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Moonshot, a print magazine of the literary & fine arts, needs help to fund its 2011 season so it can keep supporting emerging writers.

Who are you strange cosmonauts?

Moonshot, a magazine of the literary and fine arts, was conceived in 2009 to provide an equal opportunity space for writers and artists based solely on the merits of their work. Our mission is to eliminate the social challenges of publishing–encouraging all types of writers and artists to submit their work in the pursuit of exposing their creations to a wider range of audiences. It is our goal to utilize traditional printing techniques as well as new technologies and media arts to feature voices from all over the globe. Moonshot celebrates storytelling of all forms, embraces the dissemination of media, and champions diverse creators to construct an innovative and original literary magazine.

So what's next?

With one issue under our astro belt, Moonshot needs your support to continue publishing writers and artists. The goal for our 2011 season is to publish two print issues and a bonus online issue. Our upcoming summer issue (Issue 2) will explore visual art and its relationship to writing, combining traditional narratives with comics, visual poetry, and visual fiction. Inspired by street art and graffiti culture, the design of the summer issue will include a laser-cut plastic stencil.

Our fall 2011 issue will be our first theme issue, exploring a history of literature and the arts in relation to magic, science, and the curiosities of the world.

Our first entirely online issue will challenge the idea of the literary magazine, combining new media, technology, writing, and the arts, to create a truly unique issue of Moonshot. As we create these upcoming issues, we will move towards producing an e-book version of the magazine, available in a variety of formats.

How does my contribution help?

Your generous donation will allow us to cover the expensive costs of creating a print magazine as well as support management costs (marketing, ISBN registration, website upkeep costs). We believe in crafting a personal and self-contained magazine that celebrates the book as a physical object. If we raise well over our goal, we hope to be able to release a USB flash drive version of our new media issue on top of our print issues.

So help pledge today! We'll be throwing lots of goodies your way, and you will be supporting a truly unique and exciting magazine.


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    Two awesome Moonshot stickers, and a PDF e-book of Issue 2--available this summer!

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    All of the above plus: A print copy of Issue 2, which includes a laser-cut Moonshot stencil, as well as acknowledgement on a special thank you page on our website.

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    All of the above plus: A screen-printed canvas tote bag (to keep your copy of Moonshot in!). This tote bag will change your life*. Also includes is an ADVANCED PDF of our Fall 2011 issue, which will be sent to you before the print issue hits the market. * Tote bag might not actually change your life.

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    All of the above plus: A one-year subscription to Moonshot (2 issues, will activate after Issue #2 from $15 reward tier, for a total of 3 issues) as well as a mini-poster featuring artwork from one of Moonshot's many contributors.

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    All of the above plus: A special hand-made thank-you card and gift basket from the staff of Moonshot, crafted just for you! Gift basket includes astronaut sundries, space mysteries, and a poem written in your honor.

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