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HEALTH FOR ALL: A film on health care alternatives in India's video poster

Health care in India isn't accessible to everyone. This has given rise to alternatives -- nonprofits that seek to bring health to all. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 13, 2011.

Health care in India isn't accessible to everyone. This has given rise to alternatives -- nonprofits that seek to bring health to all.

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Thanks to all of you, we've successfully reached our $2,000 goal. But we're not stopping there -- the more we raise, the more successful this film will be. Help us make it as great as possible!

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  • This will help us buy higher-quality sound equipment, as well as support some reserve funds for on-the-ground use and the overall distribution of the film.


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WE STOOD outside a padlocked, whitewashed government hospital on the outskirts of Naigaon, a remote village in rural India.

The building, about the size of a three-car garage, was small and box-shaped with barred windows and, by all appearances, abandoned. In an area where these state-run hospitals are plenty in number, they offer little to the people who live there. The building was empty.

"They've never seen a doctor here," said Jayesh, one of the staff members at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), a nongovernmental organization headquartered in nearby Jamkhed, where we were staying.

That was during a trip we made last year to work with the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India. Through the Periclean Scholars program at Elon University, we're attempting to create a feature-length movie that delves into the subject of health care in rural India. It's at once a piece about the country and its complexity, but it's also about health care troubles in the developing world. The deficiencies in government health services force organizations like CRHP to come in and teach villagers about sustainable health care.

The film looks into how the health care system in India has left people behind — and the alternatives that try to address this.

The goal is to make a 30- to 45-minute film that will follow three different organizations as they pursue this idea of health for all. One of the organizations is in rural Maharashtra, working with impoverished villagers; another is based in the slums of Bombay; and a third will be based in and around Delhi.

Health For All will encompass complicated issues like the rights of health care and role of nonprofits, while centering around one simple point: people in poverty don't have access to basic care.

It's worth noting here that we've done this before. Jack, our director, worked on a film called The Elephant in the Room, which can be seen here:

If you want to know more about the program we're working on this for, check out the video we made below:


The film will be shot between December 28 and January 28 -- these are the dates we'll be in the country. Postproduction will begin immediately and the project has a planned completion date of mid-April.


To understand the extent to which this is an issue in India; to track in-depth the alternatives that are offered, and understand the ways these models work; and finally to look at how these models could be implemented across an entire nation.


The importance of health for all. The struggle of NGOs to fill the shoes of a badly-executed government system. The cost of health care for villagers. The discrepancies of health care in India.


A domain name for the accompanying website. Transportation within India for 2 - 4 students, as we travel between Jamkhed, Bombay and Delhi. Memory cards, batteries, extra equipment. On the ground funds for various situations (chargers short out or something). Production of a photo book after the shooting. (To be produced with the Masterpiece Publishing Package on A magazine-style tabloid with portraits and bios on characters from the movie. Production and distribution of the movie: a special edition DVD. Various posters, screenings, etc. Rights to music for the soundtrack.


These videos were shot during our first trip to CRHP as a class. The ten hours of footage was originally supposed to be used to create a documentary about CRHP itself -- but it's shaped into Health for All.


  • Our goal with funding this film through Kickstarter is not just to raise money -- we want to spread the word about what we're doing and engage others in the project. This is an issue we're passionate about understanding and informing people on, and helping us isn't just limited to pledging.

    If you read through this page and find yourself taken by our project, we would really appreciate you passing the link on to as many people as you can -- the more people that know about this, the wider our reach can be.

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  • That organization we mention above, the Periclean Scholars at Elon University, is funding some aspects of the film, and we already have all our plane tickets booked -- all those expenses were about half of our $10,000 overall budget.

    In creating the Kickstarter page, we decided $2,000 was a good way to go because that was the amount that would ensure we make enough to actually create the film. But our hope is to make double that, if not more, so that we can have a safety net and expand our reach even more. You'll see us start to post information about what we need for different amounts.

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    Access to project updates and a weekly email from the shooting in India, with links to articles being written on the subject of public health care in the developing world (articles written by our team on the ground). This would also include a digital copy of the film, an accompanying photobook and a thank you on the official film website.

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