have created together.


What does it mean to know Jenn Blosil?

It means you know a new friend.

It means you know a new friend with a lot to offer.

And all of it- my dreams- lies in your hands.

OKAY WHOA- this way too serious.

No, seriously. It does. That's true.

More than anything, though- it's a smart idea to donate.


Because you'll love it.

(This is the most presumptuous thing I've ever said!)

Except, guess what.

What if I told you I really believe that you will?

Or what if I let you decide for yourself?

Either way-

Thank you.

It means a lot that you're even taking the time to read this!

It's an incredible thing.

Here's to us!!!

-- Jenn Blosil

Update--- Here's a quick shot taken from the show on Friday night! Awww yeah! 



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    I will create one video where I will thank YOU for backing our project. Will I think this video is hilarious? Totally. (If you said, "Jenn- you think everything you do is hilarious." You're right. I do. Plus, you'll get access to the "Backers Only" page . Can you say, "Hip"?).

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    REAL LIFE HIGH FIVE! I'll give you a high-five! No, seriously. I will. Seriously. I'll send you a post-card which will be a picture of my hand. Then, you can give yourself a high-five from me! (Guys, I think I am so clever). Say you're having a bad day-- high five. Say you're about to ask a hot babe on a hot date-- high five. Say you just cheated on a test and didn't get caught-- NO HIGH-FIVES, THAT'S NOT COOL.

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    MUSIC! If you're asking, "Jenn! When is it going to be about the music?!" All right, all right. Because the plan is unique- not quite an album, more than an EP, the music comes a bit later/on a higher tier. Why? I need you to promise me you won't release the songs before I do. So. For $13, you will get the music before anyone else. (Plus all that was aforementioned).

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    75 backers Limited (925 left of 1000)


    I have been making "Jenn Blosil" friendship bracelets for YOU for weeks now. To me, this kickstarter isn't just about donations- it's about people. You and me. In this together. So, hey- thank you. Can we be friends? (You will also receive all that was aforementioned).

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    Not only will you receive a friendship bracelet, not only will you receive a hight five, not only will you receive the music, you will ALSO get a Jenn Blosil tee shirt! Need a someone to cuddle with at night? Put on your tee, and- WAIT. That's weird. Don't do that. Need a face to caress on lonely days? Put on your tee and- HOLD ON. I'm feeling awkward. (I'm also typing and laughing as I go. Can you say, "Jenn-u-ine"?)

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    I'll send you my autobiography! Signed!

    Just kidding. What I will really send is a book that has changed my perspective on art. The book is titled, "If You Want to Write" by the late Brenda Ueland. I want to share and discuss this with you! It's that good. We'll do a 3 week, half-hour, group book-club. On skype or conference call. (Plus all that was afore-mentioned).

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    4 backers Limited (11 left of 15)


    Here's my promise to you-- you will get backstage, VIP concert seats for you and a guest. It is valid anywhere and anytime I perform. You will get an exclusive, signed, universal laminate that will be created only for YOU. (You will also receive the music, the bracelet and the high-five).

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    So in High School, I was auctioned off for a date and was only worth 20 bucks. Except now- I'm a lot more fun.

    I will take you around my hometown and show you my favorite places. (Don't worry- this will exclude the library. Unless, you know, that's what you're into, too...) What I can say is this- we'll go on some great adventure. (You will also receive the VIP ACCESS, Tee shirt, friendship bracelet, music and high-five).

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    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)


    I will come play a private show for you! Not just any show- YOUR show. Just for you and whomever you would like to invite as well. OH YEAH. (Jokes not included). -- this offer is only valid in the United States and surrounding areas. (You will also receive the VIP access, tee shirt, friendship bracelet, music and high-five).

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    Okay, I said I was stoked for the friendship bracelets. TRUE. And you know what else? For this, too. So- I was born in Vienna, Austria. Home to the Walz, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms and Blosil. The piano I have written most of my songs on? Also from Vienna, Austria. Get this. I will fly YOU out to VIENNA to be part of a PRIVATE concert IN A PRIVATE RECITAL HALL. (I am typing this in all caps because, come on-- HOW COOL IS THAT?!). Once there, we can visit the area where I was born, take you to eat the best ribs off the Danube, eat some chocolatey "Palatschinken" and have some incredible conversations. Are you loving this? I'm loving this. (You will also receive VIP access, the tee-shirt, the bracelet, the music and the high-five).

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