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A cat scratching post, architecturally revolutionized to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye & irresistibly scratchable for cats

What is The Sky Scratcher?

The Sky Scratcher is a revolutionary, architectural spin on the cat scratching post.  Built from more than 125 corrugated cardboard die-cut pads, a bamboo plywood base and center pole, our goal is to use Eco-friendly materials that are both safe for your cats and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.  Not only will your feline friends enjoy scratching to their hearts content, you will also enjoy a high quality piece of art that will add a stylish accent to any room in your home or office! 

Renewable & Recycled

Using renewable and recycled materials in the construction of The Sky Scratcher - the environment and your cats will thank you!  Corrugated cardboard is inherently recycled in its make-up and manufacturing process.  We are currently lined up to source from California, but depending on the success of this Kickstarter project we’ll hopefully be able to find a local Portland manufacturer.

Using a die cut machine we precisely cut each piece at the cardboard manufacturer.  This allows the ‘waste’ from cutting to remain at the facility for recycling without transporting to our assembly facility and then having to be returned for re-processing. 

The base and center post are made from bamboo plywood.  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable wood products on Earth and our bamboo is grown in the USA!  After much research, we have partnered with a local Portland company who has started their own bamboo forest in Oregon with bamboo from Tennessee.  They are FSC certified and use no formaldehyde in the manufacturing of their plywood.

The Details

  •  Height = 37” from base to top
  • Tower Dimensions = 9” x 9”, bottom level
  • Base Dimensions = 11 7/8" x 11 7/8"
  • Weight = 14 lbs
  • 128 die-cut 'floors' of new cardboard pads
  • Ships fully assembled & ready to scratch!
  • Each cardboard pad is removable from the center post allowing you to replace pads that wear over time.  Each piece will be available from our website once this Kickstarter project is a success!

We need your help!

Not only do we need your help in supporting this Kickstarter project, we also need your help spreading the word to your family, friends and co-workers, fellow cat lovers, architecture or art lovers alike!  We also need your help telling local pet stores and furniture/interior design boutiques in your area that they need to sell The Sky Scratcher!  With the success of this Kickstarter project, we hope to spring board into the next phase which includes retail distribution.

Where do your backing dollars go?

First & foremost, the dies to cut the cardboard.  In order to make the exact dimensions for each floor, we need 4 different dies created.  Next, the cardboard.  For our initial order, we will need roughly 6,400 pieces of cardboard!  Then, the bamboo plywood.  Even though it's grown in the USA, it's not cheap.  A good chunk of the remainder will go to the development of our website, which we hope to launch as soon as this Kickstarter project is funded.  And the final portion, to marketing & getting the word out to more stores & retail outlets.

What’s next?

Not only do we hope to spring board into retail distribution with our first Sky Scratcher design, we hope to expand The Sky Scratcher line to include other city influences including [but not limited to] New York, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Montreal, London, Sydney & beyond!  As well as, create a line of Furrrniture [& no that’s not a type-o, that’s the company name that has spawned from this initial idea] that will abide by the same ideas and concepts of renewable/reusable/recycled products for you, and more importantly, your pets!

Great gift idea for the Holidays!

Although this Kickstarter campaign will end during the Holiday Seasons, the funding will not be distributed until 2012.  However, if we are successful, we will design a .PDF 'e-card' that you can easily download & give to the 'receiver'.  As soon as the Backer Rewards are ready to ship, we'll send it directly to their door step, if you wish.

Backer Rewards!

Hand Screen Printed Postcard

Actual size will be 4" x 6", hand screen printed, 2-color water-base Eco-friendly ink, on a recycled card stock.  Perfect for framing or to hang on the refrigerator.

Hand Screen Printed T-shirts

100% Cotton T-shirts, in either a Women's cut or a Men's/Unisex cut, your choice!  2-color print, with water-base Eco-friendly ink.

Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for your time, support & ability to make dreams come true!


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    Screen printed 'Thank You' Postcard. Coming from a screen printing background, I will hand print a postcard with original artwork reflecting your support & the success of this kickstarter project. The image to the left was one of the original ideas for a logo, which has now become the artwork for the postcard. Plus, the $1 reward!

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    A 2 oz. spray bottle of organic cat nip essential oil. A hit with most felines, this all natural spray will be personally infused & bottled right here in our home, with love. Plus, the $1 reward! And domestic shipping is FREE! [International Backers, please add $5 for shipping]

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