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That night, Bill Fong embarked down a path of bowling perfection. Strike, a short documentary, tells the tale.

UPDATE: STRIKE!!!! We made the goal! Thanks so much for your generous support. If you're just visiting this page for the first time, welcome! I still need your support to get a great soundtrack and professional sound design. Let's make it to $3000!

Hi, I’m Joey Daoud, and thanks for checking out my Kickstarter project! My goal is to make a stylish and exciting short documentary about Bill Fong’s legendary bowling streak and its aftermath.

After reading Mike Mooney's article about Bill, I thought the story was too great for it not to be a movie. It was not just about bowling. It was about a universal human experience: wanting to achieve success or perfection and the obstacles and sacrifices that come with trying to do so. Also, I love bowling, which may have had some weight in my decision to make a bowling documentary. I even played on a team in high school, and still own my shoes and custom ball!

As I am a completely independent filmmaker, I’m going to need your support to make Strike a reality. I not only need people who can back the project (though I do need backers), but if you can’t help financially, I also need people who are willing to spread the word about the film and Bill Fong. Together we can make Strike an original, beautiful, and inspiring piece of visual storytelling!

The Story

Bill Fong is probably better than any bowler you know, but he is still far from his dream of reaching the pros. He takes his passion, or what some might call an obsession, very seriously. Bill studies bowling books, plays 20 games a week, is part of four active leagues, and even knows the characteristics of each of the 48 lanes at his regular bowling alley. His style is described by his fellow bowlers/friends as robotic. Though despite all of Bill’s strives towards perfection, he has yet to achieve any real success in bowling or anything else for that matter.

However, one seemingly ordinary night all of that could change for this underdog. Fong begins to get strike after strike. Eventually he has not just bowled one perfect game, but two. By his third game there is a cautiously supportive crowd surrounding Bill. Both the crowd and Bill know he is only a few frames away from achieving a perfect series: three consecutive games of all strikes equaling a score of 900. Any player who hits the lanes often enough can bowl a 300, but there have only been 21 certified 900s in bowling history. A perfect series could be just the thing to launch Bill into the pros. So close to his goal, will Bill’s human flaws end up undermining his robotic nature, ruining his immaculate bowling streak, or will he be able to get the perfect score?

Read Bill Fong's full story by Mike Mooney (if you want to experience the ending as a surprise when watching the film, then DON'T read this): 

D Magazine | The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever

The Film

The vision for the film is to create a stylish retelling of the story, told through first person interviews by the people that were there.

Production is already underway. The road trip to Plano, TX has started, and everyone is lined up to be interviewed in early August.

What's the money for?

I have gear, I have wheels, and I have a passion to make this film. However, I don't have all the gear (and crew) I would ideally need.

I'd like to bring on an ace cinematographer for the shoot to really make the film’s look unique.

I also need to rent some special equipment to get awesome bowling shots. Think The Big Lebowski (how could you make a bowling film and not reference it?), when they follow the ball all the way down the alley to the pins. That takes some specialized camera support.

In addition, I want to rent the Sony NEX-FS700, a brand new camera that enables high speed filming without breaking the budget. This gets those amazing, slow motion shots, which I feel would truly add to the drama and style of the film.

However, most of the money is needed to finish the film for tasks I can't do myself. A great score, professional sound design, and sharp color timing are the big three.

Who Am I?

I’m an independent, documentary filmmaker and founder of Coffee and Celluloid Productions. My most recent projects include the short film Space Miami (featured on Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and The Atlantic) and the award winning, feature length documentary, Bots High (featured on The Huffington Post, Wired, and indieWire).

To learn more about my past projects, or to keep up with what I’m currently working on check out: and 

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