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After nearly five years in Chicago's cultural underground, the Quennect4 Gallery is transitioning from DIY art space to legitimate venue. Read more

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After nearly five years in Chicago's cultural underground, the Quennect4 Gallery is transitioning from DIY art space to legitimate venue.

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Quennect4 Benefit Compilation coming May 7th!

Release Party & Benefit Concert Friday May 7th @ Elastic Arts


To The Quennect4 Family,

As some of you know or may have already heard, Quennect4 Gallery headquarters has been taken away from us. On January 5th we were informed by the city that we can no longer operate in this location. Its been a hard reality to face being that we are one of the few places of our kind that not only made it this far -- but thrived for so long. We did so by opening our doors to like minded people who cared about art, music, and above all community. Together we put on events as diverse as the people involved: parties, fund raisers, and festivals -- all to get our message out to everyone who wanted to listen.

Over the past 4 and a half years we've all worked hard, played hard, and grown together as an underground community, and for the most part we did it here at the Q4 Gallery. In that time Quennect4 inspired people with creative ideas to make creative realities. Artists of all facets put their creative talents to use because together we created a respected forum and a positive outlet. As artists grew with Q4, the Q4 tribe grew as a unit. Together, we learned how to be resilient, and adaptable. We learned to use the resources in our community to create a home for a unique underground culture we called Quennect4.

To maintain that home, we're planning a series of benefits to raise the funds necessary for the city to recognize us as a legit establishment, while still giving us enough freedom to keep doing what we do how we do it. We are reaching out to you to help us take Q4 to the next level while maintaining our unique culture and underground vibe. We're not looking to take the place of local bars or music venues but instead remain a home that nurtures creative energy and perpetuates a culture of freedom.

On that note, we're asking every person that came here and performed for the first or thirtieth time, everyone that ever came here and felt inspired, anyone who because of places like ours believes that a culture of freedom can exist in the midst of a culture of consumerism, violence, and isolation, to volunteer their talents and resources for the rebirth of Q4.

Moving forward we are asking for donations, as well as help from musicians, artists, performers, poets, vendors, and venues, anyone that would be interested in helping fund raise, or offer creative input on the project we're taking on. If you would like to help please send your info to

Much Love and Respect Always,
Q4 Tribe


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