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Blending of art photography + photojournalism. Compelling lives drawn from crisis, conflict and war in Haiti, Afghanistan, Juarez, more

As many of you know, I didn’t set out to go to life-threatening places with a camera, with any sort of plan. I was content to help artists create albums and getting music out into the world.  

The business of music had stresses, but helping artists get the right kind of mustard delivered to their hotel room is not the same stress as being inside a city under siege with suicide bombers or drug cartels. (not that I ever really had artists with mustard problems).     

At some point in late 2008, for reasons I don’t fully understand myself, I just started doing it during lulls in development of Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, ROME, etc.

I photographed unrest in Haiti, war in Afghanistan, bloody insurgency along the Thai/Malay border, drug cartel terror in Juarez, Gypsy refugees, Brazilian’s illegal squatter communities, and more.

I only knew I wanted to go and bring back images that would help better explain the challenges lots of people face.  People who otherwise might not have an easy way of having a chance to have their voice heard.  Someone has to go to them, because they can’t leave.  

I’ve long been moved by photographers like James Nachtwey and Sebastiao Salgado, and the recent deaths of photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros makes me want to try even harder to provide images to fill the void.   Because If not them, who?

I intend to continue finding important issues in the world to spotlight, and bring back images and stories the highlight challenges we all they face in our lives, collectively, as human beings. 

The project I have on Kickstarter is the first of these projects.   

Thank you, 



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