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My dad's first novel is complete but he needs funding help to get the book into stores. You can help make it happen! Read more

Skokie, IL Fiction
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My dad's first novel is complete but he needs funding help to get the book into stores. You can help make it happen!

Skokie, IL Fiction
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My dad has always loved to read. He likes mysteries and thrillers, and it is rare to find him without a novel in his hand. If there was ever a year when I didn't know what to get him for his birthday, Philip DeNapoli was never let down by a new batch of stories to keep his attention.

His dream for years has been to write his own fictional murder mystery. Several years ago, as he started to brainstorm and jot ideas down, he realized that this was definitely something he loved doing and set his mind to writing a full length novel. Using his childhood neighborhood and grade-school classmates as a basis, he began to pull together a truly engaging story.

Nearly four years later, delayed now and again by the typical curveballs that life likes to throw, he has put the finishing touches on the last chapter and his book has now gone off to the editor. Soon enough all of his hard work will be finalized and as soon as possible, sent off to the publisher for both hard copy and E-book editions.

This is where you come in! Initial publishing and marketing costs are a little out of reach at the moment. With your combined efforts, we can bring his dream to market and make a determined first-time writer very happy!

Any amount will be of enormous benefit and would be accepted with the utmost gratitude. I want to make this happen for my dad because he not only deserves it, but I think it will be an enjoyable read for a wide audience.

Thank you!

Jeff DeNapoli


How do you deal with a mother whose behavior fits the label 'sociopath'? What are the chances you’ll follow in her footsteps? Those are the questions that haunt Maggie Egan on the day she meets Rocco DeCullo—in a psychiatrist’s office. In spite of Rocco’s struggle with social anxiety, they rapidly cultivate a friendship that plunges them into the middle of a double murder. 

A teenage son came home to find the beaten and butchered bodies of his parents. Maggie knows the victims as former friends of her parents. Rocco knows the son. As their connections to the murders multiply, danger threatens. When a third murder occurs, Maggie’s mother becomes a person of interest. Her father is the prime suspect. 

As Maggie works to clear her father, Evanston police work feverishly to make sense of the few clues they have. With the assistance of Maggie, Rocco, and ABC TV investigative reporter Sandra Anderson, they add pieces to the puzzle, but will they find a solution? And will they find the answer soon enough? As each day goes by, a sea of contamination spreads, lives are ruined, and human leeches continue to prey on the innocent.


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