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Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
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    1. Jeff Chow Creator on January 3, 2016

      Hi Massimo! To activate the Lightroom Sorter, you'll just need to enter your hotmail email address into CTRL+Console settings (the gear icon) under where it says "Email Desktop Download." That should unlock the Sorter for you. Let me know if you need more assistance at! Enjoy!

    2. Massimo Lupo on December 31, 2015

      Hallo Jeff, I am very happy that you finally for your work and I am looking forward to test it, how can I activate Lightroom sorter I pledged for?

    3. Jeff Chow Creator on November 11, 2015

      Thanks Jorge! Really appreciate the kind words. Lightroom Sorter backers obviously do not need to pre-order the app. You will just need to enter your email address in the updated CTRL+Console app to unlock the Lr Sorter when it goes live.

    4. jorge on November 11, 2015

      Great to see the Lightroom sorter webpage has some updates and looks awesome.
      Any update for Lightroom Sorter Backers of the project.
      And Congrats on making your vision of an iPad workflow a reality.
      You and your team really knocked it out of the park for fit and finish of the software.

    5. Jeff Chow Creator on November 19, 2014

      @Andrew - We hear you. Exciting developments to happen next year!

      @David Can you follow these instructions ( and send us crash report to help us figure out what's going on?

    6. David Sanchez on November 10, 2014

      My app is crashing in iOS 8.2

    7. Andrew Cherry on June 24, 2014

      Even a Library control would be awesome. I could live without Develop for a while...

    8. Andrew Cherry on June 24, 2014

      Damn autocorrect. Lightroom.

    9. Andrew Cherry on June 24, 2014

      *points to Lightfoot*

    10. Jeff Chow Creator on May 17, 2014

      They did, but they still haven't solved the latency problem. There's about a 1/2 second between movement on the iPad and anything happening in Lightroom, which from my experience, isn't good enough.

    11. Nir Golan on May 8, 2014

      Seems like someone beat you to the light room console

    12. Nir Golan on April 8, 2014

      Make a beta tester and I'll love till the end of time. Can't wait for the light room console

    13. Jeff Chow Creator on April 8, 2014

      Hi Nir, Thanks for backing all the consoles! Until we have a new one coming down the pipeline, I don't have any other consoles to share, but the develop module presets will be coming your way in about a week and a half. It's actually a workflow that made me thin hard about how we were going to create our own, it's so good. With it, I'm editing photos faster and with more creativity - I hope you like it and that it shows some love your way.

    14. Nir Golan on April 8, 2014

      Hi Jeff. Just got your mail for the free app for the light room console backers. What about us who backed you up for all the consoles? Share some love our way too

    15. Jeff Chow Creator on April 1, 2014

      Hey Weston, thanks for reaching out.
      I know, it's been a while since we posted an update. I'm actually going to be sending out a message to all Kickstarter backers tomorrow about the Lightroom Console. Thanks for your patience!

    16. Weston Morris on April 1, 2014

      Any update on the lightroom console? Anything would be great...!

    17. Andrew Cherry on January 19, 2014

      Jeff, an update on Lightfoot?

    18. Jeff Chow Creator on December 7, 2013

      @Quinn All T-Shirts are now out the door and if they haven't arrived yet, should arrive in the next few days.

      As for everyone else regarding the Lightroom console - I haven't forgotten about you. (Really, I worry about this a lot) The system we were planning on implementing had too much latency. It just wasn't going to work when editing photos where you need to feel 'locked-in' and have direct control of the sliders. So we will be building a whole new backend to support Lightroom which is why it is taking so long. It's an immense amount of work and money to implement, much more than I had anticipated, but we will deliver. I was hoping to be out before Christmas, but the current schedule puts it into mid to late January. I know it sucks that it's taken so long, but we will get there and hopefully exceed your expectations. Thanks for sticking with me.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ben Johnson on November 23, 2013

      Yeah, I'm waiting on Lightroom as well. Feeling a bit like a second-class citizen here...

    20. Andrew Cherry on November 23, 2013

      I'm currently hacking something with Roccat PowerGrid while waiting for the promised Lightroom support. Update?

    21. Missing avatar

      on November 18, 2013

      + 1 @ Bobby. I have not used the CTRL+Console since it is released. I have been waiting for Lightroom console. @Jeff: Please give us update.

    22. Quinn Brown on November 16, 2013

      It's been 2 months since the T-Shirts apparently arrived and we haven't received them yet. Update?

    23. Bobby Alcott
      on November 13, 2013

      Jeff, I don't mean to be impatient; this has been a very cool project and I'm happy to have been a backer. However, I know I'm not the only backer who supported this project primarily for the Lightroom console. I've sent you unanswered messages, and I see posts on here that really kinda blow off the request for a development update. We can all understand that there are difficulties -- hell, if it was easy, we'd all try it ourselves. That's why we're counting on you to deliver on the product you advertised.
      So, if you would -- would you kindly provide a real update on the status of the LR console? If it happens to be that you believe the end goal to be unattainable, I can live with that - and I'm sure you would honor a return of funding in such a case. Of course, I'm sure the photographers that backed you as I did are pulling for you - as I am - and would rather see something instead of nothing.
      Please do let us know, ok? THANK YOU for your time and effort and ingenuity, regardless.

    24. brady Williams on November 4, 2013

      Any Updates on Lightroom???

    25. Jeff Chow Creator on September 23, 2013

      @Andrew Lightroom is a tricky one. Development of the plugin and having it be as responsive as using the mouse on the sliders has been difficult.

      @Quinn T-shirts are in! I have two large boxes of soft organic tees with Design #2 to get out. We're starting on the mailing process this week!

      @Miko iPhone FCP controller has been significantly delayed. Turned out creating an app with both iPad and iPhone compatibility is rather difficult and requires a lot of time. Which is a bummer! I'd really like to have the app on my phone too! If this doesn't work for you or you would like a refund, send me a message.

    26. Miko Meloni on September 21, 2013

      Any update about iPhone FCP controller?

    27. Quinn Brown on September 19, 2013

      Any updates for those of us who backed with the intention of getting a t-shirt? Haven't heard anything regarding which design won and when we expect to receive them?

    28. Andrew Cherry on September 19, 2013

      Hi Jeff - any update on Lightroom support? There have been no comments for a few months, and I just would like to know how things are going.

    29. Jeff Chow Creator on July 31, 2013

      @Wicky - Thanks for following up with me. It's been, well, busy. And exciting! Will send you a direct message where I can more easily keep track of it.
      @Irawan - No ETA on Lightroom yet. I want to make sure what we have released is stable, but will soon turn our attention back to Lightroom! And yes, it will support Lightroom 5!
      @Kevin - Added you to the database and you should be all set!

    30. Missing avatar

      Wicky Yuen on July 30, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      I know you are very busy even the apps has been released but would you spend me a little time to advise on my below queries? Thanks in advance.

      (( I own both iPad and iPad mini, then I first installed the CTRL+Console in iPad mini and fill in my email address... etc then my reward console are enabled....

      However, thereafter I install the apps in my iPad and found none of the Console can be used all of them are require to pay, please advise if the apps is limited to only install on 1 device? ))

    31. Missing avatar

      on July 28, 2013

      So, when will it support Lightroom ? Will it support Lightroom 5 ?

    32. Kevin Calleau on July 25, 2013

      Hi Jeff. I didn't know about the backer survey until today, since I stopped reading the full emails a long time ago, receiving too many of them. So I filled in the backer survey and downloaded the app, any idea on how or when I'll be able to unlock my console ? Thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      Wicky Yuen on July 25, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      I own both iPad and iPad mini, then I first installed the CTRL+Console in iPad mini and fill in my email address... etc then my reward console are enabled....

      However, thereafter I install the apps in my iPad and found none of the Console can be used all of them are require to pay, please advise if the apps is limited to only install on 1 device?

    34. Jeff Chow Creator on July 24, 2013

      Hey Benjamin! Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for the iPhone version. We really needed to focus on getting the iPad app out, and had to push iPhone compatibility along the way. The app will eventually become universal and work on both devices, but it might be a while. If there's something that I can do just send me a message and let me know.

    35. Benjamin Tracy on July 24, 2013

      Hey Jeff! I'm sure you've answered this in some update at some point, but I can't find the info anywhere: when will the iPhone app be released? All I see is the iPad app...

    36. Missing avatar

      Steve Kahn on July 23, 2013

      So.... Where is the app?....

    37. Jeff Chow Creator on July 19, 2013

      @James I appreciate your support, and I'd also appreciate if you kept your non-constructive comments to yourself. Letting you all know the status of the app is really the point of updates. It'll be out soon.

    38. Jeff Chow Creator on July 19, 2013

      @Eddie @Callum: The process will be revealed shortly. We've made the process as painless as possible.

      @Steve: Many backers found the map interesting and said so in the comment on the update. But if that's not your thing - hey, that's your choice. Sending out the survey multiple times was to ensure that we didn't miss anyone and seemed like better use of our time to focus on the app rather than taking the time to set up a database that would automatically filter out those who has already submitted. If it was spam to you, sorry about that. Good things, done right take time. If I could have done it faster I would have - you're not the only one waiting for this to go live!

    39. JamesNYC on July 19, 2013

      LESS Surveys.
      LESS useless emails.
      LESS Excuses.
      Finish what you started.

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Kahn on July 14, 2013

      It seems to me that you have a lot of excuses. I'm not sure that anyone cares about your love of mapping. You spent a lot of time sending out multiple surveys to people who already answered your survey. Hope you feel better, but this has really been taking a long time. I guess that's the price we pay for Kickstarter projects

    41. Callum Masson on July 6, 2013

      The process for accessing the consoles isn't clear to me - I believe I have completed the survey - has there been any posting or information provided on how this will operate?

    42. Eddie on July 2, 2013

      question....filled out the survey but haven't received any notification regarding the app. Is it available for download yet?

    43. Jeff Chow Creator on July 1, 2013

      Hi Wicky,

      We will be submitting to Apple any day now! Not too much longer!

    44. Missing avatar

      Wicky Yuen on June 30, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      May I know where are we now on this project status?!

    45. Jeff Chow Creator on June 12, 2013

      @Robertus~ You did it correctly. The survey isn't really intended for the BYOP option, as those we will deal with separately. But we have your info for your $35 worth of consoles! Thanks,

    46. Robertus on June 12, 2013

      I pledged 135,- and have made my choice already about the console and editing console.

      But I don't see anything about the 100,- "build your own prototype" or have I missed something ?

    47. Jeff Chow Creator on June 12, 2013

      Hi Alexander~
      Congrats on the new toy! We are definitely compatible on the iPad mini. And we actually JUST started setting up a support site for forums, FAQs, help with whatever. You can start with emails to


    48. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schuster on June 12, 2013

      so, I bought an iPad mini about... 2 minutes ago. This will work just fine on that correct? i figure button sizes will be smaller, so the gestures would probably be most handy...but wanted to double check. Also, do you guys plan on creating a suggestions site or survey or voting system for future controllers?

    49. Jeff Chow Creator on June 11, 2013

      Hey Jake~ We would LOVE to get DaVinci Resolve on the lineup. Right now the issue is convincing Blackmagic that it would be worth their time, etc, since we would need support and access, etc. So once we have launched and have a minute to breathe, we are thinking about creating a petition to send them. We are confident that if we can show them interest from a strong number of users, that they would be on board! We will definitely keep everyone posted.

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