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WMC Fest is a grassroots event to inspire and enable the creative mind featuring 20 speakers, 20 designers, and 20 bands. Read more

Cleveland, OH Design
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This project was successfully funded on June 3, 2011.

WMC Fest is a grassroots event to inspire and enable the creative mind featuring 20 speakers, 20 designers, and 20 bands.

Cleveland, OH Design
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What is Weapons of Mass Creation Fest?

WMC Fest is a grassroots event put on by creatives for creatives. We're working to become a premier art, design, and music festival in the Midwest. Our goal from day one has been to bring you awesome bands, inspiring speakers, and one memorable weekend for a really low ticket price. That's unheard of in our industry. To achieve that we rely on sponsors and active community members like yourself.

The event takes place in Cleveland, OH on June 11-12 in the Gordon Square Arts District. It's our second year doing it and we've raised the stakes significantly from last year. This time we're showcasing 20 speakers, 20 bands, and 20 designers. 

You can see more info at

Who's Performing at WMC Fest 2011?

Wow, where do I start?  The list is awesome this year! 

Speakers: Aaron Draplin, Mig Reyes of Threadless, Mikey Burton, David Gensler of the KDU, Quite Strong, Jessi Arrington of Workshop NYC, Josh Vanover of Spaceknuckle, Jeff Finley, Oliver Barrett, and William Beachy of Go Media, Jacob Edwards of Jakprints, Todd Saperstein of VMCAD, Joseph Hughes of Northcoast Zeitgeist, Len Peralta of Geek a Week, Jenn and Ken Visocky O'Grady of KSU and Enspace Design, John Paul Walton of DokoGeo, Alex Cornell of ISO50, Dan Christofferson of Big Cartel, Aaron "Pants" Sechrist, Geoff May, Steve Knerem, and Stephanie Rexroth.

Bands: Get stoked for Memoryhouse, Lower Dens, Nana Grizol, Monokino, Arrah and the Ferns, Annabel, Mose Giganticus, She Bears, Two Hand Fools, Bethesda, Before the Eyewall, Lowly the Tree Ghost, Humble Home, Shivering Timbers, Signals Midwest, American Werewolves, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Esquire Mackentyre, Tom Evanchuck, Red Sun, and others.

Designers: We are displaying the work of some of the big names above and also Justin Kamerer of Angryblue, Brandon Rike, Jeff Hulligan, Glen Infante, Hucklebuck Design Studio, Studio Ace of Space, Nate Utesch, and Barton Damer.

Cleveland Proud!

We're coming from a city that is always the underdog. Everyone doubts us and we often get passed over for major market cities like NYC and LA.  The argument of "putting this city on the map" is a cliche by now, but we really do take pride in Cleveland and want to showcase our thriving creative community. The revolution in this town will be led by our young generation of creative visionaries. WMC Fest embodies this spirit.

How Your Contribution Helps

Putting on an event of this caliber is not cheap, let me tell you!  But we are doing it as frugally as possible.  While we are getting lots of donations and trades, our hard expenses have grown to about $15,000 and we've raised about half that amount so far.  Most of this comes from paying the out-of-town speakers and bands. This does not take into account all the local talent that is performing for much less or even donating their time for free. 

Your donation DIRECTLY BENEFITS the bands, speakers, and designers.

Aside from paying the talent, there's also the costs of advertising, food, venues, printing, and the time we all take out of our busy lives to put on this event. We're all working hard and making sacrifices to make WMC Fest the BEST event for all of us creative types in the midwest!  Let's do it together!

Why You Should Make a Pledge

By making a pledge to help fund WMC Fest, you are actively getting involved. You are not just a consumer, but an active contributor to your community.  By supporting grassroots initiatives such as WMC Fest, you are doing your part to create positive change and help make worthwhile activities for our community to be a part of. 

Think about it, without your help and support, there would not be a WMC Fest. This is not something we can afford to put on every year without the help of awesome contributors like you!  If you want to support positive creative change and inspire and enable others to do the same, then you can do what helps us the most, make a pledge. Then come out to enjoy the event that YOU helped support!  You only pay if we meet our funding goal.

Oh yeah, besides all the warm and fuzzy feelings you get from supporting a movement in its infancy, you can get a ton of awesome rewards. You can get backstage passes, signed art prints, exposure and promotion, and even some exclusive design and consulting time with Go Media to help start or grow your business. The more you pledge, the more awesome your rewards and the more you can help build the movement that is Weapons of Mass Creation.



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    Everything above plus 1 Weekend Pass to WMC Fest and WMC t-shirt, buttons, and stickers.

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    Everything above plus the a copy of Jeff Finley's ebook "Thread's Not Dead" and an additional weekend pass to WMC Fest for a friend. We'll also promote you to our Facebook and Twitter followers. Labeled a "bronze backer".

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    Everything above plus the Front Row Seats for the Speakers, any Ultimate Collection of your choice at, 100 custom die-cut stickers from, and the Ultimate Art Print Collection featuring signed prints from Jeff Finley, Oliver Barrett, Alex Cornell, Angryblue, Steve Knerem, and Studio Ace of Spade. You'll also get labeled a "Gold Backer."

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    Everything above plus Backstage Access and the "Go Media Experience" which includes 5 hours of design work and brand consulting from Go Media. We'll even add in the "Declaration Collection" which includes up to 5 shirts of your choice from You'll also be labeled a "super backer" with an ad banner and logo placement on

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