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A short film about a lost angel trying to stop time, save love, start it all over... trying to make the world again.

A short film about a lost angel trying to stop time, save love, start it all over... trying to make the world again. Read more
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John M. Campbell
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Le Monde À Refaire is the title, based off of a concept for a song from A24-13. This is a Parisian band fronted by Johan Czerneski. Thus, this piece will have it's own darkly emotional and fully original score. It will be an international collaboration between the U.S., France and the Czech Republic, where the film will be shot. Loosely translated, Le Monde À Refaire means "to make the world again." Our hero, this angel, is trapped between worlds, between a reality with love and one without. He tries to set it right, to start it over, to do it all again. All artists try to re-make the world. It is the mission of art to question, to try, to change. This film is art. It is a labour of love. There is no sales pitch at the end. There is no financial gain for anyone, except the crew that get their day rates. There is no "selling" this piece. There will be a shorter version which the song will be scored to and that version will serve as a beautiful music video for A24-13. There will be a longer version, a director's cut, which will be the crown piece, the artwork proper.


Our hero is an angel in black suit, loose tie, open coat. He looks lost, forlorn, resigned. We see him in various spots around the city: walking down the street, on the tram, in the metro, staring out across the multitudes of everyday people.

Now our angel is sitting at a cafe having a glass of wine. He spins a coin, round and round, again and again, never satisfied with the result. The coin spins off the table, and he bends down to retrieve it. When he comes back up, a box has been placed on his table. The box is wooden, old and intricate in detail. He opens the box curiously and pulls out a pocket watch. The time is 2 minutes to midnight. He jumps out of his chair, the table is knocked over, the glass of wine falls. We see a close-up of the glass falling in slow-motion...

He is running now, through the city. Down the streets, through the metro, along the river...

A few feathers begin to fall to the ground, in slow-motion.

The glass of wine is still falling to the floor.

He runs, on and one until he finds her. She is waiting for him outside the city, in a secluded spot. The sun is setting.

She has a similar pocket watch in her hand. The time is firmly stopped at midnight. She looks lost, frozen.

He approaches her, eyes wild and out of breath. He puts his hands on each side of her face. When he touches her, the wine glass stops falling, suspended in mid-air. The feathers stop falling... everything pauses.

Time stops.

He is pleading with her, trying to open her eyes, to make her see how they can make the world again...

But in the end, she pulls away. They break contact. At that moment, his watch clicks over the last second... it is midnight. We see her watch begins from midnight. His time is over, her time begins. The wine crashes into a million glass shards. The feathers fall and blow away.

She backs away.

He is left, alone.

The very last shot is another person sitting at the cafe and she receives a box... inside is a pocket watch...


We have shot some tests in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. It is the perfect backdrop for this crazed angel in a suit and the lost love he chases after. The tests are successful. The footage glows. With these tests we have been able to capture the interest of others who wish to work on it and see it come to life... but it ain't gonna be cheap...

- Production Crew - in order to assure that we give this story the treatment it deserves, we need to make sure we have the best people at each position.  We have a solid network of freelancers, but those freelancers need to get paid!

- Equipment - We must shoot it on something, otherwise it's nothing. We could maybe just draw a picture. But it wouldn't be the same. Without the proper camera and lighting equipment, this story will not get the look it deserves.

- Locations - It's extremely important to film Le Monde À Refaire in just the right places. Some of those locations will be in public areas of Prague: the streets, the metro, the trams... this can require permits and clearances. This can be costly. There will also be travel costs involved.

- Post-production - editing, motion graphics, and possibly some vfx are all in the plan. But these processes will also require industry professionals to put it all together. While there is a lot of love out there, everyone needs to eat!


On a personal note, this piece means a great deal to me. I am an American, living in Prague for the last 10 years. I am in the process of relocating back to the states. It is possibly my final piece that I will create in the Czech Republic, as my own life is between worlds, between realities. I have poured my heart into this concept and I have given every ounce of my energy to get it to this stage. I have slaved over every step of the pre-production. I built these giant angel wings myself, placing each feather by hand. I have drawn the storyboards. I have collected the crew. I have scouted the locations. I have planned the shooting schedules. I have written the story. Now it grows beyond me, beyond what one person can do. Now it's time for the concept to become reality... in one shape or another. Now I turn to you.


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