Shadow Hunter is a hybrid rogue-like/puzzle game that is being released free "as is", as a result of a failed Kickstarter Campaign and my running out of personal funds.

So, here's the plan...

1) Find a Permanent Host for the Shadow Hunter Distributable
Currently I have the game on Google Drive, which is located here:
It may hit its limit, which may disable the link for a month. As soon as I can find a spot to host it for free without this limitation, I will post it for all of you.

2) Resuscitate Shadow Hunter
I will be using this campaign to expand on the free games content.

Cash Milestone 1 (current campaign) - This will be used to help polish the graphics, sound, etc... and help setup the website to aid in distribution.
Cash Milestone 2 - This will add more levels to explore.
Cash Milestone 3 - This will add more cards/mini-games.
Cash Milestone 4 - This will add crafting (it's a standard now, right? ^^).
Cash Milestone 5 - This may add community suggested content?

After the first milestone is met, a second campaign will begin... while milestone 2 is rolling, I will be hiring/working away on #1. I will continue this plan until the game is either completed with the original 45 level design, and extra content + bug fixes.

Feel free to leave comments, and suggestions.

I'll keep you all posted!


Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge is working on this between jobs. As a single father, I have to work a lot! So, hopefully with enough funding I can relax on the extra work, and focus on this instead. :)

Thanks for your interest in this project!

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