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A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
1,182 backers pledged CA$ 160,892 to help bring this project to life.

What's going on!

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Monge (Creator)

Dear Followers, 

Early March 2018 and for 714 persons still no trace of your book and goodies.

We have tried with Margo to face the curse of what seemed to follow us since April 2017 with good energy, will and dedication, we didn't want you to be aware of the situation because it was our situation and not yours. Today we have no choice and we have to share it with you because it is your right to know and because you know deep down something is wrong but before we tell you the full story, mark our words: YOU WILL BE DELIVERED!! We already made this point clear but we tell it again. Already a lot of persons received their goods and are thrilled with the books and goodies. You'll have it too!

We know we were wrong to not tell but each time we hoped that our issue will end in the next open box.

First of all, we ordered 3000 the books. With the campaign, with the pre-orders, we wanted to have enough to be able to sell then online, in conventions/festivals, to distribute in bookshop worlwide, but because of a mistake of the printer who forgot the gilded on the edge of the book (the very first stretch goal!), we asked to do them again. Finally in April 2017 we received the palets of books (gilded and non-gilded books) – 6000 books, we should have opened them all at this time and for that we haven't been clever at all. We just opened only few boxes, browsed and flipped the pages, and we saw nothing but the beautiful book we expected badly! We were super happy! We trusted the printer that everything was fine.

The house was still in work in April with so much dust and no place to work, we had to wait for proper conditions to start the great duty.

Finally in July we have been able to start and we opened really the first boxes. As we are very careful and picky with books always, we opened the books again and we noticed dust/powder inside the book. Not few dust that books can have sometimes, it was like someone emptied full bottle of talc. Upset, we started to wipe each book at the concerned pages to deliver you the perfect book you chose and finally as we were turning the page seeking for powder we noticed hidden defects, and never at the same place of course ... That was the beginning of the longer delay you are now suffering and a nightmare for us.

Folded pages, missing pages, stains, torn pages, bumps on the cover, that was and still is terrible to see.

We didn't want to believe the whole shipment was damaged and we hoped the end of the curse at each box we opened. Beside the wiping process which is very long (15-20 min by book), we had to check also all the inside, chasing the flaws. The more we opened and the more damaged books we found, and rarely and rarely we found good ones to put aside and send to you. It was getting worse. Our storage is not at our studio unfortunately but at 1h30 from our home, so back and forth, few boxes in our trunck, checking times, the good and the bad, finding the time to do this between life and work duties.

And there we are today, with an awful result – and we are terribly ashamed, sick and so, so angry: these last weeks since early January we had to take the decision to open everything, to check the entire shipment of gilded books and we have collected very few proper books. We have opened the last box yesterday. And now we know, the worse: We don't have enough books for finishing the delivery!! We also have counted the non-gilded books that are in the same situation that the gilded ones to give an accurate count to the printer.

I let you imagine how this news is devastating us right now and how angry we are to have believed until the end that the bad juju was gone and we would have enough to finish the delivery we owe you (we bought so many and so few are good, it is so unbelievable!)

And good grief! Fortunately we were picky and we found out all about this! It would have been a nightmare to know you guys received a bad book. We promised fantastic book, that is what you will get and we won’t never send a book with flaws!

Now you understand why it takes more than an eternity to complete the job, as each book is checked carefully in our hands upside, down, inside, out and sometimes twice, to be sure.

Our fault and mistakes were to believed that with the amount of books we bought we would have enough great ones to send, but when we realized it was not, we really got super angry and frustrated.

Now you know the whole story and we are extremely embarrassed that once more you are suffering from this because of a wrong judgment from us.

The good and positive news: Jon Schindehette, our partner, who offered us his experience in the field to find a printer and deal with him, has now everything in hands to start new negotiations with the printer on our behalf. Let's see in few days what deal he will have for us. Of course it means: more delays but books in perfect shape for you and this is what we want for you beyond everything. We promised quality and you'll get it!

Now we are ready to face your wrath. It is clear and obvious that you will be very upset with this update, we do understand very very much because we are too (I guess you noticed it while reading). Being transparent is what we had to do for you, we owe it to you. Without writing insult, if you want to express your feelings on the thread below of course you can, it is made for that. We know our credibility is really undermined but just know that you will be delivered as promised, we told it before and already lot of persons can tell it too.

I will quote a friend who told me this very recently: The truth is always better than people guessing and misunderstanding! Entire correct!

Yes, we should have told you before, this is our biggest mistake but our natural optimism misjudged the situation and misfortune we were facing. For a tiny joke of the situation, one says Magic comes with a price, ..., we really didn't know we could have been so unlucky to be honest. Beyond everything we will make amends: we are not forgetting you nor giving up on you, to all of you we are SORRY, and, your patience will be rewarded and compensated.

With heavy hearts,

Jean-Baptiste and Margo

PS. We have several non-gilded books in proper shapes. We are going to put them on our Etsy store and we wanted you to be aware of that. They don't have the kickstarter stamp, they are not limited. Your special limited kickstarter edition book will remain yours. We need to have some funds for the next customs fees and adjustments we will have to face for your books to come. Thank you for your understanding my friends.

Checking session at the Storage - locker #1
Checking session at the Storage - locker #1


Checking session at the Storage - locker #1
Checking session at the Storage - locker #1


Checking session at the Storage - locker #1
Checking session at the Storage - locker #1


Checking session at the Storage - lockers #1 and #2
Checking session at the Storage - lockers #1 and #2


One of our several "lunches on the cart" time
One of our several "lunches on the cart" time


Locker #2 - the bad boxes locker :(
Locker #2 - the bad boxes locker :(


Our garage too, full of our beautiful gilded books that are damaged... So sad to see that
Our garage too, full of our beautiful gilded books that are damaged... So sad to see that


Mount Disaster...
Mount Disaster...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Knopf on

      Is there any updated information on when my book may be delivered?

    2. Sergey Alexander Bagramyan on

      Hello Jean!
      How long is it going to take? I can see that u already have this book for sale on Etsy...
      Waiting for my copy for almost 2 years now...
      Thank u!

    3. Missing avatar

      Carol S Martinez on

      Thank you for explaining the reason for the delay. This whole situation must be an incredibly discouraging and frustrating nightmare for you. Rest assured, I think we all feel with absolute certainty, positively and without question, this book is worth the wait. I know it will be a treasure in my library.

    4. Michi on

      I am sorry to hear that. Thank you for your candor.
      I am looking forward to have the book in my hands, and it will be special in that I know what ordeal it has been for you. I have no problem waiting and hope this hasn't drained the both of you too much.

    5. Laura on

      I'm so sorry this happened to you. I look forward to my book when it arrives and am not stressed on timeline. Thank you for letting us know whats up.

    6. Ivan Berov on

      This must be a terrible experience. ;(
      Cheer up and keep your heads up you two!

      Best regards from Bulgaria.

    7. Cristóbal Graciá Salgado on

      So sorry to hear that!!! Hope printer gives a refund for damaged ones ...
      I understand the amount of job just to check every single book in a pile like that...
      Best wishes from Spain , and thanks for updating!

    8. Wai Kit on

      Devastated hearing such thing happen to you. Appreciate the hard work placed into this.. Hugs and kisses for both of you :) Will be looking forward to the book even more now and also many more of your fantastic arts to come ~ Cheers!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Victoria Heft on

      You guys are working so hard, you do not deserve this. JB, I have loved your art since the minute I saw it years ago; You are a great artist and you are bringing magic to the world, don't lose heart. Love and luck to you!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Amélie on

      J aime et cherche à pouvoir feuilleter vos dessins depuis des années, au début de cette aventure j étais comme une enfant qui attends noël. Ma mère m a apprise que pour apprecier quelque chose il faut avoir eu le temps de l imaginer, de le rêver et de le penser... Aujourd'hui rien à changer, je suis toujours cette enfant impatiente et je suis certaine de ma joie quand j ouvrirais ce livre...
      Merci de votre honnêteté... Bon courage à vous deux...

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicole Newton on

      Very sorry to hear that, it must be absolutely heart breaking.
      I'm about to move house, I was wondering how do I check the address my parcel will be shipped to?

    12. Missing avatar

      Nel on

      Well, at least now we know the situation.

      In all honesty, I'm unsettled that there's been such a massive problem ongoing with the project since July and this is the first we're hearing of it. Nine months down the line? In a situation where a not insignificant amount of money has already changed hands, I do feel that there should have been more transparency and honesty on the situation much, much earlier on. This would have helped to manage expectations, whereas now there's still no real time frame for when the remaining backers will receive their books :/ As one of the many without, I don't feel it's unjustified to be frustrated.

      But what's done is done. At least we know what is going on now. Please keep us in the loop going forward. It sounds like this publisher has monumentally cocked up, and hopefully they will take responsibility for it. Awaiting your next update!

    13. Missing avatar

      Herman Sytema on

      What bad news indeed. I’m very sorry for you all, in this desaster. You should use your time with making this great pictures and books and not with stupid things like checking the bad quality of a printer. It is dramatic like you discribe your situation. I would like to suggest: please take your time and not be stressed at all. We have all the time and understand your situation and how you feel. It must help that you have told us, your customers, what the problem is.

      Feel good, take your time and take some time for fun things to do like making wunderful new things. :)

      Best regards you all,

      Herman Sytema

    14. Jon Watson on

      Urgh! What a horror story! :(

      I can't imagine what it must've been like for you dealing with crisis after crisis trying to sort this out, wondering if you should tell people or not, guilt about delivery schedules/transparency.

      NOT a pleasant situation to find yourself in. And while I wish I'd known what was going on, I don't blame you for keeping it to yourselves. When panic/despair set in it's difficult to struggle free.

      Just breathe :)

      It's all being taken care of.

      And while some people may be frustrated, most of us are in no rush and would rather it were done right and your incredible artwork was done proper justice.

      Don't these muppet printers put you off/ruin the experience for you, or for us.

      Just think of this as a learning experience, when it comes time to do the next one. Because, personally, I can't get enough of your work, regardless of when it arrives! :P

      Try and take a bit of a break while the printers are being yelled at. Recharge the batteries. It sounds like you could use it!

      *big hugs to you both*

    15. Hugo Solis

      Yike, so sorry about that issue, sounds like a TON of time invested on damage control... I appreciate the time and effort you put into this and wish that somehow it all turns out for the best.

      Best Regards!

    16. Zahia on

      I truly feel very sorry for you to get through this nightmare, you don't deserve this at all and no need to apologise, this is NOT your fault, shame on the printer !
      JB and Margo : you are not alone, I'm with you with all my heart and soul !
      I know you are doing your best and you will resolve this difficult situation.
      Stay strong and keep smiling, I can wait and wish I can help when needed.
      Courage et Patience sweety JB&M ;D

    17. Artem Safarov on

      This sounds like a nightmare. It also makes me appreciate the book I have received a hundred times more. I thank you and Margo for your hard work in overcoming all these obstacles. This must not have been an easy update to write.

      Is there a way your existing backers could help you deal with all this unpleasantness? I'd like to help in some way if I can.

    18. Alan Byrom on

      These unfortunate issues are sent to challenge, but you grow stronger for the experience; you'll get no wrath from me, just a thanks for the update and fingers crossed all gets resolved to everyone's satisfaction, keep smiling :)

    19. Andrea Bergner on

      Thank you for the update. What is a minor inconvenience for us is a tragedy for you and Margo, we appreciate what you are going through and will patiently wait for what we know will come. Keep calm and carry on!

    20. Rayhne Sinclair

      Things happen. We deal, we stand back up, we move on.

    21. Alan Denton on

      What bad news for you. I can only imagine the tears and frustration on your part.

      Deep breath. Keep moving forward. KEEP TALKING TO US. Communication is critical, for us to keep the faith too.

    22. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Sending warm thoughts to Margo and you!!
      Anyone who loves books, this is the worst nightmare to encounter, for you always hope that the book you'll receive will be in pristine condition.
      I hope you are being compensated by the printer for this bad batch! This is entirely and absolutely their fault to begin with, for not even doing a proper check themselves before letting it go out the door in the first place.
      When all things are done and settled, afterward I hope you will share with us the name of that printing company, so that us fellow artists who think of one day bringing out an artbook ourselves, we can stay clear from this particular company.
      And as others have mentioned here already, as much as I look forward to hold this book in my hands one day, I too am in no hurry.
      Wishing you both mieux fortune et courage!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Nastya Cusack on

      Thank you guys for the update! Good luck and thank you for making all the effort!
      Hugs 🤗

    24. Jeroen Pelgrom on

      That is some very bad news, hopefully you are able to sort it out (also financially)

    25. Jenny Luco on

      Hey JB and Margo!

      Oh man, that must be such a hassle and so much stress... I hope you can get some kind of refund from the printer for the misprints, otherwise it just doesn't seem fair to you guys..!

      Either way, of course I would love to receive my book soon, but this kind of bad luck just can't be planned for... I'll just eagerly wait for it and send you guys all kinds of good vibes and good luck to get this sorted - both for your well-being and for those of us looking forward to your book :D

      Oh and is there a new Estimated Time of Arrival, or does that depend on the new negotiations?

    26. Nina Schindlinger on

      Hi guys, i'm really sorry for the mess you have to sort out right now. You've been very unfortunate with this printer. I can only speak for myself, but know that i'm not angry at you at all! Take all the time you need, i'll still be waiting for your lovely book, however long it will take! Greetings from austria 😉

    27. Missing avatar

      Petra on

      My heart goes out to you, such an awful stressful situation for you guys!

      Thank you for going to such lenghts to provide us with beautiful books! Wishing you strenght and hoping you can relax somewhat as well. Good luck with everything and I just want to say I'm happy to wait for my book, no worries! I trust you guys. 😊

      Hugs from Sweden/Petra

    28. Missing avatar

      Christophe Pichon on

      Courage à vous deux!!
      Et un grand merci pour votre dévouement!

    29. Joseph Vernot on

      Quelle malchance ! Vous avez tout mon soutien et ma patience vous est acquise. Que cela ne vous décourage pas de nous offrir de belles choses à l'avenir !

    30. Tony Di Stasio on

      No need to apologise. Thank you for the updates. Your art and vision are worth the wait. Thank you for caring so much, it means everything. Best Wishes from Hellen & Tony, Australia

    31. Missing avatar



      Yes you should have just told everyone there was an issue.
      You should have explained why it was so slow to ship, rather than saying "There's only two of us and we can't hire help".
      You should have checked the shipment as soon as possible, every box, a fast check of each book to be obviously put aside as a first run through.

      I will continue to wait for my big sister's 2016 Christmas present.

      I am sorry this happened to you, and how it's ruined your Kickstarter and book dream. If either of you or anyone you know plans to do crowdfunding in the future, learn from this and help get it right.
      Sorry I can't offer a more heartfelt sympathy, but I have an intense personal dislike for people not saying when something is wrong, and those angry emotions are overriding sympathy right now.

      Good Luck with your mate helping sort it out.

    32. Robynne McFarlane on

      I am so sorry this has turned into such a nightmare for the two of you, JB. It is clearly the printer that's at fault so taking it out on you would be completely counterproductive especially after everything you've just told us. I have no problem waiting for as long as it takes to get things right because I don't have a doubt in the world that that is what you want us to have and please, in the meantime, don't stress too much about this, that's just going to make things seem worse than they actually are. :)

    33. Diana Garcia on

      This is so sad. The printer should refund you. It's not fair you lose your money :( I can only imagine how stressed out you and Margo must be. Don't worry, I trust I'll get my book when it's ready and considering how awesome the pdf is, I know the book will be too.

    34. Missing avatar

      Marie-Andree Lemieux on

      I am soooo sorry to read this horror story, so sorry for your JB! reallly.
      For you all, JB is super nice! very honest, I have my book, it is amazingly beautiful and I love it!
      don not despear fellow backers, you will get yours, no doubt.
      Hang in there JB, having worked in the print industry for over 25yrs, I really understand and let me tell you, that you are the 2nd person I know with a self managed book project going through mistakes, poor quality, etc horror story with the printers.

    35. Jada Rowland on

      Thanks...i kept thinking i was somehow forgetting that i had already received it (thanks to your digital version, i felt that i had read it, and i had read it, of course)...
      it sounds like the worst nightmare —remind me never to use whatever printer you used!
      I am one of your admirers who is very willing to await the treasures you have made.

    36. Matt Johnson on

      JB, my heart goes out to you, the fulfillment process is such a minefield. You have many people saying great things here, but it is always important to hear even just one more kind word. So here is mine: your book is AMAZING. The production is impeccable, the stories are captivating. You have created something great. While the manufacturers have hindered your progress, it does not change the fact that you have made something that is timeless and valuable to the world. You are such a beautiful contribution to the world, and I can't thank you enough for this book. This is just one of those bumpy roads, and at the end of the day, the best of us are the ones that have endured them. You rock! You amaze me every time I open the book.

    37. Laughing Cat on

      You poor darlings! What a disheartening disappointment! I am so sorry that's been a thing you have to go through. I am perfectly happy and content to wait for the wonderful surprise that this book will be. I am patient and am sorry that you have had to go through all of this stress! Please let your cares be less, this community is delighted to wait and I am so sorry you had to paw through all of those duds! Take heart! We are with you for this! <3

    38. Missing avatar

      Christina Light on

      Thank you for the update. Much appreciated. That is all that is necessary. It is the not knowing that is upsetting. All the best.

    39. Missing avatar

      betsy bodamer on

      So sorry to hear that. You have my sympathies and understanding, not my wrath. Wishing you all the best in getting this figured out. I hope the printer makes good on their mistakes.

    40. Sheila Wolk on

      I want to fill hearts with more positivity...I got my book a while back and was worth the wait because it's GORGEOUS!...I hope you can iron out all your problems and cant wait to hear all the great comments from those who finally will get their books as soon as you can get them out.

      Always a problem in makingbooks..I had my share of problems too ...but all good things come to those who wait :-)

      UPDATES ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT...for people to know you are not forgetting them or avoiding them...and you have been very good keeping people keep on working and all this will get done :-)

      Good Luck and good vibes sent to everyone...
      Sheila Wolk

    41. April Lee on

      What a nightmare for you!

      I don't mind the wait at all. Don't worry about me! Just good luck to you in getting things sorted out happily for you!

    42. kuzemchik on

      Now I feel bad about asking when will the book be shipped.
      I actually got the book, and now understand what it took to actually get it to me.
      I'm sorry you had to go through this.
      I'm pretty sure we all here will help if needed.
      Thanks for amazing book!

    43. cheezdoodle96 on

      As we say in Norway: «He who waits for something good never waits in vain.»

      Jean-Baptiste's art helped spark my interest in storytelling and fantasy writing. Your honesty is great, and your care for both your product and your fans/backers truly shows. You could have cut your losses and just shipped out the damaged books, but you didn't. Instead you carefully looked through every single book for damage, then chose to order new replacement copies for every single damaged book, and that says a lot.

      Thank you, Jean-Baptiste and Margo. I am sorry for all you've had to go through. Please use all the time you have to. I know the book is going to be special, just like you yourselves are.

    44. metille on

      Créateur pas creteur 😬

    45. metille on

      C'est dommage qu'un creteur tel que vous doivent se prendre la tête avec ces soucis industriel
      Certainement la découverte du boulot d'éditeur, de distributeur qui tout d'un coup en pouvant sois même proposer un livre devient compliqué à gérer... faut une sacrée motivation pour continuer... tout mon remerciement... moi je ne fais qu'attendre, c'est pour moi pas difficile (et comme j'apprécie les cadeaux de Noël, je sais bien que la chose attendue est aussi stimulante que la chose reçue... donc pour moi pas besoin de stresser)
      Que ça ne vous démotive pas trop pour de prochains livres... je suis preneur 🍄

    46. Rob Herring on

      I can’t get angry at such misfortune.
      I’m happy to wait, and be surprised and happy when it arrives!
      It’s a massive undertaking and we know what we let ourselves in for by backing you.

      Best of luck, and I hope you don’t stress yourselves too much


    47. Missing avatar

      Juan Rincón on

      As one who has already received its book I can tell you it's worth the wait. I absolutely adore mine and I know you guys will too, every single detail is well thought and all the extra goodies got here fine as well. Jb and Margo, much love to you guys, so sorry you are facing this situation, hang in there.

    48. Missing avatar

      Dinah Kibby on

      How heartbreaking for you - you have all my sympathy and support. it will take as long as is necessary and I have no problem waiting for such a special book. Please don't worry. Kind regards, Dinah Kibby

    49. Missing avatar

      Kit (Blacksheep33512)

      :) it’s okay ! I can wait! Good luck!

    50. Kyle on

      Thank you for keeping us informed throughout this process. I am sure this has been difficult for you. Apologies are not needed.