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Amazingly small but powered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat features, Jelly is a mini-sized 4G smartphone for everyone.
Amazingly small but powered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat features, Jelly is a mini-sized 4G smartphone for everyone.
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New Software Update and Announcement!

Posted by Unihertz (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

New SW update for Jelly Pro is now available. (Update for Jelly will be ready later this week)

Please check the information below: 

Version: Unihertz_Jelly-Pro_20171128


1.Add multi-window control menu in Developer options

2.Add virtual MENU key: long press HOME key to invoke

3.Add a few APN parameters for some countries


1.Optimize GPS algorithm

2.Fixed 3-party apps can't turn on/off Bluetooth problem

3.Optimize Navigation bar control menu

4.Optimize SMS 7-bit encode mode

5.Remove Google search box in Launcher

6. Improve sound quality of the microphone

Although we had almost finished the delivery to all the backers, there are still some backers who did not receive their rewards. Mainly caused by:

1. Did not finished the survey so we don’t have the shipping information

2. Parcel returned due to wrong address/custom issue etc.

If you still had not received your reward, please contact with and we will help to check the status and send it to you ASAP.

We are glad to announce Jelly Pro is now available in the online store and also available on Amazon US/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT. You can choose to purchase the phone and accessories as you wish. 







As for the battery, due to the limitation for battery transportation, currently we can only ship the separate battery to US and Germany address. We are working on it now and it will be available to more areas soon. Now you can directly buy it here: Battery for Jelly/Jelly Pro

And according to the demand of many backers, we also made the new screen protector for Jelly/Jelly Pro. It will be on shelves soon.

Please pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter account to get the latest news about us.  

For Japan backers, 

We are now working on the Japan certificate for Jelly Pro. After we finish it, we will officially launch Jelly Pro to Japan market. 

Please pay close attention to our Japan Twitter account to get informed.

If you have any questions or need any support, please feel free to contact: We will response in 24 hours.

Thank you for your great support and we will keep optimizing Jelly/Jelly Pro and make it better!  

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update; please continue to push updates!

    2. José Manuel Herrero Diaz De Durana on

      ¿Donde puedo comprar una batería de repuesto para mi Jelly Pro ?

    3. Amir Sabli

      Please bring back dual screen functionality please.

    4. Amir Sabli

      Updated. So far GPS works on Here map app, Waze does not work most of the time.

    5. José Manuel Herrero Diaz De Durana on

      Hoy he actualizado mi Jelly Pro con éxito.(Tercera actualización)/El tfno. funciona muy bien. Estoy encantado con él-

    6. Sreekanth

      @Unihertz Great update. Now, there is an option to disable the virtual NavBar. However, battery life still sucks! Hope there will be a fix for it soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      rajiv on

      i updated and now its all in chinese again how do i change it back to english

    8. Stephen Spencer on

      @N: What? With this update it is off completely by default

    9. Missing avatar

      N on

      @Unihertz: please make an option to TOTALLY disable Navbar as some programs do not works with it well.

      For example Lighting Launcher reserves Navbar space when You edit Your layout. There are situations whenYou can't edit Your layout because buttons not fit on screen and this useless Navbar makes situation worser...

      Seems like apps get display area dimensions less by Navbar even if it is hidden.

      Also easy to bring up hidden navbar by accident !!!

      I NEVER read an opinion like "wow, this Navbar is a must!" but I read many opinions like "pleeeez make a Navbar disable option!"

      @Scott Wise: that f*g buttons are still there!

    10. Scott Wise

      Yeah no more virtual buttons!

    11. Stephen Spencer on

      I spoke too soon, just had a wifi failure. It thinks it's still connected but data comes through either very very slowly or not at all (may just timeout before it comes). Have to turn airplane mode on and off then it's all ok again (wifi off and on isn't good enough). Happens both at work and home which are very different networks. Has been happening since the update before this one, was fine before that. Anyone else?

    12. Stephen Spencer on

      Great update! Ability to switch off virtual buttons entirely, bringing back the ability to split screen apps (and you don't need the virtual buttons on, just drag apps around on the task screen). Outlook has stopped crashing for me on launch (may be coincidental) and the wifi dropouts that needed me to toggle airplane mode from just the last update also seem to have stopped. Thanks!!

    13. Michael Czajka on

      You're allowed to ship batteries into Australia if they are in a device.

      Why not add something cheap to the battery to get around the shipping problem?

      A small LED?


    14. Michael Czajka on

      GPS did seem to have a lot of trouble locking in... my 7 year old Nokia 700 does it better. If this update fixes that it will be appreciated.

      I wish programs would politely turn off the Location when they leave... and turn it on only when they start. Otherwise you have to go around and turn it off manually (which you forget to do)... and it flattens the battery real quick.


    15. Missing avatar

      Andrea K Piermarteri on

      You gave the possibility to remove virtual buttons! Thank you very much!!! :D

      Keep on with the hard work, I really appreciate the support you do to your software!! Thank you very much!

    16. M.A.Rahbari on

      Hi unihertz....the icon for menu of volume, alarm, and media on the top ight is very small even for me who has small fingers, I dont know how it is for other users,? i wished you make it a little ever, what a lovely phone it is... It is a mini monster....

    17. Marsha Tyszler

      Just curious — how come the blue phone accessories are not available from the US Amazon store? Do you expect them to be added an in stock from there soon, or is it faster to order directly from your site for the time being?

      I appreciate that you guys are going to make a better front protector. I’d love to see a beveled plastic version. There’s a great company I’d recommend here from Kickstarter if you guys want a good quality, affordable option made available. They’ve already shipped their 2.0 version for iPhone and manufactured/delivered quickly from the time they finished their campaigns. Send me a message if you’d like their contact information.

      I like the thought put into the silicone case and that it’s possible to add a carabiner clip or keychain. I’d also like to see another case option for Pro that’s more durable — in an emergency where I end up separated from a phone, I’d prefer to have my service dog fetch my Jelly Pro rather than my iPhone, but I want to feel confident that his sharp teeth won’t totally break the phone. Your current case probably wouldn’t fare well in his mouth even if he were gentle with it (I have a large English-style Black Labrador Retriever). In fact, if you can make a full-coverage, weather/water resistant case while still making it as lightweight as possible, I’d also permanently keep my Jelly Pro clipped to his harness for emergencies while I’m not home and know I still have a way to get help should my iPhone battery die or the entire thing gets lost or broken. Maybe you could design an affordable Otterbox-like solution?


    18. Missing avatar

      Toshitaka Obara on

      Is it possible to stand by at 4 G + 3 G at the same time?