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Making the phrase "fly your freak flag high" real by providing encouragement & art materials for people to make actual freak flags.

I need your help to bring the Fly Your Freak Flag High participatory flag-making art project to two separate events in 2012: Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA in May 2012 and Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada in August 2012.

What is Fly Your Freak Flag High?

Fly Your Freak Flag High (FYFFH) is a collaborative art project and social movement. The FYFFH project makes the phrase "fly your freak flag high" real by providing encouragement and a variety of art materials so that participants can make actual freak flags that represent their unique identities, and fly them proudly when and where they choose (online, at home, or even in public parades!) It also provides an online community where people share their freak flags, appreciate each other’s freak flags, get inspired and make connections between “freaks of a feather.” You can read the Freak Flag Manifesto here.

I created this project because I feel strongly that everyone has something freaky about them--everyone is special, different and unique in some way—and that our freaky bits are what make us powerful. The object of this project is to use humor and art to get people to stop being embarrassed or shy about our freaky bits and to reclaim the word "freak" as a compliment, not an insult. Making a flag and marching in a parade brings playful humor to a serious topic and allows participants to "reclaim shame" and embrace their own individuality in a non-threatening, creative way. You can check out pictures of some of the great freak flags people have made in the Gallery at the FYFFH website.

Why is the FYFFH project important?

The FYFFH project enables exploration and appreciation of our complex, multifaceted selves with the eventual goal of building a whole society (heck, a whole world) full of conscious, satisfied people. My theory: if we can fully appreciate our own selves, we can also appreciate others; and once we can appreciate others, we can start working together in an honest and powerful way to build the kind of world and the kind of future we all want to live in.

By encouraging people to participate in a hands-on, public art project with a humorous twist, I hope to raise consciousness and create a groundswell of appreciation that will change the way we treat ourselves and each other and therefore change the freaky flag at a time.

What is the funding needed for?

Your support will help me pay for:

  • flag materials (fabric and dowels)
  • art materials (paint, pens, scraps, buttons, beads, glitter, glue, stencils, etc)
  • marketing materials (signs, handouts, cards, etc)
  • volunteer rewards for the people who help me at events.

All of my own organizational, administrative and prep time is being donated to the project.

My goal is to come up with enough materials to let 1200 people (distributed across the two events) experience the joy and liberation of making freak flags and flying them high. If this project gets funded for more than the original amount, then even more than 1200 people will be able to participate! Spontaneous freak parades will be encouraged at both events. Participants will keep their flags after making them, and they will be invited to post a picture of their flag in our online gallery and connect with other freaks in the online FYFFH community.

Have you ever tried something like this before?

Why yes, thanks for asking. :) I’ve done two different test runs of this aspect of the project on a small scale, first at Burning Man in August 2011, and again at the North Bay Burning Man Decompression event in November 2011. For the two events, I created approximately 140 flag “blanks” with “FREAK” stenciled on them, gave them away, and encouraged recipients to personalize the flags with materials I brought with me. I received such overwhelmingly positive response from participants in both events that I decided to try to do it on a larger scale. You can read more about the details of both events at the FYFFH blog.

Come freak out with us!

I would really appreciate your help in bringing this fun and sneakily world-changing project to as many people as possible. And I want you to get involved too! For everyone who chips in $25 or more, I’ll send you your very own freak flag starter kit, so you can make your own freak flag and fly it high—and maybe even join us over at to show it off and connect with other freaks. There are a bunch of other fun rewards too, which you can peruse over on the side there.

Remember, though, that Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing: if I don’t get pledges for the entire amount (or more), I don’t get funded at all.

Thanks for considering giving your support to this project, and remember, whatever else you do, and however you do it:

Fly your freak flag high!


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    A warm fuzzy feeling and your name featured as a Sponsor Freak on a special thank you page on the FYFFH website.

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    All of the above + a thank you note written on a hand-embellished art card & a FYFFH sticker.

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    All of the above + a FYFFH freak flag making kit (includes “FREAK” stencil, dowel, flag material, 3 sharpies & instructions).

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    All of the above + your freak flag will get top billing in the Freak Flag Gallery on the FYFFH website.

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    All of the above + customized “FREAK” painting on a 12”x18” canvas (you tell me what kind of freak you are & I’ll use that as inspiration).

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