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A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
1,182 backers pledged CA$ 160,892 to help bring this project to life.

Why we don't hire people

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Monge (Creator)

Hello Friends!

I would like to make an important statement about some private messages we received. We understand your anger very much about the shipping that is very long to process and I’d like to tell you why we don't hire people for helping us. We are not angry nor sad about these messages but we just want to make some clarifications:

We never imagined getting so much indeed: 160000$, a wonderful amount!

From this amount we really received 145000$ after the fees of Kickstarter. 

We had to pay the books and goodies: 50000$ 

We had to pay the translations and layout : 11000$ 

We had to pay the customs: 5000$ 

We had to pay the shipping supplies (bubble, cardboard, tape): 5000$ 

We have to pay every month a storage: so far 3000$ 

We had to pay Backerkit for their software of organization: 3000$ 

And we are also using this amount for the shipping: 50000$ 

Ok, let’s do the math now, we still have in the piggy box: 18000$ !!!!

I forgot to mention the tax we had to pay on this huge amount early 2017… well. Above all we never count in $ the time and care we, Margo and I, put in this.

We put in sleep the Etsy shop for focusing on you during one year, and meanwhile we had to eat, and pay our bills like everyone else. We haven’t been able to make any conventions because we didn’t want anyone getting the books before you (Except just one in Bulgaria last August).

So, I’m sorry, no, we can’t hire someone to help us, we just can’t. We live also in the countryside and not a lot people will make the move just for our pretty eyes to be paid a ridiculous fees if we could afford it.

We really do care about you and we are processing your books one time at a time with a lot of love and care, this is all I will say. You will have your book my friends. So please be patient ! You’ll have what you pledged for. 

We do accept volunteers though to finish the duty! We will be happy to feed you and to give you a little space to sleep in the studio!

Be positive !! Your time will come !!

Good Karma to you ALL - Margo & JB

PS: PLEASE USA read this: We still need you to confirm your address and that YOU TELL US everything is up to date! We need your green light to make the shipping to the right address. So many of you told us they moved and their Backerkit account was not updated. We are glad we asked! No loss, just happy readers! This is all we want!!

drawing on the title page :)
drawing on the title page :)


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    1. Jada Rowland on

      As it is now March 6th..i thought maybe i should check if all the US books have been sent?? As i haven’t received mine yet (although, of course, i have the digital version) ???are some still being sent out?

    2. Fae Morgan on

      Thank you for the update! I have been wondering the status of my book! I know that customs can be tricky at best, and I know there have been quite a few changes.
      I cannot wait to get my copy!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Knopf on

      Ignore the negative comments.
      The best things are always worth waiting for!

    4. Hikari on

      I just went and "updated" my address (not that it has changed at all) so hopefully that counts as my "confirmation". Hopefully my book arrives soon, can't wait :)

    5. April Suzanne Durfee Landon on

      I just received my package here in KY, USA. It was packaged so well and everything arrived safe and it’s all lovely!

    6. James Wood

      Hi JB and Margo!

      I have confirmed that my shipping address in Backerkit is correct.

      Like the others have said, don't let those negative comments get you down. All indications are this book will be worth the wait!

    7. Missing avatar


      I am tossing in my 2 cents, as well!
      This book is worth waiting another year for!!!! I am blown away and in true awe. The art and the story are mesmerizing.
      When I have shown it to other people, the first question is always "Where can I get it?"
      My deepest gratitude to you and Margo for everything you have done to bring this book to life.
      Much love and positive energy,

    8. Ralukko on

      Good day to you, Maestro! And warm greetings from Germany!!!
      Regarding your message: altho I do understand why some folks might be put off and annoyed by the delays I want to add that, for me, personally, it okay :)
      Being a huge admirer of your work since I was a wee brat only makes me anticipate and feel happiness just at the thought of receiving the book in my mail!
      I felt very involved in your kickstarter and book journey because of you heart-felt messages, constant updates, shared pics and all :)
      I cannot begin to image what it must be like to handle such a huge thing and with everything else going on in your lives :)
      So.... I am patiently waiting for the book to be carried away by owl-delivery and dropped in my mail box, faerie-bells and all :D
      You are doing the best you can to do this properly and make everyone happy so I have nothing but admiration ;)

      Many hugs from across the Ocean!

    9. Missing avatar

      Victoria Heft on

      Dearest JB,
      Just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. It is marvelous and wholly full of magic, and it inspires me in my own art. Thank you and Margo for all your efforts, I can only imagine how much work it takes to get all the packages ready. Thank you again for adding magic to our world. Yours, Tory

    10. Chriztina Marie on

      allo ALLO! ... I saw on the bottom of your message for USA customers to "reconfirm" their shipping address. Then, I logged into backerkit to see if there was a way to do so, and there is not. My address has not changed, and I am eagle to receive my book, so I am hoping that this whole inability to "reconfirm" doesn't further delay shipment. from one kickstarter creator to another, thanks and good luck crossing the finish line!

    11. Artem Safarov on

      Thank you for all the hard work, JB and Margo. I am sure the majority of the backers are ecstatic about this project. It takes time to do things right and your book is magnificent and worth waiting for. Don't let the naysayers influence how you feel about it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dinah Kibby on

      Don't worry, don't fret. I backed you because your book is brilliant and you are my favourite artist - all good things come to he who waits! You and Margo are clearly lovely people and I wish you all the best!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    13. Grumpy Old Man on

      I don't comment often but in light of your message above I thought I'll chip in my 2c. I've now backed a number of projects here, including some from 2014 that are still not complete -_- Focussing on book projects, every single one has been months behind...

      And some specific examples include: one completed project ended up putting the creator into personal debt because she was committed to completing the project despite the difficulties and some of the backers negativity, and even though some others helped out through Patreon it was clearly not something she wants to be involved in anymore in the future, despite the praise for the resulting volume.

      Another one is only now looking for a new printer because obviously their first choice couldn't be bothered, so -nothing- has even been physically accomplished well over a year after the campaign was launched... And in either case, despite the mistakes made, I'm very confident neither creator has (had) nothing but the best of intentions... sometimes backers seem to forget the nature of KS, despite the disclaimers all over the place.

      So in light of those examples, it is clear that just the two of you are working hard on getting things done, and once received almost everybody have to agree it is a well-done product with obvious care behind it. Even though I'm admittedly one of the lucky ones, I wouldn't have minded waiting longer because your communications have frequent and sincere, and the (digital) goodies have been coming along in the meantime.

      One thing that you don't mention is that surely all of this has impacted your artistic output - which is of course the main reason most of us backed your project in the first place!! So here's to a quick & smooth finish, for everyone's sake, and to get back to creating more fantastic art, for you (...and for us if you find the oomph to tackle a Vol. 2! ^_^)

    14. Missing avatar

      Vinod on

      We got the book and we love it!
      I understand why it took so long, fulfilling a Kickstarter is a whole new job on top of your regular client work. Please have patience everyone, there's no swindling going on here!

    15. Missing avatar

      Cesar Lador on

      Merci pour l'update JB et Margo et pour tout le long et fastidieux travail que vous faites! N'écoutez pas trop les raleurs et stresses de la vie! Nous, on a tout notre temps :) Des becs a vous!

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicole Newton on

      Thank you for your hard work!

    17. April Suzanne Durfee Landon on

      I’d much rather time be taken and things done properly then have things rushed. I’m sure most of us appreciate all of your hard work!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mattew Yeager on

      Hopefully this is an acceptable place to contact you. I triple checked after this last update and my information is all correct. I am happy to wait patiently for what I am sure is going to be a wonderful addition to my collection of art and hope that you guys aren't working yourselves into the dirt. A happy artist is an imaginative one!

    19. Missing avatar


      Don’t let the minority of complainers get you down. Perfection takes time, and as someone who has received my book I can tell you it is beyond expectation in quality and beauty. To those still waiting, please have patience. It is well worth the wait.

    20. Missing avatar

      Katrina Snow on

      I'm sorry you're receiving angry emails. Hang in there. As one of your US supporters, I've checked my address a couple of times and it is correct. I'm stating that here because I don't know how else to notify you.

    21. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Thanks David ! I hear ya!

    22. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Glad to read you Daniel: I wrote you on Nov 16. Your book is all ready and will leave soon then!
      Thank you George for your comment: if you haven't moved since your pledge then no need to do anything I have the right address but you can still go here: (don't be bothered by the survey anymore) reset your password if you don't remember it and then you have access again to all your digital downloads and shipping info.
      This Backerkit link is good for everyone to check and download their stuff, just reset your own password if you just forget it. Everything is there!

    23. Missing avatar

      David Doucey

      My address in the US is correct.

    24. George Alberigi III on

      Well..., I’m okay. Haven’t moved. Nothing’s changed. Can’t wait to see this.
      How do I know if you need anything? How can I check my address? Do I need to?

    25. Sheila Wolk on

      I got the book and was super pleased....I knew it was going to be late since I went through in doing my own coffee table book and knew your first estimate of time for people to receive was more a hope than could possibly be a reality.
      ...One thing I DO know is another artist I funded rarely made updates and kept people waiting 4 years until I asked for my investment back...BUT...your updates were fantastic and seems that you are nearing an end by getting the last part I say...
      ::::WAY TO GO!!!~JOB WELL DONE:::: and yes those people still waiting will be pleasantly surprised over how beautiful your book is and it is worth waiting for :-)
      ...thanks again...Sheila Wolk

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zinck on

      Can't wait to receive it and thanks for the update. I wasn't sure if I needed to message here about my USA address but mine is up to date.

    27. Missing avatar

      Natasha Spranklin on

      Thanks for the update, I think those who complain loudest are ussually the 10%,I am looking forward to receiving mine but also patient under understanding that this is a lot of work for you. So thank you :)

    28. Yangtian Li on

      I have been through doing a crowdfunding campaign myself, and I have to say without my friends volunteering to help me, it would have been impossible, even though I don't even have that many pledge to fulfill. The amount of work you need to put into shipping is crazy! Though, I would like to suggest you working with someone regarding to shipping/handling, maybe something like shipstation or shipwire, so you can save some of your precious time on making art. That said, well done and I have received an email notification with my book shipping to me, and I'm very very excited! :) Best of luck and take care! :)

    29. MannyLaMancha on

      I'm so sad to hear that there have been bullies! You aren't some big company - just two people making an amazing product. Take your time, and let's all be patient!

    30. Jada Rowland on

      To the two hard-working artists—Prenez un longue respiration profonde! I hope that means, “Take a nice deep long breath!”
      And to any who have been impatient or complaining...artists, of all people, should be aware and sympathize with how much work and how little money artists ever make.
      I, for one, deeply appreciate all the work involved in creating this wonderful book.
      Merci mille fois!

    31. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Sending Margo and you warm thoughts *hug*
      You keep doing what you think is best, don't let things get to you, we believe in you and know we'll get it in due time. No worries