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$93,632 pledged of $75,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$93,632 pledged of $75,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator about 1 hour ago

      @Claire holla' at those cases :) We've been noodling on some designs to fit an expanding collection of Blinks... details on that progress will follow the KS. As for dev-kits, Kickstarter pricing is the earliest of early birds, so it is the best pricing. We'll follow the campaign with backer-kit pre-orders, however pricing typically goes up after the Kickstarter campaign.

    2. Missing avatar

      claire bradley about 2 hours ago

      Will do when in goes live Jonathan. Mainly cos I want the sexy case! Will there be a 6 and a 12 blink version do you know? Also money is a little tight atm, will it be possible to get a dev kit later if wanted?

    3. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator about 2 hours ago

      @Claire Thanks for the tips, that's cool and didn't know how to boost the rating that way. Also, Blinks will be on Product Hunt within 24 hrs, if you can upvote the page here: we'll show our love with move38 swag :)

    4. Missing avatar

      claire bradley about 2 hours ago

      If we can boost the rating on kicktraq it may help to draw in some superbackers. Just go to the blinks page and click the green "visit project" button.

    5. francois nguyen 1 day ago

      Haplo: Jonathan wrote on feb 16
      "As for the pricing, we are offering Blinks for below retail pricing, and that pricing is calculated to be effectively $10/Blink(+game) The slight oddity of being a dollar more expensive for the 12-pack is just an artifact of of rounding that pricing to the closest 9"
      I agree they could probably have decided on $59 and $118 and avoid the questions.

    6. Haplo 2 days ago

      Hello, I'm really excited about this game but i don't understand why is 1$ much expensive to bought "blinks social pack" than to bought 2 "blink" ?

    7. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @francois, sounds like you should definitely join the dev community, we'll hit the ground running with hardware to ship out and we've already started building out the forum to bring all of the great ideas for games and other experiments with Blinks to the table. Since we are particularly fond of the dev community, we'll be sure to make the transition from dev Blinks to consumer Blinks as easy as possible.

    8. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Doug the easiest way to do that is to add the amount for the other reward you want to your pledge. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, there will be a clear place to specify the rewards you ordered. i.e. if you'd like 2 social packs, simple add and additional $119 to your pledge.

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Kea 2 days ago

      I’ve backed one reward and would like to back another different one. How can I do this?

    10. francois nguyen 2 days ago

      I find it hard to wait until next march...

      How can i convert my early bird pledge of 12 tiles next year into 6 dev tiles in june and 6 next march?

    11. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Francois, I love the idea of them in an escape room, they are a perfect fit and you can try out all sorts of interesting puzzles with Blinks. I've found even the simplest ones I program are a good challenge to a newcomer :)

    12. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Francois, As you have found, we have listed a couple of programmers that we recommend and will ship along with Dev-Kits. Blinks will always remain reprogrammable, the dev-kits provide early access and all of the tools necessary to develop for Blinks.

    13. francois nguyen 2 days ago

      I have found the info on the programmer needed at : 1x AVR ISP MKII programmer (or Pocket AVR, AKA USBtinyISP)

      I am still not sure whether the regular blinks will be reprogrammable or if only those from the dev kits are reprogrammable. Please confirm.


    14. francois nguyen 2 days ago

      Hi Jonathan.

      I backed the early bird 2 pack.

      If, later on, I want to create games, will I be able to program these or are the ones with the dev kit the only ones that can be programmed/reprogrammed?

      What kind of programming tool do i need? (amazon link?) From what I understand, software is available for free. I have some experience with arduino programming.

      I think these blinks would feel at home as a puzzle in an escape room!


    15. Kelson
      6 days ago

      Well, look at that - the storage bag idea was considered and improved upon! Look at that stylish case - very nice indeed. I'm really liking the quality of this campaign and can't wait to play Blinks!

    16. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 16

      @Kelson love the storage bag idea, we have some other ideas for an expandable travel case option as well, so we are definitely eager to give you a way to bring your Blinks everywhere. Check the latest update btw, If you haven't already to see what I've been carrying mine in :)

      @Michael Yes, adding the cost of a dev kit and double the shipping works perfectly. We'll be using BackerKit to manage pledges, so the separation of rewards will be clear after the campaign as well.

      @Mathias We can definitely attest to kids of all ages being quite enamored by Blinks... their game strategy is still up for debate :) We've also seen parent/child duos design some wonderful games and the API makes Blinks a wonderful tool to learn and grow with.

      @Claire Yes, I'll add this to the main campaign page too, but here it is for you now Happy to help you through getting started, but I think our docs give you a nice head start.

    17. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on March 16

      Is there a link to the full api reference list available now? Ideally with some example code. I'm very new to coding so would be good to play around with it first before possibly pledging for the dev kit.

    18. Mathias Rossie on March 14

      I think my 4 year old will love this! When this arrives in Belgium, he will be 5. I even believe that my wife will enjoy this also. She likes the Simon says colour game.

    19. Missing avatar

      on March 10

      Love Kelson’s idea

    20. Michael Twomey
      on March 10

      This looks so awesome! I've backed the early bird social pack and I'd love to get my hands on the dev kit. I'm based in Ireland, if I add on the cost of the dev kit and double the shipping will that cover it?

    21. Missing avatar

      Sophie, Tara and Laura on March 10

      Congratulations Jonathan! Thinking Blinks will encourage a certain 11 year old to progress her coding skills - Thanks!

    22. Kelson
      on March 9

      I'm so happy this funded and am really happy with the developer responses! I agree that a KS edition Blinks storage bag would be an awesome stretch goal, if possible.

    23. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 7

      Hi @Grant, @Will, @Claire, first of all, so excited that you are all excited to make your own games on Blinks, I am biased, but find this to be the best part as well. In short, Blinks have storage for the game they own and the storage for the game they are playing. If you are developing your own games for Blinks, you can write your game to a single Blink, then transmit that game to neighboring Blinks. Writing the game permanently into that Blink (i.e. using the ISP) will write over the game on that Blink, (kind of like recording over a VHS). Our current library of games will remain open source, Fracture and Mortals are perfect examples of this, and so they can easily be rewritten as need be. In the foreseeable future with designers/developers wanting to keep some of their games closed source, we recommend not permanently rewriting that Blink, just share your game with it so it can play along. Additionally, we’ll make “Blink blanks” available for development or spare pieces and instead of a label for the game it has on it, it will have a sticker like a mix-tape :) I don't know of any other product that does this kind of magic, letting "smart" devices retrain each other, and I think the experience feels quite magical.

    24. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 6

      Thanks @Grant We've been running battery tests with the latest dev-kits, letting them run through the nights and recording the performance. I've had the latest Blinks with me for multiple events and prototyping in house without changing the batteries for 4 months. The drain on Blinks when not in use is negligible and battery performance is dependent on the game... In my latest tests, Blinks will provide over 50 hours of gameplay (think of that as 100 - 200 sessions of Fracture or 1000 battles in Mortals)... In short, we are working some magic with these batteries.

    25. Missing avatar

      Will C
      on March 6

      If I were to get the Blinks 6-Pack or 12-Pack, would I still be able to develop my own games (assuming I have an ISP Programmer)? If so, I'm assuming that would overwrite the game that's already on the device. Is there a way I can restore the original game on the device?

      For example, I develop my own game and I store it on the blink that has "Mortals" on it. Now I want to put Mortals back onto that blink device.

    26. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on March 6

      Congrats on the 100% guys.
      Would love to see a nice ks edition bag/storage option for a stretch goal.hint hint. 😊
      Also same question as Grant about switching out our own games with the main ones.

    27. Grant Jarvis on March 6

      Battery duration happy and congrats to being funded. I've always wanted a game with simple rules that the whole family can join in. Thanks for bringing blinks to life.

    28. Grant Jarvis on March 6

      Can I reset blinks to retrieve it's original game, if I added my program to it. How long does the batteries last before replacing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Malinowski on March 5

      Thumbs up. Congratulations for having this project already fully founded. Can't wait to grab those blinking little ones :)

    30. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 5

      @Brenda!!! WOOOOAHHH YEAH!!! looks like it is time for us to get our next update out :)

    31. Brenda Davis on March 5

      Congratulations Jonathan! Fully funded! Well Done!

    32. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 2

      Hi Matt, we'd love to welcome you to the dev community. Here's a link to dev-kit welcome document (, so you can get a head-start. We'll also be adding a forum for our dev community, for now, the best place to reach us is right here :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Anderson on March 2

      I am interested in developing for the blinks platform. I purchased a dev-kit, but I haven't found a link to the dev community or API reference. Is that available yet, or will that be released later?

    34. John
      on March 1

      Sweet deal, thanks :)

    35. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on March 1

      @John yes, we’ll ship to APO addresses. We’ll use USPS in this case so it should be handled just like the others.

    36. John
      on March 1

      Do you ship to APO addresses?

    37. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 27

      @Greg Thanks for reaching out. Within the US, this shouldn't be a problem, if you are backing for both dev and production sets. International shipping is what becomes most difficult. Seeing that you are in the US, feel free to simply increase your pledge by the pledge amount and we'll cover the secondary shipping and happily welcome you to the dev community as well :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston
      on February 25

      Am I correct in expecting that adding a production set to a dev pack will double up the shipping cost since they’ll be sent later/separately?

    39. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 23

      @Nick, Of Course! The dev-kits will be using the exact same electronics as the consumer version, so yes, you will be able to use your dev-kit to create games for the consumer version. A couple of aspects to be aware of is that the enclosure will surely have some modifications as we design for manufacturing (DFM), meaning that the materials and magnet strengths won't match... but communications-wise, yes they should be happy. Lastly, it is our intent that commercial Blinks remain open and accessible for programming, just one more way to start your own Blinks black market. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Nick on February 23

      @Jonathan Thanks so much for the prompt and detailed response! One last question. Will the dev-kit Blinks be able to communicate with the consumer versions? Basically would you be able to use a dev-kit Blink as an adapter to share custom games with a consumer set?

    41. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 23

      @Nick the build quality of the dev-kit will lack the kind of polish that are achievable with manufacturing processes like injection molding. Similarly the diffusers are a part that we are working hard to make affordable solutions for at low quantity, but we feel this is not in the critical dev path, however very important to the shipping product. We are currently using Shapeways Nylon SLS prints for the bases and hand assembling the Dev-Kits with Neodymium magnets in our studio. I am biased, but I think the feel of the dev boards are wonderful, but the process is expensive, so it simply isn't commercially viable to use the same processes for larger quantities.

    42. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 23

      @Nick looking forward to having you in the Blinks game dev community! That's been a shockingly common question, so I went ahead and added a tier. You can get your hands on 12 Dev-Kit Blinks by backing at that tier now (wonderfully not double the cost cuz you don't need 2 sets of dev-tools)

    43. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 23

      Hi @Claire, great question. Games are preloaded on Blinks. There will be the 6 "launch titles" Mortals and Fracture being the first two, the next four we are so excited to announce each week for the rest of the campaign. The variety of games on the initial 6 Blinks will allow for a variety of game types and gameplay (the next one isn't limited to any number of players, let's just say we had a lot of fun at the bar last night play-testing). For simplicity sake, Blinks will ship with the same 6-12 games. Games launched afterwards will be available for purchase on a single Blink, thereby expanding your collection, and capabilities.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nick on February 23

      Also how will the build-quality vary between the dev-kit Blinks and the commercial release ones?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nick on February 23

      Really love the the potential of this project and am eager to play with the dev kit...but I also want 12 Blinks. How should I setup/modify my pledge?

    46. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on February 23

      I get the cartridge idea but how do we add games to an "empty" blink when new games get released? Or are you saying there will be 12 or more games available when its dispatch time and they will sent pre loaded based on our choices? And games launched afterwards will need to be purchased on a new blink?

    47. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 22

      Hi @Dustin the consumer release of Blinks allows for each Blink to act like a game-cartridge, and share that game with the connected Blinks. This way, six Blinks, six games. The same tech that allows Blinks to be "social" in gameplay allows them to share games. To trigger this transition of games, think of it as a secret handshake, that puts a Blink into share this game mode.

      Hi @Daniel, simply add an additional $59 to your order, we'll see it on the backend and know to ship you a full 12-pack.

    48. Daniel Weitz
      on February 22

      I have pledged for the Early Bird 6 pack ($49). I would like to upgrade to a 12 pack, but not lose my discount advice?

    49. Missing avatar

      Dustin Horn on February 22

      How does the non-dev consumer add/switch games out on their blinks?

    50. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on February 19

      @Kaitlin Great thoughts! Those games are perfect inspiration for some great games on Blinks.

      @Brian Blinks have the ability to share the game they know (i.e. put the game into temporary memory on all of the Blinks it is connected to). When a new game is published, the new game will be released on a new Blink, growing both your library as well as the game board. For developers, they can simply share source code online and load each others games, but the consumer version requires no need for any additional hardware.

      @Erik great point, seem to be getting more and more requests for additional Blinks. If you would like to receive a 4x pack, pledge in the Social Pack tier but simply add and additional $119 for each extra Social Pack you'd like. Down the road, we definitely plan to offer spare Blinks, but trying to keep it as straight forward as possible for our initial release.

      Hi @Cory, let me know if the response to @Brian covers it :)

      @Maurizio Yes! I'll go into more detail on this in the updates, it simply depends on what game you are playing. While both Mortals and Fracture are balanced better to certain numbers of Blinks, other games that we'll be releasing decouple the idea of players having specific Blinks on their team. I should note that both Mortals and Fracture do not allow for a 4 player game with 6 Blinks, but other games for Blinks surely will.

      @Kåre Exactly! The bottom of the Blink seen briefly in the video, contains game artwork noting the title of the game as well as the recommended or minimum # of Blinks. Another common request has been labels to differentiate your Blinks from my Blinks, so we plan to leave a little space on that label for you to add your initials :)

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