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Update #10

Health for All is live!


We're done!

It's been kind of a long trip here -- this project started almost two full years ago, with the help of all of you. But we're finally done.

You can watch "Health for All" at YouTube here:

And we redesigned our website, check it out!

I really can't thank all of you enough. This project would not have happened if you hadn't helped it get it off the ground. There's important stuff going on here, and hopefully we captured the spirit of it. But we wouldn't have anything to show if it weren't for all of you.

Also, I appreciate your patience. Since this was a college project and we were all trying to graduate, our timeline was quite off. But every one of you that I've spoken to these last two years has been incredibly supportive -- and that's been a huge help.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates soon about DVDs and those rewards -- we still have some amazing photos from our assistant director to work with.

Thank you again -- and please share, we'd love to get as many people as possible looking at this movie!


Update #9

New trailer & updates

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Hey team --

I just want to say first a huge thank you for your patience through this whole process. I know it's much later than anticipated, but that doesn't mean forgotten all of you and your generosity through this project. And don't worry, the payoff's coming soon.

So I spent this past week working on rewriting the script we have in place and reediting footage and such, and decided to get something online for you all to check out. Unlike the other video we had online, this one's a real trailer, with more relevant quotes and it's more focused on the storyline.

At this point, I'm thinking it will be the first in a series, the next few will focus on one specific organization for each (you know, like those themed Dark Knight posters, one's Bane, one's DK himself, one's Silena Kyle bering awesome...).

Anyway, enjoy this trailer and let us know what you think. I'd love to hear some feedback, since you all have a stake in this thing. And expect more soon.

Link here:

On an unrelated note, two of our awesome team members (Annie and Meagan), along with one of the people who was traveling with us during filming, were just funded for a project called Photovoice -- they'll be going back to India in the fall to do a different kind of documenting/storytelling. I'm sure they'd love it if you followed their progress.

Thanks again,

jack & the team

Update #8 - For backers only

Summer update


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Update #7

Sample footage


Hey, everyone:

I know I've sent out a link to this video before to you all, but I wanted to send a note and let you all know that we've hit a pretty major roadblock in the postproduction and we're going to have to push back our screening and completion dates by a month or two.

Part of this is due to the fact that everyone working on this project is still in college -- all in our final semesters, trying to finish up senior sem projects and such -- and while we had a good system going, we're going to need to take a little more time to make this movie as good as it can be.

That said, hopefully in the next week or so, we'll be releasing a real trailer. Until then, you can enjoy this:

Thanks again, and hopefully you're all having a great spring.

-- Jack Dodson

Update #6

Website's up and running:


Hey everyone --

Just wanted to post an update and let you all know that our website is up and running with some videos, the blog, information about the movie, and more. We'll be posting all new updates there, so be sure to check it out.

And we'll definitely appreciate any feedback you have, so don't be shy. If you want us to write about anything in particular, definitely let us know.

As a side note: we're in the thick of writing and editing at the moment, so hopefully soon enough we'll have a real teaser and trailer for you all. Once we do, we'll post that here so you all get emails about it.

So you know, we've expanded our team quite a bit since returning from India. We now have 3 art majors working on the logo and posters, a music major scoring the film, an iMedia student working on motion graphics, extra video editors, multiple translators, and we're working on finding someone to do post-production audio mixing for us. So that's all pretty exciting.

Anyway, that's it for now. Take care, and thank you again for your awesome support. It looks like this thing is actually happening, so be sure to stick with us.


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