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Help increase early publicity and sales for an indie author's fantasy adventure novel by participating in a "Get 1/Give 1" campaign.
Help increase early publicity and sales for an indie author's fantasy adventure novel by participating in a "Get 1/Give 1" campaign.
52 backers pledged $1,701 to help bring this project to life.

Can you help me support Hadley Rille Books (my publisher)?

Hello beautiful backers of the "Ice Will Reveal Get 1/Give 1" project! It's been a long time since you've heard from me, but since you were all so kind as to support me for this project, I wanted to let you know about another funding campaign that might interest you and humbly ask for your help.

As you may remember, my publisher, Hadley Rille Books, is an independent small press that has done a terrific job over the last few years of publishing high-quality speculative fiction from diverse voices (like mine!). For the last 9 years, it has been run as mostly a heroic labor of love by its founder, Eric Reynolds, and a few volunteers—but now Hadley Rille is in one of those growth stages where it needs significant additional funding in order to get to the next level and get more books in front of more readers. A few other authors and I have jumped in to assist Eric in putting together an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help raise money so that Hadley Rille can publish and promote more great speculative fiction books. So I’m reaching out to people like you who I think might be interested in helping a spunky, high-quality, independent small press like Hadley Rille stay in business...and hopefully someday soon publish more of my books!

How can you help? Well, if you already believe the continued existence of independent small press publishing is important*, or simply enjoy quality speculative fiction that prioritizes new voices from women and other historically marginalized points of view and want some cool prizes (including Skype chats, critiquing and/or some unpublished fiction from me!), feel free to click here to go straight to the Indiegogo campaign and make a contribution.

More importantly though, I really need some help in spreading the word about this funding campaign. This kind of fundraising is called “crowdfunding” because it takes a crowd to make it happen (as opposed to a couple of institutional or wealthy patron donors). When you tell your friends about this project, that doubles or triples the amount of people that we can reach, and if even just one or two additional people that you tell support the project, all together that becomes the crowd needed for funding this project. So please, please, help me reach out to all the other people out there that you know, and ask them if they might be willing to support this project too. You can talk to people—especially other readers—about Hadley Rille and the Indiegogo campaign. You can link to the Indiegogo campaign page on Facebook or Twitter. You can tell all your friends that work in PR about the little indie press that could (what, you don’t have friends that work in PR? Well, maybe your friends do...). The campaign runs through the end of July, so you have about six weeks to tell everyone about it and keep reminding them. Research shows that it often takes at least three or four times of telling someone about something before they take action on what you told don’t give up!

Ok that’s it...thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for your help.



P.S. The full link to the Indiegogo page, in case you want to cut and paste and share it with others, is this:

*Why is small press important? We believe independent small presses provide a vital “middle way” between the faceless corporate machine of the big publishing houses and the gutsy if lonely jack-of-all-trades DIY attitude of self-publishing. We like to think that small press publishing is the way publishing really should be: collaborative with and respectful of authors, and focused on the goal of sharing quality stories in attractive packages that delight a diverse audience. If you agree, please help support us!

A Toast To You All, Plus A Launch Party and Reward Update

Hi beloved backers,

Last night was the launch party for Ice Will Reveal, and by all accounts it was a smashing success! 50 people braved the stormy weather to come hear me read and celebrate my new authorial status. Some of you were there, but most of you weren't, so let me give you a brief run down of how it went.

Overall, it was festive, affirming,  and full of love and excitement. After an initial half hour or so of mingling and sampling the delicious fancy hot cocoa (spiked with peppermint schnapps!) and sweet popcorn/pretzel nibblies, I did in fact toast you all, as promised: you can see the video of me doing so on YouTube by clicking here: Then I did a reading from Chapter 8 of the book (where Whisper and Jarrod come together for the first time in the book), ending on a great cliffhanger. Then I signed books while people mingled and had some champagne. Let me tell you, it was really fun and kind of mind-blowing to sit there and sign books for people, just like a Real Author! :)

Big thanks to Trevor Henley for the space and the photos, to Clare Molla for the seriously delicious fancy cocoa and sweet treats, and to Maya Bartolf for the gorgeous "ice" themed bouquets, and my mom Emily Dvorin for running the book sales table. And of course thanks to everyone who came out to support me!

And now for a reward update. In addition to toasting your name, I also put everyone's name on my website, which you can check out here: Most importantly, I'm finally starting to send out the books to you all. Yay! Those who got e-book rewards should have already received them; and since I finally got all the print copies yesterday, I'll be sending those out shortly too. Some of you already got your copies at the launch party--but for the rest of you: watch your mailbox! :)

If you are still feeling in a supportive mood after you read the book, I would love it if you could take a few minutes to leave a review of it on, or or anywhere else you prefer. Every little star or comment helps. ;)

Yours in deep appreciation and with heartfelt thanks,


P.S. This is the last post I'll be sending out through Kickstarter. If you're interested in following other news about the book or me as an author, please check my official Facebook page:

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Report from World Fantasy, and Launch Party Announcement

Hello folks,

Time for another quick update on what’s up with my soon-to-be-released-into-the-world fantasy novel, Ice Will Reveal. We are just three weeks away from its official release and things are, if you’ll pardon the pun, icing up all over!

Big news is that I just got back from the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, where the 100 advance reader copies you helped fund (thank you!) were distributed to attendees in their swag bags. Judging by the fact that none of the books ever stayed on the “swap” table for more than a few minutes (I only saw one there once, and believe me, I haunted that table every day), and by the fact that I had at least a dozen strangers come up and ask me to autograph the book during the convention’s author autograph session, people seemed to be excited about the book and wanting to read it. I also did two separate readings (with giveaways) for the book, to get people’s attention, and that seemed to work well too. All in all I got a terrific reaction and I can’t wait to hear what readers think of it!

I am now anxiously awaiting a delivery of the “real” books (the ones I gave away at World Fantasy were advance copies, and thus not quite finished because they were printed before final proofing) so that I can send them out to all you beloved backers. Once I get them in hand, I’ll be getting those sent out ASAP. I’ll also be getting some extra copies to have on hand for my launch party, for those folks who didn’t get a copy through Kickstarter (or who want to get another copy for a friend).

Speaking of launch party, we are officially confirmed for Thursday, 11/29 from 7 to 9 pm at the studios of Henley Photography in San Rafael. If you’re local, I hope you can come...and feel free to bring friends! I will start things off with a reading from the book and there will be food and drink, mingling and merriment. You can head on over to my Facebook author page ( for full details and to RSVP.

Ok, that’s it for now...thanks for continuing to share my excitement!


Get 1/Give 1 is a success! So now, a stretch goal...

Hi there dear supporters!

I’m thrilled to say that--thanks to all of you--I’ve met my initial goal for my "Get 1/Give 1" Kickstarter campaign, and the 100 extra books are being printed and readied for shipment to the World Fantasy Convention even as we speak! That is incredibly awesome and I am so grateful for all the support--it really does mean the world to me. :)

There are still a few days left in the campaign, though, so can you help me out by taking a moment to tell your friends about it one last time? Seriously, every little bit of "signal boost" helps. Because now that the initial goal has been met, I am pushing for a stretch goal of $1700 to help with additional marketing costs for launching this book. Those costs include printing extra books to give away to reviewers and libraries and as prizes for contests, printing promotional bookmarks, buying ad space on reader-focused websites such as Goodreads, and putting together a fabulous launch party.

Speaking of fabulous launch party...that leads me to my next update. I’m planning to host a celebratory launch party for Ice Will Reveal at a venue here in San Rafael on the evening of Thursday, November 29th. I hope any and all of you local folks will come! I will do a reading from the book and have additional copies available for purchase (because books make great holiday presents!), and of course I’ll sign books if anyone so desires. There will be food, drink, music and general merriment available as well. Keep an eye out for the official Evite with all the details, coming soon to an email inbox near you. :)

If you haven't already, you are also cordially invited to “like” my official author page on Facebook, which will also have all the launch party details as well as information on other upcoming authorial appearances or activities and sneak previews of the next book that I’m currently writing. You can get to that page by clicking here.

Ok, that’s it for now. Thanks for sharing my excitement with me!