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£3,919 pledged of £12,000 goal
£3,919 pledged of £12,000 goal

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    1. Kelson

      No worries about the campaign relaunch. Looking forward to the relaunch being hugely successful!

    2. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Kelson - We totally agree. The upgraded dice have that lustrous look that kind-of speaks more of swirling patterns of energy and just look more pro.
      @Jennifer - we originally had the 4 aliens on the splash page image but everyone apparently prefers seeing the box and the dice.

      So we will post a new splash page image for you all as an update shortly - please let us know what you think!

    3. Jennifer Wilson on

      I also hope we unlock the improved dice - they appear more jewel-toned and fit the game much better, I think. TBH, I find the primary-colored dice as shown on the splash page kind of cheesy and I wonder if this game would be getting more love if the image of the dice was replaced with examples of the art (which so far is magnificent!)...?

    4. Bahnmor

      New logo looks good!

    5. Kelson

      Hoping we unlock the improved dice SG! I'm not a fan of white dice (something about them being the generic dice used in every game I played growing up, probably), and am looking forward to translucent dice instead.

    6. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      OK we will do the Zylryne next...

    7. Seasonedcampaigner on

      Yeah would second the post below. Loved the first artwork released btw. Sucker for a well-turned tentacle....

    8. Bahnmor

      I'd go with Zylryne, personally.

    9. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      Q to you all: Which is your favorite Shaman race? Which would you like to see as an energy totem next?

    10. Bahnmor

      Really looking forward to seeing more artwork for my favourite shaman.

    11. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Seasonedcampaigner - We do indeed have a plan to explore the universe and mythos of these alien cultures in a future big box game. There might even... (ahem) be miniatures on the horizon for it too.

    12. Seasonedcampaigner on

      Past the 3K mark, so plenty of time for this to be funded.
      All the contents look good quality and the artwork is just phenomenal. Worth backing just to see how the mythos evolves, as it's clearly been given some careful creative thought.

    13. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Bahnmor - thx. People seem to prefer seeing the box. Hope it pushes us up the kickstarter rankings a bit. Yes, the printed dice have been incredibly hard wearing to be fair but the engraved just have that edge.

    14. Bahnmor

      Headline looks good.
      Love that the dice have been improved.

    15. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Mugtog & Mr Moore - Thx. We've also changed the first couple of paragraphs of the campaign page, hoping to catch people's attention better.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mugtog on

      Yarp, new headline is better.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Moore on

      The new headline is better.

      Also, I agree with Kelson - the engraved dice are most welcome.

    18. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Kelson - absolutely and we are also in discussion with Chessex :-)

      Q for you all: Is the new headline image for the campaign better or worse than the original?

    19. Kelson

      Hooray! Engraved dice. Very nice upgrade. :)

    20. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Bradleykins - thx very much; and if we shout you can almost hear us say it :-)

    21. Bradleykins

      Good Luck guys.

    22. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Bahnmor - ah yes, that was before the totem expansion that we are including for FREE. Makes for a much more thinky risk-versus-reward game.
      @Adam - thx dude. Yes, the element dice just look so swish!!

    23. Adam Meney on

      Looks fab BadCat!! Good Luck with the campaign. Agree with Bahnmor, really hoping for the dice upgrade stretch goal. Shiny!!

    24. Bahnmor

      Best of luck with the project. I've played several iterations during the development, and it has improved each time.
      I regret not being able to make it to the most recent test, but can't wait to see the results.
      Hopefully the stretch goals will be reached. The fancier dice are definitely worth it for adding to the feel of the game.

    25. BadCat Games 2-time creator on

      @Trystan - nice one :-)
      @Ryan - yes, our manufacturer produces some of the finest production games in the industry so they know what will work best to make the game look as awesome as possible.
      @Richard - plugtastic dude thx

    26. We're Not Wizards

      If you want to hear Justin's boardgame history and him talk about Elemenz. We had a chat with him http://werenotwizards.podbean.com/e/work-in-progress-keep-out-of-the-elemenz-you-bad-cat-justin-morgan-davies-bad-cat-games/

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan Zecman

      Hope this gets funded! Looks awesome and the stretch goals plus the social ones are great. They will really improve the overall production feel of the game if we can reach them.

    28. Trystan Alexander Knight on

      Well look at that. First backer. Cool!