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A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
A colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation.
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Your Precious!

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Monge (Creator)

Hi Guys!

I hope you had no trouble to get your PDF on the Backerkit account. Give us a shout if you need again the link to fetch your options or further assistance.

For the physical copies, we have not sent an address check yet and we will do it when the fulfillment service will be ready to come at our place to fetch the whole stuff. This way, we will have the latest address of your place.

We read that some of you haven't been able to find their name (s) in the credit of the book, we are sorry about this because we have been very careful when we copy and paste the survey. I see no explanations to this. We had a deadline to answer to it, so if the change has been made after it is probably for this reason that we haven't put the change. In any case, we are sorry about that and even if your name is not accurate in the book, you can be sure that for us you are very here !

 So as promised: updates ^^ We are still processing your books with Margo. checking, packing the good listing inside each box etc. lot of to do. and we hope being able to send quickly !

We have ordered a stamp with a thank you message that we are still waiting. We hope getting it so we can stamp some thank you postcards for you guys!

I know it is long and we know you can be upset about this delay but we are very upset too to not have a team of thousand hands behind us. We are working everyday (even on WE) and this is not an easy tasks if we want it well done. This week again we received 3 parcels and they were all ruined... so we don't want the same !!

We are strong and we don't give up!! Thank you Guys! Take care!  

some care for you guys!
some care for you guys!


messy messy and busy busy
messy messy and busy busy


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    1. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Susan I am going to write via private message :D

    2. Susan Simko on

      I've got a backer account but I've never been able to get it hooked up to this project accept for temporarily via backer support staff. Very frustrating. My email is still the same as I used to pledge the campaign.

      Fyi, I've not had any issue with backer for a different kickstarter campaign.

      Sorry and thank you.

    3. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Hello Charles! is the link working on my last update ??
      Log in on
      everything is there.
      if you don't remember your password just create a new one, you shall receive an update on your personal email with a notification to create a new one. Then, once you are in, just click on the blue-green tab named: "Get your digital downloads" the PDF is here so all the digital rewards that I imagine you already have (desktop background, colouring pages). Let me know if it works!

    4. Missing avatar

      charles decena on


      i have not received the link for the pdf either. thanks.

    5. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Hello Reina! I just replied to you on private message. :D

    6. Reina on

      The same for me, sorry I'm late (I'm from Wonderland, it's normal here we are allways late). Hello, I have not received links for PDF.
      Thanks for the hard work, send me the links please Y_Y

    7. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      I send you the link again Lynn, don't worry!
      Gerald, I sent you already all the explanation to get the pdf on private message, just click on the link I provided to you and follow my instructions to the letter, it is very clear.
      you already know this website because you answered to the survey, but if you can't remember your password, as I told you, just reset it and shall have a new one to create. the rest is super easy, just click on the blue-green button called "Get my Digital Download" the PDF, is here so the desktop backgrounds and colouring pages (I guess you already have these last 2 because they are available since almost the very beginning), Please check your private message and follow my instructions, I can't do it for you.
      Thank you

    8. G. Gerald Garcia on

      Hello, I have not received links for PDF. Thank you.

    9. Lynn Larson on

      I seem to need the link again. I can't wait to see all of the beauties!

    10. Missing avatar

      Vinod on

      Can't wait for the book JB and Margo!

    11. Suzanne on

      Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!!!! I'm in love with your art so I would wait and wait and wait and be very Happy when your Beautiful Book did arrive. I cannot imagine all the work that goes into the process of creating then packing and sending, WOW!!!!!!!
      Your fan forever, Suzanne David :-)

    12. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      You are ALL SUPER LOVELY GUYS! we have warm hearts thanks to you! <3 <3
      Beatrix I am going to send you a private message for your link, don't worry :D
      Reinhard: what a courage for resisting at the temptation of the pdf haha ^^! I do prefer physical books too and do the same than you.
      Luca: it would have been nice to have few friends to pack with us while I am signing and drawing but we are in the countryside, not very far from Montreal, but still, enough for being on our own ^^. this is OK. You will be able to complain just on us if there is mistake haha ^^!
      Anna: yeah! thank you so much for your words and as I told Reinhard, I do prefer real books too and usually have just an eye on it but save the real degustation for later :D
      Malem: I can't wait so so so much that everyone receives their copies so I can focus on new painting. My fingers are tickling me! Merci pour ton message et ta gentillesse ;-) !
      Anthony: we enjoy the waether when Mister Sun shows up! haha! And we usually have a little walk with the dogs of our neighbours after lunch to breath. We have cool neighbours, they borrow us their doggies ^^

    13. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Thx for reminding me about the pdf availability, my mind sometimes wanders... *sheesh*
      Just checked it out, it is ab-so-lu-te-ly gorgeous!! So wellcrafted and put together.
      It is worth the wait :)
      *sending a big hug to Margo and you for all the hard work you both are doing for us behind the scenes*

    14. Missing avatar

      Luca Zanconi on

      Thanks JB and Margo for all your hard work! I can only imagine how difficult it can be to manage all those shippings and packaging just by the two of you! So I'm really grateful and I really cannot complain about anything!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anna Hyde on

      Sooooo exciting! Thank you very much, cannot wait to see the finished work :)
      I had a quick peek at the pdf... but will save myself for the real thing
      Congratulations you must be so proud of your achievement x

    16. Missing avatar

      Beatrix Willius on

      How can I access the pdf of the book? There is nothing at the backerkit website.

      The last part always is the hardest one. Imagine how you will feel when all books have been sent out.

    17. Missing avatar

      Marie-Andree Lemieux on

      Bet you can't wait for all these to be out of your house! lots of work and work and work. Thanks!!

    18. Anthony Veilleux on

      I am sure it will more that worth the wait....enjoy some Sun get outside breath some Quebec Air!! Much Love and excited to enjoy the book!!

    19. Jean-Baptiste Monge Creator on

      Dear Sheila I have sent you a message through your facebook. No one has the book yet, just one only person who came at my house to fetch it. The names can be read on the pdf at the end. I will send you the link to your backerkit account again. Hope you have good rest after your operations. We wish good recovering Sheila. Be safe!

    20. Sheila Wolk on

      wonderful update and thanks...what do you mean by PDF on the Backerkit account????
      ....and how come you say some people dont see their names in book. To me that means they already received theirs?
      ... I have not received mine but patiently waiting...Had 5 operations while I were, Just so happy to still be here to hopefully get your book when mailed :-)
      Sheila Wolk

    21. Hylke Grasmeijer on

      Great to read another update JB! Signing and packing all those books must take a lot of time and energy. Good luck! Still patiently looking forward to your masterpiece :)