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CTRL+Console: creativity unleashed's video poster

Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Read more

Boulder, CO Design
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This project was successfully funded on November 29, 2012.

Take control of Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Boulder, CO Design
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Jeff Chow
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Jeff Chow

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About this project    @CTRLconsole

Concerned about having to look down at your iPad to hit the buttons? Me too. That's why I've created a system of gestures that allow you to keep your eye on your video and not on the interface. Details in 'Gestures' below.

Where's the Lightroom / Audio / Davinci Resolve demo? See Update #2

Why such a large goal? Good design and development cost a pretty penny, plus Kickstarter/Amazon/Apple take a hefty 38% cut. See the FAQ for a full breakdown.

"It's not often something comes around that's a game changer - this is one of those times." - Rich Henrich, Writer, Producer, Director Film 4 Change

"Although it’s still a prototype, the application is hoping to sidestep the clunky keyboard shortcuts often needed to edit video, by using touchscreens instead. It brings the control right to your mobile device, while synced with the software on your computer." - Eric Larson, Mashable Tech

"Wow, I WANT IT!" - Amy Marquis, Associate Editor at National Parks Conservation Association

"Technologist Jeff Chow is aiming to introduce a game-changing application into the non-linear video editing marketplace. As video editors, we’ve adapted to using keyboards (and shortcuts) to do our work. Jeff makes an interesting point saying that keyboards were meant for typing, not editing. The implications it could have on how we edit video are substantial." - Danny Greer,

Here's what you can do to make CTRL+Console a reality: 

Step 1: Watch video 
Step 2: Be excited
Step 3: Tell your friends
Step 4: Pledge

Keyboards were designed for typing. Why do we use them for video editing?

CTRL+Console allows you to skip memorizing shortcuts and immediately start editing faster and easier in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere. 

The Consoles:

  • Video Transport Console for FCP & Premiere (iPhone/iPod/iPad)    $5
  • Audio fader Console for FCP & Audition (iPhone/iPod/iPad)    $5
  • Lightroom sorter (iPhone/iPod/iPad)    $5
  • Lightroom Develop Console (iPad/iPad mini) $20
  • Video Editing Console for FCP & Premiere (iPad/iPad mini)    $30
  • (How do I pledge for the consoles I want? See 'Pledges' below)


  • Designed for Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Gestures for media-focused editing (See 'Gestures')
  • Full transport controls
  • Zero perceivable delay
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity to your laptop or desktop
  • More features than $3000 hardware editing consoles
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Fast and responsive. Your trims, cuts, and dissolves all happen as fast as you can dream them up.
  • Ergonomic. We've spent months on the layout designing it for intuitive editing and ease-of-use. Arranged by task, all the actions you need are right there at your fingertips. No, literally. You use your fingertips.  
  • Forget shortcuts! Remember CTRL+Console. Premiere and Final Cut each have nearly 20 pages of shortcuts. Skip constantly pulling up the shortcut list and wasting money on jelly overlays and dedicated keyboards that become useless with every software update. Get straight to editing with your iPhone and iPad. 
  • The editing console for everyone. Professional editing consoles cost from $3,000 - $20,000. For $35 you get the same control with features the console makers could only dream of!
  • Quick and easy connections. iPhone and iPad connect over Wi-Fi to your computer. Works great at home, in your editing suite or on the go. Multiple connections allow you to use your iPhone and iPad simultaneously!

Gestures for video editing:

UX (user experience) is my top priority. As an editor myself, I know that keeping your eyes on the video is not just important, but THE POINT of a good interface. This is where gestures, haptic and audio feedback become important. Here's where the pros can increase their editing speed and is largely where the funds go and why I am creating CTRL+Console.

Two-finger -> one finger slide = Jog 
Two-finger slide left and right = Shuttle 
Two-finger then tap L or R = Nudge 
Two-finger tap = Play/Pause 
Two-finger swipe L&R = Jump to cut 
Three-finger swipe L&R = Beginning and end


Two-finger swipe down = In 
Two-finger swipe down and hold = Clear In
Two-finger swipe up = Out 
Two-finger swipe up and hold = Clear Out
Three-finger swipe down = Insert 
Three-finger swipe down then up = Overwrite 
One-finger swipe from top edge = Mark/Cue

Pinch to zoom = Zoom timeline 
Slide from left edge = Select Source window 
Slide from right edge = Select Timeline window

This way beginners get the intuitiveness of point and click, and pros get the speed and ergonomics from learning the gestures. Editor/comedian Jason Chong has been using BetterTouchTool to integrate gestures into his workflow. We are combining gestures with a touchscreen interface to make something truly special.


Graphic Pack

Where the money goes:


Design isn't just pretty colors and textures, it's the whole experience. Months of late-night sketches and prototypes have gone into planning and designing an app that is simple to use and powerful at the same time. We start out by deeply analyzing the workflows of editors to pick the commands/buttons/features that matter most and can make editing faster and more fluid. Because if it isn't better, faster, more intuitive, we're not happy. After picking the commands, we turn our attention to the precise layout and ergonomics of the buttons to ensure that buttons are exactly where you think they are and minimizes extraneous movement that enables faster control. Gestures are dreamt up and analyzed for intuitive no-look operation, connectivity to the PC is made as simple as selecting your computer, and every other facet is designed and optimized. And only then do we make it look pretty. We strive to make complex tasks simple. This is the primary goal.


I need to bring in the big guns to build CTRL+Console with the features and quality you expect from an app designed for professionals. I'm partnering with experts in design and development that will make this the best and most intuitive tool for creatives anywhere. What you are funding isn't just an 'app', but a software package. In addition to what you download on your iPhone/iPod/iPad we also must develop the connectivity protocol that minimizes latency and assures reliability plus the (free) software that resides on your Mac/PC for the app to connect to and executes the commands FCP/Premiere/Lightroom understands. It will take time and it will take money to do it right. 


Not only is good design and development expensive, Apple will take 30% of the funds on top of the 8% that goes to Kickstarter and Amazon (for payment processing). The only way to distribute the app is through the App Store like normal and while this makes it easy for you, it also means Apple gets their cut of every app-based pledge here on Kickstarter. This means that just $21,000 of the goal is available, and goes straight to my developers and designers (only $1 goes to me). Your support is very important to making this happen. Further breakdown in the FAQ's.


I have put together the prototype below through a mashup of technologies. To add in all the features of a professional tool we are recreating it from scratch with the performance and ergonomics that will allow you to tell your story with speed and ease.

Designed and developed in Boulder, CO and in Munich, Germany. 

Production schedule:


There is a growing trend on Kickstarter to over promise and under deliver, the opposite of making people happy. We like happy people and want to set goals and timelines that you can rely on. And that's what we've done. 


Consoles for video editing are only the beginning! Contact us to talk about creating custom consoles for your program! Games, 3D, open-source... Let's begin the UI revolution together!


"Super Magic Hats - By Myself" from Bad Panda Records 

Risks and challenges

I've partnered with experienced developers and designers who have gone through this process and produced apps and software for multiple fortune 500 companies. As this is my first app, I will be drawing upon the hard-won experience of my partners to make a reliable piece of software.

As the team-leader/founder I am a self-taught hacker with an education in engineering and leadership that will bring this to fruition. I have spent many months carefully narrowing the scope of the project to be achievable considering time, cost and existing technology constraints.

I've hiked 2100 miles over 10 months when prior to that the longest I had been out was 3 days. I know what it means take on a new challenge and be in it for the long haul. It means putting one foot in front of the other each and every day until one day you look behind you and you've accomplished something great.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We will be distributing CTRL+Console through the App Store just like any other.

    The entirety of the fundraising goal goes directly to making CTRL+Console a reality with zero profit. I do this because I believe crowd-funding's power is in making things happen, not padding pockets. I want to be transparent with where you money goes and explain why an app costs as much as it does. Here's the breakdown: Kickstarter/Amazon fees, design, development, rewards, incidentals and getting you the app.

    Building CTRL+Console: $35,000 - 2,800 - 700 - 16,000 - 5,000 = $10,500

    Distributing CTRL+Console: $10,500 - 35,000 + 24,500 = $0 <-- End of Kickstarter

    If we reach our goal, Kickstarter and Amazon will take their 5% and 3% respectively - costing ~$2,800. I've already spent money to get us this far on design mock-ups and other help, which adds up to around $700. From there we build the app and I hire my designers and developers. High-quality design and development doesn't come cheap. While I do as much of it myself that I can, by partnering with others I can make a better quality app, faster. Development will cost $16k and design another $5k.

    Once it's built, then comes time to fulfill your rewards, which is mainly the app (ignoring t-shirts/stickers for simplicity). This is the distribution challenge for any Kickstarter raising money for a paid app. I have to get you a copy of CTRL+Console when it is built and ready in the App Store. For the sake of easy math, let's say I have to distribute 1000 copies of CTRL+Console to you. Because Apple wants all iOS apps to be distributed through the App Store, it severely limits alternate methods. Developers receive 50 promo codes and 100 ad-hoc slots. The 50 promo codes are per update and designed for exactly what it says, promotional purposes, but can't be applied to in-app purchases as the consoles within CTRL+Console will be sold. That makes promo codes a no-go. Ad-hoc distribution is designed for beta testers/internal testing and requires getting IMEI numbers and following a somewhat complex install method. A developer account gets 100 of these per account, specifically for testing on devices including his/her own. This is also not a great experience for the end user with a 1 year limit and without the ability to use it on multiple iDevices. Also a no-go for end-users.

    So how do we get the apps and in-app purchases to you? It seems the only way is to literally give you your money back so that you can buy it yourself through the App Store. We will likely do this through PayPal. With 1000 copies of the app to send you (the rewards of your pledge) at the full App Store price ($5 for transport, $35 for transport and editing) that will add up to around $35,000. I temporarily give you, my backers, $35,000 collectively, putting me $23,800 in the red (ie. negative) before Apple takes their 30% cut and I finally receive the remaining $24,500 resulting in a zero net gain. At this point, the Kickstarter project is complete.

    What is not included are the cost of filing the provisional patent, a Macbook for demo purposes, the costs of setting up a business, my time or many other extraneous costs that were necessary to get this far. These costs are not insignificant, and an investment as well as my personal vote of confidence in the future of CTRL+Console.

    There you have it! If you know of an alternate method of distribution, feel free to share!

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  • Yes you can! Just click "Back this Project" like normal and enter $7 per sticker and/or $35 for each shirt, click the Pledge $2+ reward level and continue to the next step. We'll sort out the sizes and quantity at the end through the Kickstarter survey.

    Existing backers can add on a sticker for $5 or t-shirt for $25 as thanks for your extended support!

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  • My vision is for CTRL+Console to be on every platform available simply because I believe everyone should have access to tools that enhance creativity. But supporting other OS's increases development costs and it is important to me to not promise something I'm not sure I can deliver. I hear you and will turn my attention to Android and Windows 8 support as soon as is possible.

    Last updated:
  • I truly believe nearly all programs could benefit from a custom interface. Not just for filmmaking, but design and photography, 3D modeling and animation, even productivity and games. But you have to start somewhere and we are initially focusing on filmmaking and photography consoles. The starting lineup is pretty fixed as I don't want to promise you the moon when all I can deliver is a few shiny rocks.

    That being said, I have heard your desire for Davinci Resolve and Avid MC consoles loud and clear. With other requests for Photoshop, Illustrator and Aperture coming in as well. Once we get off the ground, I'll get to those ASAP.

    Speaking of shiny rocks - each console I make goes through an extremely thorough design process that ensures that they provide real utility and simplicity. Workflows are analyzed. Layouts, functions and interactions are optimized to find that right blend of elegance, simplicity and utility. This isn't just buttons on an iPad. These consoles provide a whole new level of interaction with your favorite piece of software and deserve our full attention.

    Most importantly, I hear you and I want to continue to hear what you think the next console should be. So keep sending in those requests!

    Last updated:
  • What you see in the video is a prototype using existing apps and software - not created by me. I used them in unconventional ways to work the way they do. It's clunky and isn't the best user experience. CTRL+Console takes the concept and recreates it as a cohesive package that makes it easier, faster and more reliable. We are developing and designing it from the ground up for editors/filmmakers/photographers like you. That is where the funds go.

    Last updated:
  • Thanks for caring. We are indeed patent pending.

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  • Q: I am a filmmaker and just want the video editing consoles for iPhone and iPad. Which level do I pledge at?

    A: The $35 CTRL+Console plus Editing Console for iPad. This is equivalent to adding the 'Video Transport Console' (aka Base App) and the 'Video Editing Console' in the Console list. Q: I am a photographer and just want the Lightroom consoles. How do I do that?

    A: Select the Mix&Match pledge level, and pledge $25. ($5 Lightroom Sorter + $20 Lightroom Develop Console)

    Q: I want them all! How much do I pledge?

    A: $65 by clicking on the Mix&Match pledge level.

    Q: I want the Build Your Own Prototype (BYOP) and CTRL+Console when it comes out. How do I do that?

    A: Select the BYOP pledge level and add on the amount of the consoles you want. (Ex. $100 BYOP + $5 Video Transport Console + $30 Video Editing Console)

    Q: Can I add on a snazzy sticker or super soft t-shirt to my pledge?

    A: Of course you can. Just throw in another $5 for the sticker or $25 for a kickin' T.
    Q: Why is it so confusing?

    A: Fixed reward descriptions and adding new consoles in the middle of the campaign made a bit of a mess. My apologies!

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  • The best source of news and information is on our facebook page -

    Or follow us on twitter @CTRLconsole

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    Support Creativity! - Show your support, join the revolution and get the I AM A STORYTELLER digital wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad and PC. Want the sticker or shirt, but not a video editor? See the FAQ's.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    CTRL+Console app - Turn your iPhone into a wireless jog wheel for Final Cut & Premiere! Gives you full transport controls for when J, K, L, just don't cut it.

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    MIX & MATCH - The choice is yours. Pick the consoles you want, add them up and pledge that amount (we will distribute a survey at the end where you note your choice). *requires at least one $5 console - Video Transport Console, Lightroom sorter, etc.

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    STICKER Early Bird Special - All the above plus our high-quality limited edition Storyteller sticker to plaster on your gear.

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    CTRL+Console plus Editing Console for iPad - Designed for professionals, easy enough for everyone. Skip the years it takes to learn keyboard shortcuts and tell the story you've been dreaming of.

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    I AM A STORYTELLER T-shirt Early Bird Special - Get the editing console for iPad + our swank t-shirt. Super soft American Apparel tees in guys and girls cuts. +AllTheAbove

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    I AM A STORYTELLER T-shirt - Get the editing console for iPad + our swank t-shirt. Super soft American Apparel tees in guys and girls cuts. +AllTheAbove

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    Signed T-shirt and a video thank you to be broadcast to the world. +AllTheAbove

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    BUILD YOUR OWN PROTOTYPE - I made the prototype using a mashup of existing apps and software, now you can too. You get the functionality of all the prototypes seen here and the ability to create your own consoles. Pledge at this level and get the apps and licenses, consoles and presets, and the instructions to make your own. And do it much sooner than the release of CTRL+Console.

    Estimated delivery:
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    One 4 You, One 4 CHARITY - Nonprofits, above all else, need to tell their story in engaging ways. Both you and a charity of your choice get CTRL+Console plus a signed t-shirt for you and a 30 minute chat on effective storytelling for them. Add $15 for international shipping.

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    THE INNER CIRCLE - Early access to the beta app plus make sure your feedback is heard in monthly hangouts where we talk about designing the best editing console ever, ever, ever... +AllTheAbove

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    PERSONAL PROTOTYPE - Have software that you desperately need a console for? Deadlines looming and inefficient workflows? I'll make one for you.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    WEEKEND CHALLENGE - We will fly you and a friend out to Boulder, CO where we create a short film in a weekend. Can include a one night backpacking trip - I work for BACKPACKER, what else do you expect? US only. +AllTheAbove

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    CHARITY PROMO VIDEO - We want to give back and do good in this world. You do too. Give your favorite non-profit a promo video that'll help tell their story. Pledge and we will fly out and produce a 5 minute promo. Message us with your intended charity.

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