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Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
888 backers pledged $41,171 to help bring this project to life.

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Our first App Anniversary! (…And what we’ve been up to in development)


It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the app launch in iTunes! I’m just floored by all that’s happened so far and really psyched about the great things that are recently happening in the CTRL+Console Headquarters! (Headquarters = a co-working space, our homes, and a few choice coffee shops.)

It’s been an amazing experience, and we’ve come a long way since this Kickstarter began. I’m not going to lie, there is so much MORE we want to get done - but as many folks will vouch, making great things tends to take longer than planned and there are (often) surprises along the way.

The good news: Over 13,000 people have downloaded the app so far! We are making great progress on a lot of fronts and are building a company that I am proud to be a part of…one that has a very promising future and can help make a lot of peoples lives better. That’s what get’s me out of bed everyday: Knowing that this company has a heart and mission that fuels everything we create.

I know that we wouldn’t be where we are without your help and I really (REALLY) can’t thank you enough for your support. In fact, I will probably never stop thanking you for your part in making this project a reality!!

We’re definitely overdue for an update. Here’s the latest:


Things are looking good for a release on the Audio Mixer in the very near future! We’re in the testing and refining stage with this console. Along with handling the major tasks of an 8 channel mixing board, it’s wireless, ergonomics designed for touchscreens, and (honestly) is simply gorgeous. Here’s a preview. :)


  • The fast forward and rewind buttons have been integrated with a press and hold feature.
  • We are currently refining the bidirectional sync.
  • The “Foyer” assets and install instructions are good to go.
  • So, once testing is over we can go right to launch.
  • We’re looking for beta testers. We have a limited number of spots available, let us know if you would you like to be one of them! See below for more info.


We’re making real headway on the Lightroom Sorter. It’s something I know many of you are interested in and we’re definitely getting closer to launching this in the app store. I can’t give a date yet, but we’re getting close. I’m excited about some of the “new powers” this console will give to creatives!


  • We’ve added more buttons since the prototype version to give you greater functionality when sorting - including color labels, full screen and rotation. I think you’ll dig the changes we’ve made.

  • Design: Intuitive design is key. The interaction design is progressing and will be turned over to a designer once it’s finalized.

  • We are currently hunting beta testers for the Lightroom Sorter!! There’s a limited number of spots available, let us know if you would you like to be one of them! See below for more info.


We are making progress on this console. As you know, Lightroom has been a tricky program for us to work with (terrible lag, and usability issues) and we’ve had to approach interaction protocols for this console in a MUCH more intensive way.


  • We’re diving deeply into Lightroom’s interface to identify ways to control the desired sliders. (It’s very complicated.)
  • The scripts to access and identify the controls have been created.
  • Testing multi-language capabilities.
  • Focusing on robust and stable build. This is important in both responsiveness and workflow capability. i.e.: That the console works when different windows or tabs are open.
  • Interface design - The design is progressing.


We know the app is crashing for some users and have integrated automatic crash reporting so that we can squash the bugs and make CTRL+Console better for everyone! 


Having our app run with international keyboard functionality opens up a lot more of the world to our consoles. We’re making headway on this and compatibility with QWERTZ AND AZERTY keyboards is being developed.


We're looking for a few intrepid folks to help us find bugs and work to resolve them. If you want to be one of them: Send us an email to and include the words “I’m your beta tester” in the subject line. 

Info we need from you: 

  • Which programs and version you use (Lightroom, Premiere, FCP 7, Audition (or other audio program)
  • How often you use it.       
  • Your experience level in each.      
  • Do you have a hardware audio console?


That’s the latest!

All the best,

Jeff and the CTRL+Console Team

Want to connect? Get social with CTRL+Console: On Twitter @ctrlconsole or like us on Facebook

Lightroom console update


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Amazing response! (and some new found bugs..)

It's 4:30am here in Colorado and I am so humbled by the response we've had so far. A large community of backers and new supporters shared the launch experience with me on facebook waiting impatiently for the app to roll out across the world. 

While many have installed the app and have had a great experience so far, we have found some critical bugs that I wanted to warn you about. 


  • Windows users will notice that some buttons cause unexpected Windows actions -Quicktime screen-size buttons causing device menu's to pop up and the Premiere Undo and Add Edit buttons executing other commands. While most of you have kindly been tolerant of it, it's just not acceptable to me so we found the bug and squashed it and have already submitted a new version of the app the Apple and are awaiting review and hoping for an expedited process. 
  • The other bug is a bit more nasty, but only affects the FCP 7 console. It is also sending out wrong commands for some people, but more importantly it is causing the app to crash! This is terrible and completely unacceptable. I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but it's something we're looking into and hope to have a fix soon. 
  • A more minor bug is for people using the AZERTY keyboard. Which can be temporarily fixed by switching to QWERTY for using the app. This is also something we're looking into. 

Ok. Those are big ones I wanted to let you know about ahead of time. I'm off to bed, thanks for all the words of support and kindness! I'm really excited to see what you guys make with it!

Hope you all can be patient while we work these things out (and sleep). And if you see someone post a question on facebook or twitter and you happen to know the answer, help them out!

Thanks everyone!