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This educational coloring book features 45 inspiring global women who have changed the world in all areas of life from art to politics.

I really want to publish this great book!  Women Coloring The World will make a great addition to any classroom for Women's history month, or as a great resource for your child to learn and create.  I tried to keep the text simple and the image fun to color.  Each spread includes an original drawing of an inspiring woman, brief information about the woman written in first person, a highlighted achievement and an enlightening quote.  

I created an older version of this book five years ago when I was in college but I no longer have college funding for the production of the book.  Every drawing is brand new so even if you have the outdated version please get this copy as well!

Once these funds are reached I will have the seed money to begin production.  I want to buy 500 books to sell to different organizations.  I plan to reach out to the Girl Scouts and the National Organization of Women among other groups.  Of the 500 I will donate 100 to schools in need.  I am open to suggestions as to where to donate the books but I have some places in mind in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  In addition to the actual printing of the books I need to pay to get the book copyrighted with the Library of Congress and for the fees for any venues I wish to try to sell the books through.

Eventually I would like to make a series of educational coloring books with the next book focusing on children who have made a difference.  (example: Alex from Alex's lemonade stand)

Please help me get this book printed and distributed!  Thank you!!


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