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Help build the world's largest lawn flamingo, a 40-foot climbable sculpture, debuting at Burning Man 2017.
Help build the world's largest lawn flamingo, a 40-foot climbable sculpture, debuting at Burning Man 2017.
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Last 7 days for the Rainbow Bridge: join us again!

Posted by Josh Zubkoff (Creator)
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(Short version: we're 58% funded with 7 days to go on the Rainbow Bridge, our follow up to Phoenicopterus Rex. We'd love if you back us again.  Thanks!)

“No one ever told me how scary and painful following your dream could be, but I'm really happy to have this chance. After this is all done and I've rested up, I planning on using this project as the centerpiece of my portfolio as I try and make a career jump to a creative field. “ Josh, 2017, when trying to build a giant pink flamingo.

July 5, 2018 

Hi P-Rex backers!

It's that time of year again, we're working on a giant sculpture that is bound for Burning Man. Last year I spent three months working on the flamingo almost daily and this year I've brought a lot of friends along for the ride and we have been working on this since January. This is a seven day a week project: mornings are emails with engineers and event organizers, afternoons are getting supplies and coordinating people, and we work past midnight most nights. I've teamed up with Srikanth, one of my best friends, who is leading the huge LED component of this project. The few nights we're not at the warehouse, we're at events recruiting volunteers and promoting the project--yes, me with a microphone trying to get folks excited about this project.

We're building the Rainbow Bridge, a 75' wide, 30' tall, walkable steel bridge, clad with painted wood panels that are embedded with over 25,000 LEDs. This piece is big enough for over 100 people to be standing on top of this at the same time. During the day the rainbow will be a vividly colored mirage in the desert and at night it will sparkle and shine. We picked the rainbow as our subject because we wanted to use our platform to spread a loud message of love, inclusivity, and hope.

Last year, I wanted to see if I could do this: be a working artist. And I did, with your help. This year, we know that we can do it, and in some ways, it’s more work and harder: it’s sustaining the drive that was inspired by joy and creating. Our ambitions have gone up more than just in scale, we're building a community, and we're trying to spread a message of love. With our entire build team returning and the addition of new faces, we've more than doubled the team size from last year.

On days like today when I've been on my feet for over 12 hours, I remind myself why we're doing this: we're in the lucky position where we get to make big art, share this adventure with loved ones, and share our labor of love with thousands of people.

Please help me reach the finish line on this project. Any donation will mean a lot. Whereas I know this might not be the most conventional way, this is me trying to achieve my dream of becoming a working artist by making my name on one of the biggest platforms for art in the world.

You can back the Rainbow Bridge, here.



Josh, during the P-Rex build in 2017
Josh, during the P-Rex build in 2017
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