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Most of the Dungeons & Dragons artwork that I created during my time at TSR was destroyed. Let's bring it back!
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S3 Progress Report

Posted by Jeff Dee (Creator)

I have the prints in hand! Over the weekend I'll be double-checking to make sure the printer got everything right (which, to be honest, hasn't ever happened yet). Packing and shipping will commence as soon as possible!

-Jeff Dee

P.S: Artwork from my next TSR art re-creation project, the Melnibonean Deities & Demigods, has begun to appear on my DeviantArt page:

P.P.S: My new paleolithic/stonepunk RPG, "Cavemaster", is now available! PDF: Print Edition:

P.P.P.S: Please support my company's effort to convert our Quicksilver fantasy setting to the Pathfinder role-playing game system:


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