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A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
1,182 backers pledged CA$ 160,892 to help bring this project to life.

USA here we come!

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Monge (Creator)

Dear American Followers!

This is your turn to be happy, we started yesterday the postage. We are really super super glad!! And I know that you will be too!

We have no possibility to check if your address has been updated recently on backerkit so please accept our apologies if you receive an email from us to confirm your address and phone number.

Also make sure there is a phone number, we won't call you but the delivery guy might!

On Backerkit, once we have seen your update by email / comments, we finalize your address and lock it and then we shift it to shipped once it is done.

We have more than 500 parcels to send. We won't be able to send them all in one only batch. Give us some more time to make it right for you all my friends! 

PLEASE COMMENT HERE and just the USA addresses, please, to say that your address and phone are up to date! We might send you private message if have a doubt or if we just don't see your comment. Better check twice than none!

Update Canada: 

The pallet has reached the facility of Toronto, they will start the delivery on Monday. That's awesome!

Update Rest of the World

We are more than aware that it is very very long but, again, we are just the 2 of us to complete the task. We don't have a volunteer team to help us doing so. Be sure that we think about all of you everyday as our living room and garage are filled with your books  guys! The good news is, as you see, the deliveries have started at last and we are trying to make everything right for everyone, adjusting all the time with our daily duties. We try to give news as much as we can without harassing you and when we have news to share.  When time will come to start your deliveries, it will be for us a great joy and relief to know that our task will be over soon and you will be at last happy!

Why are you the last to be handled: Because we chose first to handle Canada and USA because it was easier for us and then, exportations rules and custom are very picky and demanding, we have to prepare the pallets carefully to send them in France and then it will be dispatched from there to you. It is not a choice that has been simple for us to take but it is really much safer like this.

Please accept again our deep and sincere regard, your time will come and we can't wait for it too!

USA deliveries have started!
USA deliveries have started!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Katarina Lippai on

      Hi, I'm one of the US backers, I didn't realize until this last month that there was an update regarding our books asking to confirm addresses. I moved to a new place this month and updated my backerkit info with it around June 7th. Is there a way to check what the status of my book is? I'm so sorry about any inconveniences this might bring; I really should have been on top if this more.

    2. Jennifer Kern on

      I am so sorry, somehow I missed this post. But my information is all correct and I did confirm also with backerkit.

      Looking forward to getting this soon!
      Thank you,
      Jennifer Kern

    3. Steven Swift on

      Hey JB! Not sure if I needed to comment here, but my address is also correct and ready to go. Hope all is well in the frozen tundra! Cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Katharine Evans on

      Bonne année 2018, Jean-Baptiste! I am backer #565, and my address is correct.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Jennings on

      My address is incorrect, and I’m moving in the middle of February. Should I PM you my new address when I move?

    6. Doranna Benker Gilkey on

      Hello, I'm backer #251 (if that helps), and my shipping info is still correct. Sorry I took so long to respond, I overlooked this update. Thanks for the love and care you've put into this project.

    7. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Big thank you for your time and care my friends!
      Trinna, Nicole, Erin and Jack: You'll be in the next shipments :D
      Dustin your book is about to leave!
      PLEASE USA: Read this and update your info and come back here or PM us to say everything is OK. We can't know if the address we read are still up to date.
      So we prefer to check several time to not send to wrong addresses.
      you have waited already so much, we don't want you to live this.
      We can't wait to read you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Trinna Frever on

      I’m backer 393. Don’t know how to check the address, but I haven’t moved since pledging. No package received yet. Looking forward to it!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dustin Lukas on

      I'm backer number 111. Where would I look to see if the address you have is correct?

    10. Nicole Fletcher

      I apparently misread this update! I'm backer 71 and my address is correct!

    11. Erin Ratelle

      Backer #731. My address isn't locked in BackerKit yet so I assume I was on the unconfirmed list, but that address is correct. I must have missed this update, and any email asking for confirmation. Glad I checked in. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jack Reily on

      Hi, I just saw this update, too. I'm backer #30 and my address is still the same.
      Thank you.

    13. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      We hear you Weijia! Address locked and printed :)! Happy Winter Holiday to you my dear!

    14. Weijia Kang on

      Hi, I just saw this update. I'm backer 196. My address is changed to this:

      Weijia Kang
      1160 N El Centro Ave
      APT 01
      Los Angeles CA 90038

      Thank you!

    15. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Hi Chuck! Yes indeed, your parcel has taken the road! We wanted to deliver all the confirmed address we had before Xmas and we did.
      thank you all the new ones who are confirming now again! We appreciate: WE DON'T WANT TO DELIVER TO WRONG ADDRESSES SO THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO SO!
      USA Backers we wait for you to do it :)

      Dear Sandra! your parcel has left yesterday go on your backerkit now, you'll get your tracking # :) WE cross fingers that you get it before Xmas!!! Cheers to you dear Sandra!!

      Mike! Thanks man for confirming your details, we appreciate! We have locked and printed your label, we will do your parcel as soon as we can. The same: your tracking info will be on your backerkit account - you can already read that your label is printed, this is the exact place where you will be able to read your tracking #. Cheers my friend!

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike ONeil

      Backerkit says I'm #65. Kickstarter says I'm backer 1188. I pledged in June '16. My address is correct. Awaiting my package.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sandra Waugh on

      Jean-Baptiste, I am checking to see if you have mailed to all of the United States backers, or if you are still mailing in batches to us, I am backer 1,088 and I would like to know if my book has been mailed out. I see that Americans all around the US are posting that they have received their book and the dates on the posts are from over a month ago. So I am concerned that something has gone awry with my book.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chuck Grieb on

      Just received the tracking number!

    19. Missing avatar

      Chuck Grieb on

      Am posting again to be sure you know the address and phone number are correct.

    20. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Liza your parcel just left!
      Raida: again sorry for this delay, and all of you in the rest of the world, WE will pamper as well as you deserve!
      Derek: got it, thanks for your update!
      Sarah: I'm going to PM you :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Derek Mueller on

      I am in California and my address and phone are correct. I am backer #784. I look forward to receiving your beautiful book!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sarah Tempas on

      Hiii! I thought I comment d her with everyone else but I may have forgotten... I live in WA state and still haven’t received my book yet! :( And I’m moving in a few weeks so I’m not sure how to best proceed with me getting the book. Should I comment again after I’ve moved and send you my new address??

    23. Missing avatar

      William Doetsch on

      Everything is accurate.

    24. Missing avatar


      I am in Australia, am I seriously going to miss a second Christmas for this gift to my sister?

    25. Liza Bu on

      Are you still processing US shipments that did not have address issues? I live in Charlotte NC and made sure all was well with my address. Anxiously waiting for your beautiful creation and just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost! � Liza

    26. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      To the following names from the USA, Please check your emails and spams, we sent you a request of confirmation during November but we never got a reply:
      Len AHGEAK, Jason ALLEN, Bradford BALESTRY, Jeremy BASTIAN, Heather BUSHART, Leslie CASILLI, Zac DERENNE, Nicholas D. DRAGISIC, David EAKIN, Lily GANTCHEV, Cindy GRESHAM, Cornelia HAGGART, Brian HAMBLIN, Robert L. HAWTHORNE, Savannah HORROCKS, Francine LASSEN, Greg LUZNIAK, Haley Machelle McDONALD, Anthony MESTAS, Gabrielle NICKEL, Bruno OLIVEIRA, Kira PARKER, Nicole PFAU, Erik REISS, Paul SALARDA, Audrey SEAGO, Shreya SHELTY, Micsy VARGAS, Candace E Warzecha, Debra WILCOX, Daniel ZINCK

    27. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      We read you all, labels are printing and we hope been as swift as possible to make your parcels.
      Post office customers hate us when we arrive with the parcels in the queue ^^, we have found we hope a new and quicker way to avoid the queue haha!

    28. Alysia Smith on

      My phone was correct but my address was not on the Backerkit survey and I don't wish to post it here in the comments. Can I send an email or respond to a PM? Thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Eddie Wright on

      My address in correct. New phone number (248) 914-8365

    30. Missing avatar

      Lance Williams on

      My address and phone should be correct

    31. Missing avatar

      Mathew Malone on

      All set here, thanks. Can't wait to see this book in person.

    32. Missing avatar

      Courtland LaVallee

      Hi Jean-Baptiste - my address is unchanged.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Waters on

      my address and phone are up to date

    34. Missing avatar

      Vinod on

      Hi Jean Baptise! My address and Phone # are correct! Looking forward to receiving book!

    35. Missing avatar

      Sandra Waugh on

      My address and phone are up to date

    36. Missing avatar

      Dan McCarthy on

      Address and phone are correct!

    37. Gerald (Jerry) Trapp on

      Sorry, I missed this email. Address and phone are correct, thank you!

    38. Kim DisneyScout Wesley on

      My address is correct. Thank you.

    39. Kathleen Davis on

      My address is correct

    40. Missing avatar

      Tobias Dawson on

      I need to update my address! - Tobias Dawson

    41. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Hello Aimee, Kiri, Aaron, Greg and Erica! Thanks for your update! We appreciate a lot!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Greg Rampton on

      I have a new address, it is 1004 east deer heights ct.
      The rest is correct. And looking forward to the book.

    43. Missing avatar

      Aaron Jamieson

      My backerkit address is correct

    44. Kiri Østergaard Leonard on

      My information is correct :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Aimee McGlinchey on

      My information is correct. Looking forward to receiving your beautiful book!

    46. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Locked all your addresses thanks a lot!
      Francesco: I just wrote you a private message.
      Elena: haha don't worry we won't call you ^^, it is just a safety when it will be delivered. I never been called by delivery guys though ^^!

    47. Missing avatar

      Anne McGrory on

      Everything is correct