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Impart love to a surreal, grotesque world as a misunderstood but cheerful clown. Discover a vast mythos in the process! PC/MAC/LINUX
Impart love to a surreal, grotesque world as a misunderstood but cheerful clown. Discover a vast mythos in the process! PC/MAC/LINUX
Impart love to a surreal, grotesque world as a misunderstood but cheerful clown. Discover a vast mythos in the process! PC/MAC/LINUX
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    1. eXoScoriae on

      Hey there Jay, did you ever send out the physical rewards, such as the world map?

    2. Little Mountain Photographers on

      Hi Jay,
      I still haven't received my Dropsy download code and was wondering if you could please provide me with one? I'd really like a chance to play it.

    3. Martin O

      @Yves: GOG codes normally look like "XXXXXXXX" and Steam codes like "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX", both alphanumeric

    4. Missing avatar

      pedro on

      Regarding my comment below it actually only affects full-screen (never tried windowed before...), so, not much an issue ;)

    5. Yves on

      The GOG code I was sent is invalid, and my two emails to the developer about it seem to have fallen on a deaf ear. Or blind eye.
      I guess I'm in the same case as other people and it's really a Steam key... still hopeful Mr Tholen will correct this. Worst case, I'll activate it on Steam so I can play the game, but I'd rather have it on GOG for backup purposes.

    6. Missing avatar

      pedro on

      Hello, great stuff so far (got the key on steam, no issue), I love the atmosphere!
      I don't know if it was posted before, the ability to exit a screen on the left or right egde should be more obvious IMO (cursor change).

    7. Little Mountain Photographers on

      I haven't received a code either. I've checked SPAM and other folders and don't see it anywhere. Is this a problem for anyone else?

    8. Puzzleigh on

      I haven't received a code nor have I gotten a response back from Jay Tholen when I directly messaged him. It's been over two weeks since the game has been released too. I'm starting to feel pretty bummed over this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sprite Oddity on

      Hi, i didn't receive any code so far.

    10. Sander on

      Same as Dan for me, got a GOG key that was actually for Steam.

    11. Ben Alman on

      I haven't received a key yet! Would it be possible to re-send it? Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      My gog key was for Steam. Works fine for me since I changed my mind about gog anyway but just a heads up for anyone else having troubles.

    13. Oli Wright on

      Key just dropped into my inbox. Thanks Jay!

      *glares at Steam to make it download faster*

    14. Jason Steele on

      For anyone using Gmail who hasn't gotten their key, Gmail put mine in spam for whatever reason, so be sure to check your spam folder.

    15. Missing avatar

      FoxMan on

      Getting kind of sad about this. If I would not have backed the game I could have bought the game for less money and already have it :-(

    16. Thomas Chandler on

      I also haven't gotten my key, are all the backer keys supposed to have been sent?

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Didn't get the key yet...could you please resend?

    18. JFA Jansen on

      also just got it, will be fun!

    19. William Schütze

      Got it! :D

    20. William Schütze

      Came here to see if it was only me that didn't receive a key... Guess not.

    21. Geondp on

      When will we get our keys?

    22. Missing avatar

      Louis London on

      FoxMan's right. The pledge did specifically say "early copy of the game".

    23. Missing avatar

      FoxMan on

      Looks like the game is out on both and steam, both with a 10% discount. I thought backers had early access to the game, but I haven't received anything yet.

      I'm a bit disappointed by this, backers seem to get the game later and pay more for it..

    24. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Beta tier backers have copies of the game. The publicity/marketing stuff is handled by Devolver, so they decide when to give out keys to press and so on. I think Jim was particularly interested in playing it too.

      We'll be sending all backers keys when the review copy is ready in a few weeks. :)

    25. JFA Jansen on

      Jim Sterling just posted a video of the beta (he likes it), I'm just puzzled why he would be able to get the beta at this point, rather than a press version later. Also, i'm a backer, he's not...

    26. Carl Kloster

      Love seeing all the press on the trailer that came out. I'm skipping the beta because I want to experience the full Dropsy experience in September.

      Glad to see everything coming together for you and this project!

    27. Mori Marchany on

      Ok Kickstarter is freaking out, so I can't comment on your post about groups. First group would be better for me, as I will be busy in August like nuts. Also congrats like crazy mad I can't wait to see this version of Dropsy!

    28. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Rambutaan, thanks for asking! Discussion is fine. Screenies are okay too, but please be sensitive about stuff that may possibly be spoiler-y or give away puzzle solutions. :0)

    29. Rambutaan on

      With the beta, it mentions that no distribution, streaming or video capture is allowed (except for testing purposes) but are screenshots/discussions/opinions allowed too or are those out as well? :) (Jay comes back with "so long as they're POSITIVE opinions" :P)

    30. Junaid Hussain

      sorry me again, now it's on steam, can be we expect beta before EA/.Steam, release?

      Thanks sorry to be a pain, I just want to show my friends what a cool game it will be

    31. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      thanks Dave :D

    32. CT_Dave on

      Congrats on all the great press coverage and thanks for the update!

    33. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Yeah lots of stuff has been happening. The PAX showing was a success. We did a live thing with Twitch, which you can find on Youtube. Also, our official page is up on Steam.

      Since I'm basically 'the guy' - I'm more productive on the actual game when the updates are quiet. Editing video on this computer takes like 500 years so it really slows stuff down. I'll throw something up tonight on KS though.

      Please follow @dropsytheclown on Twitter for more immediate updates.


    34. CT_Dave on

      Whatever happened to "Next week will be our big huge honkin' update with lots of video and stuff". Does this project still have a pulse?

    35. Junaid Hussain

      man, i'm really looking forward to dropsy, any word on when the beta backers will be able to play? I really want to play it :P

    36. Harry Koutros on

      Nice update Jay! It's great to see how pleased you are with where Dropsy is at this point. And don't worry about having to push the release date back some more. This just shows that you guys (the Dropsy team) aren't willing to compromise the final product for the sake of an early release. Plus, I'm sure we're all willing to wait a little longer so that your vision for the whole experience can be fulfilled.

    37. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Okaaay I'll get one up by this Thursday. :B

    38. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Ha, sorry man! The release going to be even later than Feb 1, unfortunately. I'll be posting a new update on Thursday night with new details and info on where we're at now.

      Whatever the case, we're full steam ahead and it's really exciting seeing the gameworld finally come together as a big whole. :0)

    39. no refund on

      nm... just read January 15 to February 1, 2015

    40. no refund on

      Almost late November!!

    41. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      @Jeff - What?!? I posted the update that night!

    42. Jeff Andrews on

      Update Friday night *posted 10 days ago*

    43. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      whoops, update will be up Friday night! :B

    44. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      It's going well! Sorry about the silence, we're still full-steam-ahead. I've got an update coming tonight! :)

      We're now shooting for a January/ early February 2015 release. We're also going to release a mobile version. If you guys use Facebook or Twitter, I post smaller updates there.

    45. CT_Dave on

      How's it going eh? Any developments to pass along to your backers?

    46. Junaid Hussain

      oh that's ok, I'm sure I can wait, just glad you're communicating with us. Thanks

    47. Jay Tholen 8-time creator

      Junaid, we're definitely not going to be making a November release. It's likely that we'll be in beta by late November now. I'll be posting a big update in ~ 2 weeks with lots of new info. :)

    48. Junaid Hussain

      hi Jay any idea when the beta will be dropping? It's september, game comes out in November (fingers crossed) if beta is dropping in october, will that be long enough to implement feedback?


    49. Missing avatar

      James Hallam on

      Cool - thanks! Graphics ideas sound interesting. :-)

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