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Board games with pieces that respond to your touch, react to one another, and think for themselves.
Board games with pieces that respond to your touch, react to one another, and think for themselves.
Board games with pieces that respond to your touch, react to one another, and think for themselves.
1,135 backers pledged $137,493 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris M. on

      Nice :)
      I have this feeling...
      When MIT is kooking it has to be fusion cuisine :D

    2. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Chris, you are in luck, the kitchen is cookin' a tasty update :)

    3. Chris M. on

      Is there going to be fresh update?
      I am kind of hungry for news regarding this project :) cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kem Mason on

      I really enjoyed the last update, including the video portion -- would love to see more videos :)

    5. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the good push for updates, more coming for sure, but feels good to get the ball rolling. The trickiest part is wanting to share everything, and knowing only so much fits in an update. Excited to have more content to share and to be speaking directly with you all! Also, would you like more of a peak into the Move38 studio? I am considering more frequent video updates.

    6. Kelson

      Fantastic! Thank you and I'll include that in my survey response as well - just in case. Thanks! Really looking forward to playing Blinks.

    7. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Kelson happy to treat your backing as a Social Pack. It's now noted here and makes for a good item to add when our surveys go out as well :)

    8. Kelson

      Thank you for the update! As someone who purchased an early bird 6-pack and added on another 6-pack, will that be treated as a Social Pack? Essentially, that's what I wanted to purchase, but didn't want to miss out on the available early bird pricing. Thanks!

    9. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Kim, absolutely right, we use IR for communications, more details around development here:

      @Kelson, 6 games will ship with 6 Blinks, as each Blink will be responsible for knowing a game that it can share with neighboring Blinks. The Social Pack, 12 Blinks set will come with up to 12 games. It is quite possible, if not likely that some of those games could come from games created by dev-kit backers.

      @Jonathan @Astroplayer We'll be sending an update soon to keep everyone in the loop. It has been an incredibly productive month with lots to share. As for a survey, some that will arrive mid-may for Developers and later for the production Blinks, closer to when we are ready to ship. (We do this to avoid having mailing addresses change) Ooooh so much to share, okay, this is great motivation to edit my running draft and get it posted :)

    10. Astroplayer on

      Just echoing @Jonathan Smith. Creator can you give us an update on a survey and/or PM?

    11. Jonathan Smith on

      Has a survey been sent out for Blinks yet?

    12. Kelson

      Question: how many games will ship with 1 set of 6 blinks? Same question with 2 sets (12 blinks total)?


    13. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      Nevermind, found a picture of the hardware, looks like it is IR.

    14. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      Hi Jonathan
      I'm looking into the idea of incorporating the Blinks into an escape room senario, and I will probably need it to comunicate with my Arduino, but short of reading through the source code, I can't find any information on how the Blinks actually comunicate with each other. Is it just infrared comunication or is it something more fancy?

    15. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      Thanks @Rick! Looking forward to having you join the community. Note that Blinks are still available for pre-order here, the early orders will get in with the Kickstarter rewards.

    16. Rick Sheahan on

      Hey there, I'm the long winded nerd from PH that you gave a link to the WIP dev docs - I just got a contract for work so I regret not getting a dev kit now haha. But I am already planning out what I could make with whats possible, and also how to complicate things by hooking it up to other code stuff and automations. The consensus "game-sharing" mechanism already has me thinking about Insect-like AI sims / toyboxes that I could do in addition to actual game games :)
      congrats on the kickstarter success and the great project!

    17. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      Thanks @mipf, @BarryBuc, and @Kelson We couldn't have done this campaign without you!

    18. Kelson

      I'm alson one who was an early bird backer that upped my pledge bye $59 for another 6-pack. I didn't find out about the extra $4 shipping until after the campaign ended, so I haven't added that yet - but hopefully can do so in the pledge manager or via other arrangements later.

      Congratulations on a very successful campaign! Really looking forward to playing Blinks!

    19. BarryBuc

      Like Bane63, I'm an early bird backer that's upped my pledge to $120 Rio get 12 blinks with 12 games.

    20. Missing avatar

      mipf on

      Thank you, Jonathan! That is what I wanted to know.
      I'm happy about the success of Blinks :-)

    21. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @mipf, pardon my delay, you've been such a wonderful supporter from the start. Part of the delay has been a bit of perfectionism on the dev-kits, but I am looking forward to sharing with you. The current version of the dev-kits look like this, with a hint image of some new dev-kit parts in process ->…

      This will definitely be content for updates in the coming weeks. When we had ~ 20 dev-kit backers, the solutions are a little different from the now >100 dev-kit recipients, so we've already started the work to produce those dev kits :) Thanks for messaging, didn't forget you on the boards... also, we'll be opening up a forum soon, progress on dev-kits, dev-tools will be shared there for feedback as well

    22. Missing avatar

      mipf on

      Why didn't you post photos from developer kit in an update, as you announced in the chat during your Kickstarter live event? For some reason you also did not answer my comment from day before yesterday.
      Just wanted to state, that that is a pity :-(

    23. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Robert the play test video posted is an earlier version of Blinks and the game as well. Fracture can be played well with 12 Blinks and expands gracefully when bringing more sets to the table.

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      Hey get product. I am a new backer for the 6 pack. I have a question about the game “Fracture” the video shows this game with 15 tiles but the larger reward is only 12. What is the minimum number needed 12 or 15?

    25. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Bane63 that works just fine, since they will be shipping together, the shipping on a Social pack is USA-> $12, CA -> $15, Everywhere Else -> $30. So simply add $59 for the extra Blinks, and $4 for the extra shipping. I believe that totals an even $120. Thanks for checking!

    26. Missing avatar

      Bane63 on

      Hey Jonathan, I read in an earlier comment about adding $59 to the early bird 6 pack to get an extra 6 and still get the 12 games. Is there extra shipping for 6 more or is adding $59 to the early bird pledge of $49 plus $8 shipping for a total of $116 enough?

    27. Nudge on

      Oops! Sorry sorry for the misspelling! My bad! Happy Birthday JONATHAN!

    28. Nudge on

      Finally pledged for the 12 Blink set! Especially looking forward to playing this with my bright but ADHD affected grandson! This will be a perfect fit for him and his ways of learning! Happy birthday Johnathon, and thanks for pouring out your heart and mind on this one!

    29. Missing avatar


      @Jonathan Thanks. I have been through the github. I also grabbed the devkit examples from your dropbox site. The only game in there is Mortals, so I am hoping to see the others in the future :-)

      Other than Mortals and Fracture, do you have any others you want to tantalize us with? :-)

      Also, I am curious, have you tried implementing any classic board games? Othello/Reversi seems like it might be doable with Blinks, but you would need a lot of blinks to make it interesting.

    30. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Dc I've been putting together a Discourse forum and will be inviting backers within weeks of the Kickstarter campaign ending. Sample games are already on Github, but that will also be getting extra attention after the campaign. Looking forward to sharing all of the games we are working on so you can see just how the games are made. Fracture for example is surprisingly simple, you'll get a kick out of seeing it made :)

    31. Missing avatar


      Do you have an idea when the user forum you mentioned will be available? Also, will you be releasing the full code for the all the sample games? I downloaded what was on the move38 site, but there is not a lot there. The example code that is there is helpful, but it would be great to see the full code for a game like fracture now that I have seen the play through video.

    32. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      Hi @sparky! Adding to your pledge makes sure they go right into the first batch of Blinks we order. You’ll be able to manage the pledge in our pledge manager after as well, but Kickstarter prices are always the best.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sparky on

      Hi Jonathan,
      I’ve backed for the 12 blinks developer kit but I am looking at the 6 or 12 final version options as well. Should I just add extra to my pledge now or will there be an option for developers to get the final version in the pledge manager or later?
      Cheers and happy birthday mate.

    34. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on

      Happy Birthday Jonathan!

    35. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Candide! Great to see you here. Can't wait to see the magical things you cook up with your Blinks :)

    36. Missing avatar

      mipf on

      Hi Jonathan,
      still hope to see the dev kit in high res pics, so I can decide if I go for it or not. Maybe until final version of blinks, there will be an improved dev kit as well?

    37. Missing avatar

      candide on

      Hi Jonathan, This time I didn't forget to pledge :)
      Hello from the magician in grenoble (MIT Hackathon ;) ) Waiting for this to use it at work hack games to provides values in team, long life to serious gaming :)
      I believe this will be a success in workshop and meetings
      NB:Ahhhhh March :)

    38. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @M. White, I should really bite my tongue about this, but keep your fingers crossed, all of our estimates suggest sooner :)

    39. Missing avatar

      M. White

      Backed... now for the hard part of waiting a year to play.

    40. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      Hi @Kim, so glad to have you aboard and a big welcome to the Blinks Dev community! (more for that soon) I would recommend getting the Developer 12 pack as you'll get to explore making games with that constraint as well as play-test all of the other open-source games in development from day one. Additionally, we will be giving our early dev community an easy way to transition to the "gold master" Blinks. As for magnet strength, that is simply one of many variables that will each be fine tuned for manufacturing, and I have already found that mixing magnet strengths can really affect gameplay, a lot of my mechanics involve pluck and place. Luckily, that won't be a problem for you :)

    41. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Kelson can't wait to share the latest with you, I've prototyped some carrying cases that I can't stop playing with (you know you've done something right when the carrying case is just as much fun to play with) and they happen to be super clean and simple in design. Before sharing, I have dozens of samples of material on their way to me and I am trying to get a rough estimate of actually producing them. We'll keep sharing games through updates and will also open up a community forum to get an insider look and give feedback to game development. Thanks for keeping this campaign going, our internal stretch goal is 1000 backers, keep spreading the word!

    42. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Mathias I believe the EU shipping price is accounted for with each of the rewards. Often times, we end up spending more on shipping than we charge for, one little quirk of Kickstarter, but the important thing is that we make sure it gets to you :)

    43. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      I just found this campaign, and I need this in my life. I wanna end up with 12, and I will be going for a developer kit for sure, but I am wobbling between getting 12 developer blinks or 6 developer and 6 (or even 12) normal ones.
      Will you get a carrying case with the developer kits as well? I assume no, but I hope yes.
      And will you be able to mix the developer and normal blinks when playing. You mentioned that the magnets will be of different strength, but will it be very noticeable while playing?

    44. Kelson

      Well, we've really shot past 100k nicely! Looking forward to hearing more about new games, additional stretch goals, etc. Really liking the idea of carrying cases that can expand with your collection somehow. I'm buying 12 Blinks up front, but would love to pick up more games over time as they're released as well.

    45. Mathias Rossie on

      What about EU shipping price?

    46. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Kåre that works just fine! I'll make note of it on the backend to upgrade you to a Social-Pack :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Kåre B. Jørgensen on

      When I have the early 6-pack pledge, I assume I can add $59 to get 6 more, and keep my early pledge saving of $10 over the currently available social pack, and still get 12 games??

    48. Jonathan Bobrow 4-time creator on

      @Claire! Yes :) We have some great game designers waiting in the wings, think games, game art, and who knows, there is a deep well of Blinks expansions that I'd love to bring into the mix. Let's keep that number moving!

    49. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on

      Looks like the 100k is well within grasp. Is there any other stretch goals after that incase we get a last minute rush?

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